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Date published: Friday 18th December 2015 1:20

Jose Mourinho: Has not written to Manchester United, insists agent

The Your Says of the Day are dominated by Jose Mourinho’s departure, where he went wrong and who will replace him.

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Mourinho ‘tends to crack under pressure’

His record shows that he tends to crack under pressure. I’m not really interested in that assumption where Jose will fail in his third year but what seems rather certain is that when the going gets tough, he finds it hard to bounce back.

Jose is so poor at man management it’s just laughable. When they are winning, it’s all about him and that he’s boasting about it but when they’re losing, it’s everyone’s fault except him, that includes the media, the referee, the ball boys, the players or even the club’s physio, no it’s never his fault. No it’s not mind games, it’s selfish ego. His latest outburst about betrayal is just ludicrous and it seemed to me that he tried his best to get himself sacked by the Board of Directors.

I as a rival fan hates the fact that he’s sacked by Chelsea because I believe Chelsea won’t get any better with him around this season, no they won’t be relegated with Jose in there but at most they will finish mid table and by the end of the season, with Jose still in there, Chelsea will lose several key players, Ivanovic, Matic, Hazard and Costa may leave the cub. However Roman sees this threat and decided to intervene. Jose Mourinho is at least £35 million richer and with the latest financial report and without Champions League next season, it will be tough for them to recover, but with a new manager in, depending on who they have for the long term, at least it will bring in stability into the team.

Latest report suggests that Guus Hiddink is in as an interim, well he’s definitely the right man for the job is he? He will bring in the much needed stability and from there they will bounce back and if they get good results until the end of the season, who knows if he’s interested he may stay for a couple of years before retirement. However if he’s not the chosen one, then who is suited for them?

No denying he’s had success with Chelsea and with the support of Roman’s spending power, Chelsea developed from a mid table team into a top 4 team. Jose Mourinho is a legend for them, but he’s not the only one who brought success the the team, Ancelotti won the English Premier League title, even Rafa Benitez won the Champions League with them. Well kudos to them but again the main reason to their success is Roman, he bought the team from a brink of bankruptcy for a mere £140 million and with his spending power, he transformed the team into where they are, with a team value of £1.37 billion and he will also spend on having a new stadium for the club.

No manager is bigger than the club, but Roman is bigger than the club. So naive for some Chelsea supporters to show their disappointment towards the Board of Directors, especially Roman, do they don’t have a clue that Roman is the main reason to their rise to the top? How spoilt are they really? Jose Mourinho should have resigned earlier, if he really cares for the club he should not have dragged them to where they are but no he’s so cunning, week after week Jose brings in the drama needed, to make sure he gets sacked and earn hefty compensation.



Mourinho – a specialist in failure?

To use his own words, Mourinho is in fact a bigger failure than what he claims Wenger to be.

He claims that Wenger stays in a job for years without winning a trophy, hence a specialist in failure. Although deep down I’m sure he knows that Wenger worked with a constraint budget, and losing key players to rivals throughout that same period (Ashley Cole, Nasri, Adebayor, RVP). But despite not winning trophies Wenger never lets the team drift any lower than 4th.

This is where Mourinho has failed even worse than Wenger. The current Chelsea team are reigning champions, they have the exact players they did last year with the addition of several 20mil players like Remy, Baba Rahman, and Begovic. He did not even lose key players to direct rivals (as Chelsea fans claim Courtois is the better keeper anyway), and yet even if he wasn’t sacked we are all sure 4th is an impossible ask, even relegation isn’t out of question.

And the thing is, his latest stint at Chelsea is exactly the ideal place for him to prove his mettle. To prove that he can build teams with a philosophy, he can build teams for the future, if he retires his identity will be there at Chelsea. The Chelsea fans worship him, Roman is willing to give him time. Yet he’s failed miserably. His tactics are predictable and lack imagination, he doesn’t drop players who are not performing, despite having the best youth set up in England he has no clue how to use youngsters, and the most evident error is allowing Chelsea to slip to 16th, after a series of comical results.

On the other end of the spectrum, credit where credit’s due. Where Mourinho was able to spend or outspend his rivals, he does wins trophies. But when Wenger was also able to spend we were the 2nd best team in England behind United, who were bossing the league for decades prior and had a much bigger resource. Even now when Wenger manages to spend 3 seasons in a row we’ve won 2 FA Cups, and looks set for a title challenge. The only thing missing from Wenger’s CV compared to Mourinho is the CL, and now Wenger’s reaping the rewards of the stadium move the possibility of winning the CL is indeed very real given how Arsenal has improved immeasurably over the last 3 years.

Specialist in failure? Karma is indeed a b***h, Mourinho



Mourinho burned his bridges

Anyone feel he has burned so many bridges, the pool of clubs willing to employ him are dwindling?

Maybe, maybe Man United might hire him, but given his recent run at Chelsea and his off field antics, why would they?

I’m hearing if Pep leaves that Bayern could be a possibility – absolute rubbish. Bayern wouldnt touch Jose with a ten foot pole given his brand of football and off field antics.

Barcelona/Real Madrid – no way in the world would the fans of these clubs want him, all things considering. So that rules out England, Germany and Spain.

I wonder if PSG may employ him, maybe Inter Milan might have him back. But these are only possibilities.

So I really feel, that Jose has burned so many bridges that there are only a few elite clubs (although only in France and Italy) that would be willing to take him on. We certainly wont be seeing Jose in top leagues (England, Spain, Germany) in the near future. And of course, there is every possibility Inter, Juventus, PSG decide against Jose, thus leaving Jose without any possibly of managing a top European club.



JT for player-manager?

If you can’t stomach the idea of Rodgers until the summer then why not give Terry Player/Manager status until then?

Your season is already in pieces and I think a lot of it is down to the players losing respect and desire to play for their manager. Who else to take you guys to next season then your very own boot-room hero John Terry?

I mean you never know who will turn out to be management material until they try it (and often fail the first few attempts true). . but what have you got to lose?

You’ve loads of talent in that squad, give them any unity at all and you#ll climb up the table.

Anyway, GL and welcome to your new beginning, whatever it holds I’m sure it’ll be better than this.



Rebuilding on three fronts

Well we know where we are, and where we want to be, but to get there we need to rebuild on 3 fronts.

First we need to start climbing the table, playing the football that suits the players we have, we saw what they could do at the start of last season.

Secondly we need to go on a PR charm offensive with the league, refs, sponsors etc. Play good football, win or lose with the same dignity, show respect to earn it.

Thirdly we need to bring through or at least give the talented youth we have the opportunity to progress.

All these are needed to try and get some form of European football for both financial reasons and the ability to attract players.

If I’d spent the money Roman has I’d want a club that may not be loved by other people, but I would expect grudging respect, and to achieve this the club has to carry itself in a certain way….Pagan


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