Your Says of the Day: Rashford for England, Arsenal plusses

Date published: Monday 4th April 2016 1:06

The case for taking Marcus Rashford to Euro 2016 is getting stronger. Also: positives for Arsenal, and players regretting rejecting Liverpool.

Rashford for England?

Sure, why not? In his few games for United he has shown confidence, exceptional pace, a very fine touch, an even surer finish, and the knack of being in the right place (his goals against FC Midtjylland and Arsenal came about due to his positioning), plus the sort of youthful naivety that could be useful and he won’t have for much longer.

He’s actually the perfect sort of player for this England squad, assuming Hodgson sticks with that loose 4-3-3 formation, because he can play anywhere across that front line and offer different things in every position. We probably haven’t seen quite enough of Rashford to properly assess his abilities, but what we have seen is hugely promising.

On form and fitness, is there a case for Rashford over Sturridge and Walcott?

theMartial Art


Do Martinez’s struggles reflect better on Moyes?

Question for Everton fans, do you now appreciate the job Moyes did at Everton? After the first season where Martinez did really well Moyes got stick from Everton fans. But  two years later and two poor seasons on the bounce have opinions changed?



Start of a Spurs slide?

Just had a look at Tottenham’s remaining games. If anything, Arsenal have a better chance of catching Leicester.

I don’t believe Spurs will win at Chelsea on Bank Holiday May Day Holiday and I think they might have a bit of a wobbler at Stoke.

Based on this logic, Leicester’s seven point cushion carries even more weight and from their six games, three wins should be enough to see them over the finishing line.



Alberto Moreno Memphis Depay Liverpool v Manchester United


Liverpool snub regrets?

It just got me thinking, while watching the game yesterday. I noticed Tottenham had Ben Davies and Kieran Trippier on their bench. Two players that we tried to sign who obviously went elsewhere. They’d both get game time if they’d signed for us, surely (maybe more so in Davies’ case, as Clyne is playing well, but still). Then it got me thinking about other players who we could have signed, it didn’t work out for one reason or another, and now their careers are really going nowhere. I came up with these players.

Victor Valdes (played a handful of games at United, then was bombed out. If he’d signed for us, he’d be playing every week for sure)

Loic Remy (OK, maybe we dodged a bullet there, as he’s hardly been banging them in for Chelsea)

Micah Richards (we were linked with him for years under Rafa, and obviously, he’ll be playing in the Championship next year)

Falcao (can’t get in the Chelsea side, despite being one of the best strikers in Europe a few seasons back, he goes to United, and it looks like that move drained his confidence)

Memphis Depay (there’s talk that he will be sold in the summer. He’d be playing for us every week due to our lack of wingers)

Can anyone think of any more examples?



Mixed views on Toffees trio

Of the three Everton players who’ve been recently linked to United I have mixed impressions.

Lukaku has been good all season and will prove to be a ‘safe’ buy. He’s young, big and strong, and has had a long period of experience in the PL.

Stones to me runs hot and cold. He may make it as a top class CB, on the other hand he may not. How much should United pay for him if they really want him? About £20m. Nothing over, certainly not the £50 mill. being spoken of in the media.
Laporte of Athletic Bilbao would be a better option, providing he recovers from his injured ankle.

And what about Barkley? Forget him. Vastly overrated. Leave him at Everton – see if if any other PL club wants him. I doubt if any one wants him – apart from City. Their failure list is worst than United’s.



Lamela excuse

We sorely missed Lamela at Anfield, Son was always off the pace. I think some of his detractors here can now see how good he’s been for us this season. In particular we missed his slide rule passes and measured assists and his general combative energy. Also Alli was very well attended and somewhat subdued , Ah well thats life, of the seven games there were to play I did have that one down as a draw and possibly along with Chelsea the most difficult fixture.



Mohamed Elneny: Midfielder cost a reported £5million

Positives for Arsenal

Iwobi was undoubtedly the star against Watford and we all have good reason to be excited about this guy, but Elneny is looking like a brilliant buy.

I can’t remember the last time Wenger did one of these bits of business – bought a player that few people had heard of, for peanuts and straight away, they’ve looked worth four or five times what he paid, so well done Arsene.

I love it when a player – however much they cost – comes into the team and straight away looks like they’ve been with us for years and Elneny does just that.

I also want to give a bit of praise to Welbeck. With the greatest respect to him, he’s not the top-drawer striker we really need, but he’s looking a lot closer to it than either Giroud or Walcott. He’s got Ollie’s work-rate and while he might not have Theo’s pace, he is quick and he uses that speed a lot more efficiently.

Unfortunately, this is far from the first time that we’ve entered the final stages of a season excited about a few players, only to see Wenger get just as excited and decide he doesn’t need to buy.


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