Your Says of the Day: Manchester United a ‘mid-table team’

Date published: Wednesday 13th January 2016 7:03

Manchester United: Fans have lost all confidence in team

Also, Chelsea need to forget about Romelu Lukaku, Liverpool confident to beat Arsenal and Morgan Schneiderlin is a waste of money.

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Mediocre Manchester United

We have now gone over half of the season and all have seen our team in 21 league games and other cup competitions. This is my take.

1. At the moment, whether we admit or not, Manchester United are currently a mid-table team. There is no sugar coating it.
2. I’m not saying our players are mid-table players but as a team we are a mid-table team.
3. LVG has no solution to the problem and we are currently in big trouble. There is no organization, leadership and direction and as a team we don’t know how to balance attack, defence and control. These are traits of a poor/midtable team.
4. Things will not get better under LVG and there is nothing else he can do for the team right now to arrest the slump. The players have already taken him out of his believes and its still not working.
5. The confidence and disorganization in this team is so terrible that not even Giggs can do anything about it. We need a steady hand and a shock therapy to put us back in focus.
6. If LVG is still in charge till end of the season we will not finish top 7.
7. I dont like Jose Mourinho but with the level of mess we are in right now i’m beginning to think he is our best bet if we can’t get Pep. I’m saying this in case ED still wants to finish top 4, but if we are willing to write off this season and build a team, maybe we can wait till summer and get Poch or Simeone.
8. However as for LVG, even his so called famous attention to details have failed him so many times this season, if not he would have noticed that when Fellaini play we have won 0.9 points per game and without him 2.4 points per game. How he has failed to see that is beyond me.
9. If he is the proud man i think he is, its time to quit and see that this is not working.


Chelsea need to forget about Lukaku

Get a bit bored with the whole Lukaku bit on here. Yes he is and has scored regularly for other teams. Teams who have gone on to achieve nothing. Okay Everton are in the semis of the Carling Cup this season, but are still only 4 pts above us at the time of this post, and we have been total crap. When he was a Chelsea player on loan we still managed to win the FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League, plus the Carling Cup and Prem since he left. Also remember he signed in 2011 and none of AVB, RDM, Rafa or JM were pushing to keep him, which in itself poses more questions than answers!


Liverpool confident at Arsenal

Arsenal have not been great lately. Saints beat them soundly. Newcastle were the better team at the emirates. We only have to show the same fight as we did against chelsea and city and we will win this game. There’s nothing to fear against this arsenal team…being table toppers and all.


City concern about Kompany

If you look at Vinnies playing record over the last two seasons it is clear he has a chronic problem and at 29 it is not going to improve. 13 injuries of the same type tell you that there is a problem and absences are getting longer. It is sad but we do need a replacement/top class cover.
This can cost us badly. WHY do we not see it? There must be a reason.


Schneiderlin a waste of money

I’m dreadfully sorry,but anyone who could watch that game and conclude that Schneiderlin was anything other than woeful has to be prepared to have their judgement (and sanity) seriously called into question.I can deal with having a defensive midfielder who is not great on the ball and has a very limited passing range as this guy has got,but if he cannot get around the pitch disrupting the opposition and also fails to provide an adequate shield for our defence as he consistently did last night then I have to conclude that he is just not up to the job.The amount of times Wijnaldum ran away from him and bullied him physically was an embarrassment and I have now seen enough of him to conclude that we have wasted yet another 25M,no wonder nobody else even bothered to rival us for his signature!.
Compare and contrast him with the lad Kante at Leicester who cost a paltry 5M and you will see that the difference between them is chalk and cheese,simple as that.


Happy Hammers

How good is the table this far past Xmas. Not just us in 5th place and one point off 4th but the fact that only 2 of the big clubs are currently in the top 5. It’s awesome to see Leicester in 2 and despite not liking Spurs I’m kind of happy to see them there also keeping the likes of Man U, Pool and Chelsea out of it. I really thought we’d slide when Payet got injured who I believe is one of the most talented players in the League. At what point can we start dreaming of top 4?


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