Your Says of the Day: Pochettino should stay put at Tottenham

Date published: Friday 8th April 2016 12:39

Mauricio Pochettino: Discussed Mikel Arteta rumours

Also, Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is told to ‘chill out’ and there is talk already about who will win the Premier League next season.

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Why would Pochettino leave Tottenham?

Regarding Pochettino staying with the Spurs, I think it has to be attractive to a lot of managers to get the time to build their own team, but very few do. Any manager who wins the league deserves the plaudits he’ll get, but how much more satisfying must it be if he brought in every player in that team, specifically to fit his idea of the perfect balance?

There’s no question that Wenger could have left Arsenal many times, for a job at a bigger club and I like to think that a big part of that is his love for the club, but I’m sure the job security and freedom he has at Arsenal, allowing him to build his squad exactly how he wants, is a major attraction as well.

Obviously I’ve no idea what Poch’s ambitions are, but being at a club where decent transfer funds are available – and you know you won’t get sacked if you don’t win a trophy every season – has got to be appealing.


Ramsey: Keep it simple, stupid

Ramsey belongs on the bench right now. Elneny has earned the right to play and we will see how well Wenger manages this situation. Ramsey has miscued on several occasions in the past by making poor decisions.

He needs to stop making stupid plays. If he learns to keep it simple; his energy can serve the team well. No more stupid flicks or other flashy stuff because he is not that good. The problem with Ramsey is that he is desperately trying to repeat his 2013/14 form. I do believe there is talent in him otherwise he would perform at such a high level then. He just need to chill.


Next season’s Premier League wide open

As for next season, I really can’t call it. I would love to see the same level on unpredictability as this season, but without getting some idea of squads for next year, it’s too tough to call.

Going to be some serious changes at Man City/Chelsea and depending on Man United, could be some changes there, too. I think Liverpool are going to be active, the Arsenal are apparently planning a bit of a shuffle and you know everybody else in the top 10 are going to be wheeling and dealing to various degrees.

Can Leicester keep it out? Will Spurs group of fledglings continue to blossom?

Then we have West Ham, Stoke, Southampton all looking to improve. Can a disappointing Everton improve next year? Might be a new manager there, too. It’ll be a brave man who predicts anything before the summer window closes.


Red Devils need to show R.E.S.P.E.C.T to Tottenham

As long as we don’t have a three point deficit increase between us and City by the end of the week, any result is a good one. Even if we lose, if City fail to beat WBA at home it will actually still be a good weekend for us, given their recent result at PSG (which will give them a boost) and the fact that its a home game against a weaker opposition that they would fail to win.

We need to respect the fact that Spurs are in 2nd place and chasing for the league whilst we are battling for 5th – if the roles were reversed all of us would say that we should be winning this home match, so let’s hope the team goes down knowing they’re playing a tough, yet beatable, team.

Sympathy for the Devils

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