Your Says of the Day: Mourinho ‘similar to Britney Spears’

Date published: Tuesday 27th October 2015 1:36

Also, where Jurgen Klopp is going wrong at Liverpool, why Tottenham need “slapping” and Arsenal’s title credentials doubted.

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Mourinho mind games

We’ve seen individuals praising Jose Mourinho for his mind games ability, even better every statement Jose made was regarded as having the intent to implement mind games to others or for the benefit of the team. How’s Jose Mourinho mind games recently?

What really happened is that every statement he made towards the media is for the benefit of himself, to have the spotlight on him when things are going right, but when things go wrong, it’s clear to see that he has lost it, blaming everything else other than himself, such as blaming his own team’s doctor and worst still he even blames the media for the fiasco and didn’t even care to show up in the post match conference.

Conclusion, Jose Mourinho is not a genius at mind games, he’s just a narcissisist who’s loving the spotlight only when things are going right. Similar to Britney Spears, loving the attention when he needs them but when things go wrong, starts being irritated by the media coverage, and even losing it in public, didn’t hesitate to ridicule himself as well. Everything right is about him, everything wrong is not because of him.


Klopp criticism

Personally I am not that happy with the formation / tactics since the change in management either. I know it is early days, but I don’t like the 1 up front unless there are two very forward players either side of him, but Klopps formation is 4-2-3-1 so with the two holding players and then an almost conventional midfield 3 it leaves our striker very isolated, it also means if a striker is scoring 1 in every 2 games which is considered a decent return it means the rest of the team scoring 3 in every 2 games to get to the 2 goals per game mark, which should be minimum, so really you are asking some midfielders to be as prolific as the striker, as it would need a goal every two games from each attacking midfielder, minus the odd goal from defence. The last game vs Southampton was the most uninspiring game I have seen since the days of Hodgson.


Spurs need ‘slapping’

It is a bit worrying that they seem to need to concede before they wake up and start playing sometimes! Poch needs to do something about this! Perhaps an ice bath before they go on, or a bit of face slapping.

Nice to see Dembele playing in the number 10 role at the weekend. I thought we were on to something with this last year for a few games, but then he losses the plot again. He seems to have a few issues maintaining motivation once he is playing regularly. I find it odd, and it must be frustrating to manage someone like that. But his ability to hold on to the ball, draw fouls, slide short passes and chase down the ball is important – I feel!

I think the balance of the three behind Harry is essential to get right as they are so pivotal to the system working. I actually quite like to see Erikson out left as so long as the front 4 get it right it can work. I am keen to see Son in there with Kane and Erikson and one of Dembele, Njie or Lamela. And, not to forget Pritchard in the background when fit. Looking forward to seeing what he can do!


Arsenal yet to convince

Arsenal is not the best team in the league. You can claim it, you can support it with statistics, but it will not make it true.

Nothing in the last nine years support that claim. Simple as that.

As a squad they are capable of playing fantastic football but they have yet to prove that they have what it takes to win the league.


Jekyll and Hyde Newcastle

You can’t really put your finger on what the problem is. 1 game we’re banging in 6, next game we can’t hit a barn door, 1 game you hold the champions to a draw (tough we should’ve won that) next game you look like headless chickens and get destroyed.

You can’t say we can’t score because the match against Norwich, Southampton and Chelsea show we can, but you can’t also say we can’t defend, because the match against Man U shows we can. It’s a case of 2 personalities and we just don’t know what team it is will turn up on game day.

Like I said in my previous post about Sunderland, we created so much attacking but couldn’t hit the barn door, and in all fairness we defended well, especially well considering a man down, yet let in 3.

And I think you’re criticicsm of Janmaat is wrong . Yes both goals came form ‘his’ side, but did you see where the crosses came from. They we’re from outside the box, Janmaat did his job, he kept his man out of the danger area and resigned to long crosses only, it’s just the central defenders and Dummett who didn’t do their jobs by dealing with it and marking the players in the box or coming from behind. I really don’t know what else you expect from Janmaat.


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