Your Says of the Day: No Coutinho concern, £70m for Bellerin

Date published: Monday 10th October 2016 12:31

Liverpool fans don’t seem to be worried by the identity of Philippe Coutinho’s suitors, while Ryan Giggs is panned, and Hector Bellerin is rated at £70million…

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Reformat international football

Internationals are part of football and disrupt league programmes all over the world.

I’m not sure playing them in the summer is the answer I don’t think you can shoehorn all the international games between the seasons end and pre-season and it would give international managers very limited time to work with their players.

Also of course there are only two summers in four that you could do so given the Euros, Copa America and the World Cup and that’s before getting into players needing some sort of extended break between the season end and pre-season at least two seasons out of four.

nine nine nine

Ryan Giggs: Swansea link

Giggs is no Neville

Ryan Giggs is no different to most of the wallies they have in the studio, all reading from the same script, most clearly shown from the use of technology. The same inane hand movements overanalysing some rather simple situation. His England analysis was no different to that of Wrighty or Dixon who were more brutal with their feelings on the situation. If we are going to have someone in the studio, Vialli was brilliant, passionate comic relief for otherwise bland speeches of which I mostly use this time to void myself, check on what I was cooking, and get a few drinks. Much better use of time methinks.

As for the previously vacant Swansea managerial seat, the guy needs to look at himself. The highest respect for him as a player, but don’t go saying silly things like “didn’t match my ambitions”. What? Managing a PL team? Go do the basics of management before running your mouth off, even Mourinho took up a role at Academica (I think that was the name) before going to Porto. Respect is earned, not given, but this process restarts when coaching. So many legends have failed at management as they took big jobs too early and were so out of their depth they ran to the safe haven of punditry.


Wayne Rooney: Form criticised

Rooney fading – time for the next scapegoat

Wazza has been a top player for Man Utd for many years and I’m his big fan. However, the fact that he talent is rapidly diminishing. Watched the game last night and he was so average. Didn’t control the game against a team who are probably first division in stature. He went missing at times and for his huge salary is no longer a game changer. His legs have gone. It’s probably time for Rooney to leave the big stage.

Having said that, I wonder who the next scapegoat will be when Rooney moves on. England’s top scorer ever should never be booed. That’s just ungrateful. I agree he doesnt warrant a starting place anymore but if the manager picks him, boo the manager, but not the player. Harsh.

theMartial Art

Philippe Coutinho: Set for new deal

No Coutinho concern

So seemingly PSG are to reignite their interest in Coutinho after all. They are capable of offering huge money but I still don’t think we should accept. We’re starting to build a pretty good squad and we shouldn’t be looking to sell our best players again or take their cast offs.

Coutinho in his recent interview says he’s really happy and settled. We could very well have CL football next season which would be another attractive aspect for him to stay. I guess it’s down to Klopp or the owners then.



He would be foolish go leave for PSG, especially considering our current form and as others pointed out he is currently a key player and enjoying his life here. If a Barca or Real Madrid came knocking then that is a different scenario – especially for Spanish/South American players. However, he’d need to think hard about whether he would be as important in those teams, or whether he would become a squad player. I think Coutinho is too ambitious to allow his career to take the wrong turn right now.


Hector Bellerin: Subject of transfer speculation

£70million for Bellerin

These rumours don’t seem to go away. Listen,the simple truth is that Bellerin has a much higher chance of winning trophies at the likes of Barcelona and Man City. And sooner or later, his talent would demand him to win trophies at some point in his career.

I don’t understand why Man City are in for him. Do they really think Arsenal would sell to a rival? I mean Wenger was desperate before to get cash in hand that’s why he used to accept whatever offer came his way, but if we sell to City we would officially be the dumbest club in the world.

As for Barca, yes I could imagine him going there. He’s a Barca product, granted they didn’t give him a chance, but they desperately need a right back and they’ll go all out to sign him next summer.

I truly believe that Bellerin is amongst the best right-backs in the world, if not the best. He has a generation in front of him, and he can only improve if he isn’t as impressive already. So what I’m agitated about is why we haven’t let the world know how much he’ll cost should he leave. Utterly ridiculous how our club conducts it’s business, and one of the reasons we have sold players much below their valuation. Papers are quoting a £40m price for him, while Jose Gaya at Valencia has a £45m release clause.

I’m sorry, in today’s market if we sell Bellerin for £40m it would be a disgrace. I reiterate, he is a player who can provide years of service and I would go as high as £70m. I mean Levy could be able to get £100m for him (n today’s market. I’m serious, but Arsenal as usual haven’t come out and make it known how much he’s valued at should he leave. Well, they sure as hell better make sure he stays now!

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