Your Says of the Day: Not ‘if’ but ‘when’ Chelsea axe Jose

Date published: Monday 2nd November 2015 1:44

Jose Mourinho: Time running out on his Chelsea reign?

Also why Remi Garde needs a long-term vision at Aston Villa, why Manchester United need a mass clearout, and how Arsenal are ‘getting it right’ this season.

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Not ‘if’ but ‘when’ for Chelsea to axe Jose

The jungle drums are beating and Chelsea now have 3 windows of opportunity to make a change of manager.

1) the forthcoming International break.

2) just prior to the January transfer window.

3) next summer.

Truthfully I would be amazed if Jose was still at Chelsea next season and realistically it could happen at any time now. Still be sorry to see him go because football wise he has done so much for us but the baggage is getting to heavy now and I can’t see a way back for him. Proud the match going fans have stuck with him through it all though.

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Arsenal are getting it together – and here’s why…

It’s still very early days, but there’s something about this current team that’s really giving me hope. It’s not the first time and previous experience has taught me to count just a few of my chickens before they’ve hatched – definitely not all of them!

Lot’s of things are coming together:

1) Wenger now has money to spend. Personally, I think he always did – not as much as he has now, but I felt, for a long time, that whatever cash he did have, he made some very poor decisions in how to spend it.

Sanchez has made a massive difference and Ozil’s recent form is finally starting to justify his fee and wages and these are the sort of players we’d all like to see coming in regularly.

2) Our injuries SEEM to be easing. We’ve had a poor run for the last few weeks and we’re currently back in our oh-so-familiar place at the top of the injury league but, in general, things definitely seem to have improved on this front.

Was it symbolic that Giroud took a nasty knock on his knee yesterday, looked like he’d be another one heading for the treatment room but instead came back on to score the opening goal? A year ago, I’m sure that would have been Ollie out for 6 weeks or more.

3) A ‘plan B’. Just read an interview with Manuel Neuer. He says we took Bayern completely by surprise, soaking up the pressure and patiently waiting for the chance to launch counter-attacks. It’s the ‘surprise’ thing that pleases me the most. We were far too predictable, for far too long.

But for me, the single biggest difference has been Cech. It was interesting making the comparison between him and Fabianski yesterday. I actually always liked Fab and I always felt he needed a run of games and the confidence of knowing he was the undisputed no.1. He hasn’t done badly for Swansea, but I couldn’t help feeling that Cech would have saved all three of our goals had he been in the other end.

What was it John Terry said at the start of the season? That Cech would be worth at least 15 points to us this season? the phrase “and then some!” springs to mind.

It’s a big factor in why Chelski are struggling so much this season – (pause to snigger a little bit) – their lack of a top ‘keeper. Begovic is a very good no.1, don’t get me wrong, but he’s no Courtois or Cech.

What do you guys think? If you had to point to just one thing, what’s made the biggest difference to our fortunes?



Remi Garde needs ‘long-term vision’ at Villa

Is Remi Garde’s job simply keeping us in the Premier league? I think his job is to put the foundations in place for a long term strategy that means we are not in this situation year on year.. if we go down this year is that a complete disaster? We could have gone for a Pearson type, but sooner or later we would be back in exactly the same situation.. fighting relegation, fans moaning and playing negative football.

I hope your not a fan that is already getting on the back of our new manager? Seems to me you have set one target and if we get relegated then he has failed. I do not believe this to be the case.. lets forget short termism and have a long term strategy, that gets us playing progressive attacking football that is competitive..(and eventually in the Prem league) will this happen in 6 months.. ? I doubt very much.. is relegation a real possibility? Of course, but that would have been the case whoever came in.. lets not firefight, lets ensure a fire never happenes again!



United need ‘sweeping changes’

Manchester United need a drastic re-think. Out should go: LVG, Giggs, Rooney, Valencia, Young, Mata, Carrick and Romero.

Our front four apart from martial have been poor. We need pace and players who can take on their markers and create something. Pundits talk rubbish about rooney not getting service.

People need to watch Vardy’s goal on Saturday – a great flick and then good pace to score the goal. He created something for himself. Can you imagine if Rooney was in his position running on goal? Even clamity Jonny Evans would have caught up to him.



‘Bony so bad he could cost City the league’

That’s quite a few games now where I’ve sat and watched Bony play so poorly it’s untrue. Sevilla game, swamp game, palace and Norwich to name 4 of them. His touch is so so poor most of the time it’s embarrassing. Silly flicks that go to opponents or out of play. Virtually every time the ball goes to him our play either goes slow or stops completely. Take yesterday, 4 on 2 and Yaya in acres what did this idiot do? Honestly I’m lost for words with this guy. Queue the happy clappers that see no wrong in anyone.

I’ll make a profound statement….. If Sergio has many more injuries then the way Bony is playing, he could cost us the league!!!!



Mourinho needs to end the ‘conspiracy theory’ claims

Jose and Chelsea would really do themselves a big favour if they give up on the conspiracy theories. Having a belief that there is a coordinated effort by the authorities to thwart you is an actual disorder. There are people who need to take medication to starve of the delusions the government is monitoring them.

We literally have Jose, and Chelsea fans debating whether the extra 21 seconds afforded for Coutinho to score, ‘would have happened if Chelsea had the ball, and comparing Matic’s two yellow cards to Lucas supposedly should have been sent off (but not the Gabriel sending off, whilst Costa stayed on the pitch for actually kicking Skrtel, whilst Gabriel literally made no contact with Costa, who simply feigned being kicked). I guess Mike Dean isnt so much part of the conspiracy.

And why Chelsea? Why have the authorities decided to start a campaign against Chelsea? Whats the underlining motive? 9/11 conspiracy theorists say the US attacked itself to justify going to war in the Middle East. So behind every conspiracy theory, is a motive. What what have it? Why the coordinated effort to thwart Chelsea?



Klopp effect really kicking in

Wow; 3 weeks or so on of Jurgen Klopp;

5 from a possible 9 points but notably undefeated.

We shot ourselves in the foot a little with the Saints, but of course did remarkably well against Chelsea.

Palace at Home with all the respect due should be where we look to try and nail all 3 points.

Pardew no doubt will be up for this Next Sunday and this will be in Brendan’s words: a “tough tough game”!


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