Your Says of the Day: Manchester United unsure on Mourinho

Date published: Tuesday 22nd December 2015 12:28

Jose Mourinho: Tipped for success at Man Utd

Manchester United fans can’t make their minds up whether Jose Mourinho would be a good fit at Old Trafford, while Arsenal fans think it is finally their year to win the Premier League title.

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Mourinho to Manchester United?

I am really in two minds about Jose. On the one hand, he all but guarantees trophies and success. On the other hand, it feels like you have to make sacrifices as a club in order to see that success. As has been said by others, any hope we have of introducing academy products into the squad with Jose in charge can be forgotten.

We would be universally hated with him in charge. That doesn’t particularly bother me as we had a taste of that under SAF, though I feel this would eclipse that enormously. Would the brand of Manchester United be damaged by his off field antics?

Jose’s transfer failings don’t particularly bother me. SAF signed some duds too and is allowing Lukaku/KDB to leave any worse than letting Pogba leave Utd?

The only other alternative for me, though, is Pep. I’ve wanted Pep at United for a long time. Seeing Klopp’s indifferent start at Liverpool, though, had me wondering whether I’m underestimating the PL experience issue. I really thought someone like Klopp would come in and instantly give them a lift but it’s really been a mixed start from him.

So as to not sound like I’m just sitting on the fence, I’ll conclude by saying my preference is still Pep, but I wouldn’t be disappointed to get Mourinho. At least it won’t be boring with him in charge!


Optimistic Arsenal

Fantastic result against a very good team and another win against a big four team that we usually lose or draw at best.

Its working out well for us, if we had been top we would have been complacent, not sure we are so good at leading from the front, so happy that a well deserved Leicester team sit top at christmas and with the other big players not performing we have a real chance, just hope we dont blow it.

Wenger learn form previous years, STRENGTHEN in January for the final push DONT get complacent


Benteke not the man for Liverpool

There are braces there, perhaps a hat-trick or two against lesser teams. 23 goals of the 49 you speak of came in one season, thats almost half his goals and Villa were playing to his strengths most of the time, long ball tactics. Its not something we are ever going to see Liverpool play like. He saved them from relegation then he didnt turn up the next year until the relegation fight was back on.
Thats not the striker we need, we need someone that is ready from game one, someone thats consistent.


Pressure on Pellegrini

Not sure if his team selection could have been anything other than it was tonight – my worry is we just don’t look organised as a team (especially in big games). It was also worrying how much more the Arsenal players seemed to want it. Think they won nearly every 50-50 ball which has to come down to motivation.

for me the team look like they know he is on his way out (it’s so reminiscent of the Mancini final season)


Tribute to Duffman

To take a break from all the doom and gloom let’s pay a small tribute to Damien Duff who finally hung up his boots yesterday. He was a brilliant player for Chelsea and Ireland and I always loved watching him play. Nice to look back at all the goals he scored and not to forgot the ones he created for others when we won the League and League Cup double. Good luck and thanks for the memories!


More problems at Leeds United

According to Windbag Evans, Lee Erwin is not yet fit!! And there is a thought about sending hem back to Scotland . To do what I wonder.

These comments just beggar belief. We are near the end of December for Gods sake. What can it be – the lad can’t or won’t get fit? What have LUFC been doing all season? Just how long does it take to get a player fit enough to be in the first team.

How often do the fans get treated like a bunch of mugs?

Merry Christmas!!


No bull*** betting:

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