Your Says of the day: Questions must be asked of FSG

Date published: Monday 8th February 2016 2:53

John W Henry: Liverpool owner

Just what do FSG want from Liverpool? Also: Man City crumbled against ‘physical’ Leicester like Arsenal used to against Stoke and Spurs are dreaming.


Pellegrini’s fatal flaw

Once again we are beaten by a team who played exactly how anyone would have expected them to.

Pellegrini doesn’t look to neutralise the opposition first and then play football, he sets the team up to play our usual game with almost no regard for the particular strengths of the opposition.

Leicester swarmed us, as Liverpool did and exactly how you would expect them to. Our players needed too many touches and Yaya was a luxury we could ill afford in a game like that.

Leciester fully deserved the win and I applauded them off at the end, but they play such basic (though effective) football. Their main traits are press in groups and smash the ball up to the other end of the pitch into space asap, they were very ‘physical’ in that they made many niggly fouls, pullbacks, little kicks and nudges, and we crumbled – reminded me of the old Arsenal against Stoke.

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Why City don’t deserve to win the title

First i’m going to discuss the other title challengers. And you could argue any of the top 3 deserve to win the league for the reasons as stated below.

Leicester: play unbelievable football, exciting to watch, and have done it on a shoestring budget. Ranieri is a very underrated manager, put the building blocks in place at chelsea and didn’t receive enough credit for their success.

Spurs: Young and exciting team with a strong defence who seem like they are heading in the right direction. Seem to be doing things the right way and are slowly starting to build something.

Arsenal: Yet whilst it’s true to say they’ve had a little stumble in recent weeks, they’re still in with a chance and have had to deal with the most injuries of any team that inhabit the top four. They’ve been up there the for the whole season and a good run could well put the cat amongst the pigeons.

Now lets get to City. They’re more likely to throw money at a problem then try to fix them with decent coaching. They are yet to beat a single team in the top 6 this season, that is incredibly poor for a team with their level of resources.

When you think how strong their squad is they are far too reliant on Aguero and Kompany.

Their fans can’t even be bothered to attend home games so why should we give a damn about them. Their form has been inconsistent at best, away form has a lot to answer for.

Joe Hart keeps doing truly awful head and shoulders adverts.

There we have it, many reason why they aren’t deserving of the title – especially after their insipid and lacklustre display yesterday, they’re getting a lot of free passes in the media of late.

If I was a city fan i’d be extremely angry, if they don’t win the league this season then they would have thrown away one of the easiest premiership titles they could have won.



What is FSG’s grand plan?

Thank you Brendan Rogers for officially outing what FSG are all about. It’s not about winning, but making money.

Now the explanation for sacking Dalglish after a successful second spell on the excuse of not qualifying for the Champions League quickly enough is explained. Ignoring the availability of Benitez upon sacking Dalglish is explained. In hiring Brendan & giving him the opportunity to manage a huge club they knew they had a manager who would accept the conditions placed upon him.

Now those conditions are clearly placed upon Jurgen. FSG need a rethink because we might have been better off had Peter Lim’s bid not been ignored & Purslow’s comment “bottom of the barrel” deal means there may well have been oil rich buyers that were ignored in favour of FSG. When you’re a desperate supporter & your club is heading towards non-existence you don’t ask a lot of questions, you’re only grateful at the club being saved but there will always be the unanswered question that only Purslow & Martin Broughton will have the answer to, who else was willing to save the club & might they have been as rich & generous as the owners of City?

We are not in a bad position financially, but the club was not sold to sacrifice success on the pitch. It was sold to continue at the level we had on the pitch then while a state of the art new stadium was to be built alongside the old one. We have got what we want sort of & are fighting to recover on the pitch, but I wonder whether FSG are just here to get the stadium built & then sell on, possibly to one of the other bidders Martin Broughton rejected in favour of them in the first place? It’s a shame things weren’t more transparent to the supporters back then. We have not done badly under FSG, but that doesn’t mean we could not have done better or even worse. The ticketing has brought the profit aspect to a head & it’s a good thing because now it must be discussed & perhaps the air can be cleared to find the right way forward as a club with supporters not customers who are there to be fleeced.



Can Leicester sustain their success?

If Leicester are to win the title, will they get cherry picked from top to bottom, or can they hold on to both playing staff and scouts and be able to build??

Will they keep calm and not be corrupted by the CL money, and keep buying the right players for them? You would expect their non star players to stay loyal. Why move? They’d have just won a title, or at least have CL football to look forward to.

If the club can keep their heads and not unsettle the club, there’s no reason they can keep building. Or are they being carried by the spirit they gained from staying up last year, are they too one dimensional and reliant on certain players? Are they just fortunate that the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City are all underachieving? Could they maintain discipline next year and not get carried away by their achievements?

We all saw what happened when Suarez left Liverpool, will Leicester suffer a similar fate or are they a better all round side should they lose a star player?



Walcott and Campbell not up to it

There’s no point in going on and on complaining about the current state of the club. No matter how angry and frustrated I am after every point dropped, I will always judge Wenger at the end of the season according to the progress (if any) he’s made.

Coming into the team selections, please no more of the same team again and again when it’s clearly not working. Joel Cambell has provided some very good cover but has proved in recent weeks he will always be a squad player. Theo is simply short on confidence, missing one-on-one’s each game. I say give other players a chance,

Two options

1) We have to give Ox a chance now. He might not have scored a goal since god knows when,but played in his correct position (right wing) he has always delivered. He’s pacy and defenders are afraid of him. He can produce special moments too.

2)Thow in Alex Iwobi, someone who actually deserves first team game time with his performances this season. I see something special in this lad, more than his talent he’s a central midfielder we desperately need at this moment in time. Maybe shift Ramsey to right wing (I know it’s not his position but him playing there was working for the team). Iwobi is clever on the ball, he has great vision too. If Wenger wants to revert back to his obsessive four midfield option, he’s the best choice.

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United can’t hold on to a lead

Bottom line is LVG does not have a clue what to do when we go 1-0 up. Same since he started, the Swansea games are just the tip of the iceberg there. But same at Chelsea, 1-0 up and I said we will sit back now for half an hour. The last 30 mins we had 7% possession after having 72%!! I mean, come on, LVG says himself the stats dont lie! What exactly is this philosophy like? It’s a joke!

Jim Shady


Play Shaw as a winger

If Borthwick-Jackson continues to improve I would play Luke Shaw as a left winger, he has all the required attributes.



Spurs in dreamland

I am sitting here by my computer trying to write with deadlines hanging over me and all I can think about is Spurs winning the title – I’m like a kid I’m that excited. So much for being able to focus and get any work done!




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