Your Says of the Day: Ozil should be benched; Byram’s choice

Date published: Friday 15th January 2016 12:24

Mesut Ozil: hailed by Ter Stegen

Mesut Ozil does not deserve to start every game game for Arsenal, moving to Everton will harm Sam Byram’s prospects, and why Jan Vertonghen is just bitter.

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Bench Ozil in big games

As controversial as it may sound, I really don’t want to see Ozil start in games of high intensity.

Listen, he’s the type of player that is only effective when we are in control of the game. For me, one huge criticism of him is that he dosen’t press well enough. Before people start showing me stats such as distance covered, I already have a reply for that.

And it’s the same old saying that stats don’t tell the full story. Once upon a time Denilson had one of the best passing stats in the PL. Did that make him a top class midfielder? I’m sorry but for the distance Ozil covers, he hardly ever presses fully or puts in tackles. Maybe that stat is made up from the fact he moves a lot to silently get away from his marker.

It’s just my opinion, just because he’s the best player for us this season, he shouldn’t be immune to criticism.I thought he was poor at Liverpool and has been in games where we cannot control.

Remember last season against City away, that was the pressing game we require against a good possession side. Ramsey and Cazorla did that very well, and also countered well. I honestly would choose both of them in games like that.

the specialone


Early darters

As a match goer, my bugbear is fans leaving early. I completely supported Jurgen when he had a go at fans after the Palace game for leaving when Palace scored their second.

Since then, the situation has improved but people still started leaving at 85 mins or so on Wednesday. We were a goal down in a vital and important game and these so–called fans couldn’t stay and support their team. Me and my mates even gave them stick on as they passed us (we’re at the end of a row) but it was like water off a duck’s back.

My, how we laughed at them five minutes later! They don’t deserve to have tickets, they really don’t.

Hightown hope


Byram on the bench

Best wishes to young Sam Byram. I loved the lad’s attitude but I’m afraid he’s going to go the same way as Beckford and Becchio; lack of first team opportunities and drying up in the reserves. I can’t see him, for a long time coming, taking the place of Seamus Coleman and others in the queue at Everton.

Fare thee well, another fruit of the Leeds seed. Play it, Sam, play it again …



Liverpool pessimism

After the intensity of the Arsenal game and with our extremely limited depth due to injury, I really can’t see a win v Man Utd. Firmino played his one good game in four so I doubt he will play at that level for a few games at least. Every time we say how positive things are looking and how good particular players are going we just don’t turn up at the races next game. Fellani will be sent out to bully our midfield again and we will struggle with their movement in our box. What’s the odds on them scoring from a set piece or cross into Fellani & co?



Bitter Vertonghen

Vertonghen’s comments are hilarious! Leiceester apparently just kick and rush…really? Most people watching Leicester this season have been thrilled by their speed and accuracy on the counter attack, proving to be effective and entertaining. A method of playing that other teams are trying to adopt and one where domination is not measured on possession (just ask Man Utd!). Vertonghen shows a lack of class and tactical knowledge in his comments. just a sore loser!



Farewell, Fellaini

With a touch of luck, Fellaini will be plying his useless trade in Milan. Ooooh, I do hope so. My message to Milan: good on yer!



Get behind Gus

While I understand fans frustration that we failed to win at home (especially against a team that’s just above us in the table): Hiddink IMO brought new freshness to Chelsea. Look at how faded we were under Mourinho, it was clear that players did not want to perform under Mourinho.

Now Costa started to find the net, and the defense started to be better. My only complain to Hiddink would be his reluctance to give opportunities to youth players. For me forget the top 4, top 6 or anything, we are at the moment too far behind. I would prefer preparing the team for the future or at least next season, starting by giving minutes to young players.

Pedro, my opinion hasn’t changed. He was a replacement at Barça, and we bought Barça second class players (not Messi not Suarez not Rakitic etc). Why? We should be in the same bracket as them (or at least we were last season, we were EPL champion). Except his speed, Pedro has nothing to offer to Chelsea. Cannot defend, cannot play with the ball like Hazard (when he was on-fire), cannot score. Bad acquisition. We only made bad acquisitions last summer: Pedro, Baba (who is not ready but 18m), Djilobodji (hasn’t played a match), no need to talk about Falcao and we missed the good ones like Stones.

Now Hiddink needs to rebuild the squad, it isn’t an easy job.


Don’t stop there, Arsene!

Firstly, a big Gooner welcome to Elneny. There’s been so much talk about this transfer that it almost feels like we’ve just landed some major, multi-million pound player from Barcelona.

One thing I will always give Wenger credit for is his knack of picking up unknowns and turning them into superstars. True, that knack has almost completely deserted him in recent years, but I know not to judge anyone he buys until we’ve seen them in the Red & White.

But this can’t be one of his “well I’ve bought someone now, what more do these pesky fans want???” situations.

We’re in a great position, with some very good players yet to come back from injury, but the managers who win titles are the managers who are never 100% satisfied with their squad and are always looking to improve.

It’s always hard to know which players are actually available and which ones are stories completely fabricated by the media but there are enough options being talked about to know that good players are available.


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