Your Says of the Day: No passion, disorganised; how much longer?

Date published: Friday 19th February 2016 12:05

Louis van Gaal: Manchester United boss under intense pressure

Also, central problems for Liverpool; they need four new players in the summer and what are the factors that have made Spurs great again?

‘Without passion and disorganised’; how much longer?

Was rather amused when I read Carrick being likened to a Scholes. Similar to Fletch being compared to Keane.Pathetic.

Keane has also been disrespected by demeaning his undoubted class and superior leader’s qualities,would not stand him up in today’s midfield’s.Even the likes of Pirlo came under the hammer.Disgraceful.

This topic has long lost it’s value mainly because posters tend to be ultra biased in their judgements. Does it really matter if Carrick is/was good or bad,when the squad is in such low standards ?

It is a collective average squad supported by average back-ups full stop.And there is really no support for those who ask for patience and/or try to put up excuses for the players and manager’s failings.[board andowners included]

Today’s fracas did not help Carrick or his ‘fans’ or United for that matter, but it is pointless to continue to put salt in each particular individual’s open wounds,as ‘points’ gained over here mean nothing.

It is what goes on the field that matters and now not in the distant future.

United simply are without passion and are downright disorganised to the point that you can point fingers to whoever you want from top to bottom.The club has fallen from a very high wall, and I doubt even a Ronaldo, a Bale, a Messi and a Neymar or a ‘Harry Kane’ could put United together again.

LVG’s fundamental problem lies in that he underestimated managing in the premier which he then further compounded with his arrogance and hardheadedness leading to him losing the whole plot.[just look at his face].

For whatever reason,the people who dictate what happens at the club are at sixes and sevens by the fateful events after SAF and their reluctance of biting the bullet for the second time is only further complicating the issue/s.

Who is this club from Denmark again,,,

How much longer ?????????,,,,Jose



Rooney ‘is as cultured as a hot dog’

Can you imagine Rooney in china? Never going to happen.

When you think about it, Rooney is as cultured as a hot dog and the fact that both have a similar fat content is just a pure coincidence.


Wayne Rooney infographic

Liverpool need four new players

At the moment that is our best team. Moreno and Can have everything in their locker to be really good players. Moreno just cant defend. He is to static when people make runs in behind him. What impresses me about him though is the speed at which he can recover sometimes but he severly lacks football intelligence. He is caught out of position at to many times.

Can fits into Klopps stle of play. He has regressed over the last few games but he has done ok this season. He needs to control games better nad not give the ball away as much.He tackles well but him and henderson together is very flat. Hnderson is not fit. He is struggling at the moment. Weres his forward runs gone? Hes dropping back thin king he is alonso. He is our captain and really needs to step up more.

I don’t like Couhtino out wide and it limits him. Firminio is doing ok but maybe they could interchnage a bot more. Lallana just does not do enough. He doesnt create or score enough goals.Lucas has done nothing wrong this season. Done a great job when filling in at centre back and is good to have in reserve. Ibe needs to pick up his game. He is just not doing enough. Constantly running the ball out of play. He is still only young though

We need 4 new players now we have brought in Matip in. A goal keeper, a proper commanding central midfield player, another wide player and maybe a centre forward. I think we have some decent options up top but sturridge cant staty fit. I thought benteke would have fitted in but he hasnt. Origi and ings are decent chocies as backups. So we need a striker as benteke wil go in the summer

Sean the sailor


Sakho is Liverpool’s best centre-back

Just read an interview with Jan Molby,and he thinks that Matip’s arrival will mean one of Skrtel,Toure or Sakho will be moved on. For me,I’m surprised he didn’t mention Lovren. I’d rather move him and Skrtel on,and keep Sakho.

I think Sakho gets a lot of unfair criticism. He may look a bit like Djimi Traore at times,but he’s very good at winning the ball,his passing is very accurate, he’s good in the air. He’s our best CB for me.


Central problems for Liverpool

None of our centre midfielders right now seem to have the ability to start an attack… I am not sure if it is them or a lack of movement from the attack, when a side sits back and maintain their shape like Augsburg did last night we just pass sideways or backward, what are we doing wrong or is it just a matter of getting more creative CMs?

nocturnal red


Factors that have made Spurs great again

Does any one person stand out for you as being the greatest influence this season?

Who (or what) do you think has made the biggest contribution in terms of leadership on the pitch, and how?

Maybe there is more than one that stands out for you.

For me, there are a number of factors that have made such a difference.

1. The “bad apples” have been weeded out. We’ve all heard stories of some players being disruptive behind the scenes, and I think Pochettino was quick to turf them out. There is much more unity and team spirit apparent than ever before. Just watch the players and manager at the end of the City game. No egos, and the body language and relationship between everyone is superb. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before with a Spurs team.

2. Pochettino has injected something into the squad that finally gives us some belief that we can go all the way. We all expected AVB to do this, but he ended up trying to be everyone’s friend and lacked a “hair dryer.” Poch IS everyone’s friend, but he’s also ensuring that they all know he’s the gaffer and the buck stops with him. Tougher training sessions have paid dividends, and Poch stuck to his guns in demanding that players either put the work in or face exclusion. Those who complained and resisted found themselves out in the cold very quickly. The players who bought into the regime, have praised it for the benefits it has brought to their fitness, mentality, and team ethic. Poch has got the squad putting in the work and now they are hungry for success as a result. He has also ensured that everyone keeps focus one game at a time, and he’s taken full advantage of the fact that the media spotlight has been on other clubs for various reasons, allowing Spurs to grind away under the radar. Overall, he certainly looks to be the leader that this club has lacked for far too long.

3. I’m having difficulty pinpointing one or two players as stand out. To be honest, the entire squad looks to be putting in a pure graft. There is so much hunger and desire to succeed (compared to previous season squads) it’s just a joy to watch. When teams score against us, heads don’t go down like they used to. Another thing that sticks out for me is that players aren’t mentally already in the showers after the 80th minute. We used to lose so many points late in the game it was practically a club ethos. That’s been eradicated, and it’s great to see the team pushing right to the whistle.

4. No more talk of targeting a 4th place finish – this is a huge difference. Why was finishing 4th always the target for this club for so long? Now, there’s a genuine aim for the title, and if we miss out by a small margin, at least we’ll done more than enough to give ourselves a chance of finishing in the CL spots. Of course, this is all assuming that the run in from now doesn’t turn into a complete disaster

I’m sure more will come to my mind later, but for now, I’m happy to enjoy this season with some genuine belief instead of hope.


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