Your Says of the Day: Ojo can be one of Liverpool’s best ever

Date published: Monday 18th April 2016 12:13

Sheyi Ojo has the potential to become one of the greatest players in Liverpool’s history. Also: the problems at Arsenal, and Leicester are the new Leeds. 

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Will Leicester blow it?

Leicester getting the point at the death will be just huge for them. I expect Leicester to win relatively comfortably IF Swansea roll over at the King Power as expected. Leicester would then only need one win from three games while Spurs have absolutely no room for error.

So far Leicester have not shown any signs of nervousness or Arsenal-style capitulation so I expect that they are now, mentally ready to win. I fully expect Leicester to seal the title and it will be a massive achievement.

Seeing Leicester celebrate the title at Old Trafford also could get some of the clowns on the Manchester United board to think with a bit of perspective.

Either way I am keen to congratulate Leicester when they eventually win but they still haven’t done so and it’s a crazy old game this.



Moss ‘mare

Only saw the highlights of the match but I must say, the referee looked horrible there – I don’t think Vardy’s call was a penalty but I don’t think he dived either; seemed like he was going to protect the ball with his right leg and he and the defender clashed and went to ground, no big deal.

I guess West Ham’s penalty was technically a penalty but if refs are gonna whistle those then we’ll be having six or seven penalties a match.

The Leicester penalty at the end was just rubbish – slightest of nudges and gave the ref and excuse to get back in the good books of Leicester fans and “balance the books” which I always think is ridiculous from refs to do.

Sympathy for the Devils


Jamie Vardy Leicester

Vardy dive?

I dont agree that Vardy had to be sent off as in those situations and in that speed players do fall over and there was some contact from both players, what he should not have done was fall in a theatrical manner as that gave the impression he was diving, Ranieri himself said Vardy will not simply dive and we all know Ranieri is a very honest man. It was obviously not a penalty but neither should a yellow card been given particularly as the ref knew it was his second yellow, even the first yellow was harsh.



Ojo can be one of Liverpool’s greatest ever

Another glimpse of Liverpool’s fine future. I am sure Jurgen Klopp must be so excited at the potential he has in Ojo.

This boy is still 18 years old FFS. In all my years watching LFC (60plus) I have not seen greater potential of a real superstar developing? This boy has incredible technique, speed and power. He has a powerful physique and beatiful balance plus that little element of cheek and precocity that marks out the very special.

Unfortunately my time is nearly up so I don’t know how much of this journey I will see but I really envy those who will? Btw wasn’t it wonderful seeing Sturridge run freely and without seeming to worry about hurting himself. Very satisfying day’s work al around.

WATCH OUT FOR OJO. All sorts of traps and pitfalls and serious injuries notwithstanding, I believe Ojo could become one of our greatest ever players! Many will sneer but my gut instinct is so strong I will be able to withstand the piss taking with comfort!



Five (for starters) problems with Arsenal

I can list out at least five more problems than the one which most Arsenal fans were talking most about because they were probably too bored which led them to discuss about Theo Walcott coming on and losing the ball in the second half. Really?Is that all what you guys got?

Our performance yet again was poor, and the result unacceptable. These are the things I noticed:

1. Cech – He isn’t the same GK he was in his prime at Chelsea. He shows no command or leadership at Arsenal and has made quite a few mistakes than the normal number.

2. Gabriel – Turning out to be a rather terrible defender certainly not good enough for performances like that.He hardly actually goes in for the tackle and gives the opponent their time to do what they want. His one on one is poor and he keeps clearing the ball out of play because he’s nervous. We have to sign two defenders.

3. Coq and Elnenny – Sorry guys, but ever since I came back and said Ramsey has to start regardless of him not really at his best, I’ve still been proved right. We drew against West Ham, we then drew against Palace. This is not an ideal partnership. For the system we play we need to have a proper box-to-boxer capable of scoring.

4. Ozil – Apparently,yesterday he yet again created eight goal scoring oppurtunites. But there was not one moment in the match that I actually looked and said what a pass by him. His performance was poor IMO. And it just shows stats don’t tell the full story. I bet if Giroud played the whole game you guys would have blamed the lack of goals on him. You guys are seriously running out of excuses for Ozil. Not saying he isn’t a good player but massively overrated if he has to depend solely on others.

5. Shots at goal – Apparently we had 21 shots at goal. Yet it felt like their GK didn’t have one proper save to make. This has been the story the entire season and shows how misleading stats actually are. We’ve had many shots but how many times have we actually tested the keeper. Very very poor pretentious stats.

I could go on. But that’s the point? So from making Theo a scapegoat at least try and identify the real problems at Arsenal. Title challenge over a long time ago, those who thought we were still in with a chance are naive.

the specialone

Leeds United 1992

Leicester are the new Leeds

The more I see of this Leicester City side, the more I am, in a strange kind of way, reminded of our title-winning side of 1992. There are remarkable similarities, when one looks closely:

1. Both teams were regarded as unfashionable and given no chance at all at the beginning of their respective campaigns. Leeds United, like Leicester, was in their second season back in the top flight after promotion.

2. Both teams employed and maintained, throughout the campaign, a tried and tested 4-4-2 formation.

3. Tony Dorigo and Mel Sterland performed as solid and as consistently as Fuchs and Simpson are doing at present.

4. The tigerish performances of Kante remind me of Batty.

5. Drinkwater may be likened to McCallister whilst Albrighton is at times reminiscent of Speed.

6. Up front, Vardy and Okazaki bring back memories of Chapman and Wallace.

7. Morgan and Huth’s commanding performances at the heart of defence are identical to those of Chris Fairclough and Chris Whyte.

8. What about the inspirational figures of Mahrez and Strachan on the right hand side? What about the unglamorous images conveyed by both Raneiri and Wilkinson?

I don’t know: maybe I am being sentimental? Maybe I’m still recovering from yesterday’s thrashing? Whatever it is, the resemblances keep coming back to me.



Just the ticket for City

Left my good wife with instructions to get Champions League semi final tickets this morning. She has just texted me to say she is in queue position 17085! Thank God for wives.




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