Your Says of the Day: Roo ‘will get worse’; Ozil just ‘decorates games’

Date published: Thursday 6th October 2016 12:01

Mesut Ozil: Arsenal exit rumours intensify

Benched Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney “will get worse not better” and there’s a brilliant line from one reader on Mesut Ozil.

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Bonucci reports ‘disturbing’

Sorry I don’t buy in to this Conte doubting thing. Yes the Bonnuci reports are disturbing and the price quoted there is ridiculous for any club to pay for a defender in that age bracket. But it may also be a media speculation and what has that got to do with Conte as a manager?

If we are to move forward we need to trust Conte judgement in the first place. Like everyone i would be cautious about paying £60M for a 29 year old. But still who am i to question the judgement of one of the best young manager in Europe?

Conte is ‘far too stubborn’

Antonio Conte

We will never see Luiz in midfield with Conte in charge. He has already said he won’t play there and doesn’t seem like the type of man to change his mind.

Far too stubborn for my liking. The amount of times he’s come out and said we haven’t been good enough and then played the same players has been too many.

It took 6-7 games to realise ivan is a liability and that was only because he was a absolute disgrace against Arsenal.



Cahill, Ivanovic and Courtois criticised

Gary Cahill

Trebor – for me the current problems at the back care with Cahill, Ivanovic and Courtois. Do not think that Dave, Alonso or Luiz have done much wrong

Luiz has made some mistakes but not in terms of leading to goals but his usual habits of trying to get in front of atackers and being turned and then, in the case of Vardy, being burned for pace

I agree with another poster that I would like to see Luiz in the middle with Kante. I feel he is far more dynamic than Matic, he can score, he knows his defensive duties and if he does make a mistake then there should be cover behind him so they may not always lead to goals being conceded. He is also very powerful driving forward and as most agree, he can pass as well. KTBFFH



A defence of Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil

You wouldn’t criticise coquelin for not creating enough goals.

You wouldn’t criticise giroud for not keeping clean sheets.

You wouldn’t criticise kos for not being able to play 70 yard passes.

And you don’t criticise ozil for not being hard in the tackle.

A team is strong because of its sum of parts, each type of player will excel in different roles, yes each player needs to put the effort it but they are ultimately judged by different criteria.

Ozil needs to be in the right place at the right time, if you want him chasing lost causes all game it will inevitably effect his positional play – he needs to be allowed to play in between the lines. that is where he does the damage, certainly not chasing the ball down the corner flag.

We are lucky to have one of the best number 10s of his generation playing for us.

Your username suggests you can see into the future, but your tactical insight shows you can’t even see what the present holds.

Frankly its embarrassing – if you want to see all action players who can perform any role whether it be dribbling 100 yards to score a goal, i suggest you stick to fifa 17

Tip Tap Goal


Ozil ‘decorates games, he doesn’t win them’

TipTapGoal, Clueless comment.

Ozil cost £42million, have his performances since he joined been that of a player costing that much money who now wants £250,000 per week in order to stay with us.

Simple answer NO! He decorates games, he doesn’t win them, he doesn’t dominate, he disappears in big games, he doesn’t have any bottle.

Instead of playing FIFA17 and looking at meaningless statistics try watching football matches.

Of course you would need to understand them and understand football in order to appreciate the fact its unknowledgeable people that fail to realise that he is not what you would like to think he is.

As Carlo Ancelotti stated when he sold him “He doesn’t have the character to play for Real Madrid”. You can’t get more damming than that.

The Oracle

Rooney has ‘more miles under the bonnet’

@HH I have to agree with Mac here to a point, and I’ve stated that I’d love to see a return to form for Wayne, my heart supports him but my head is telling me that he just isn’t going to be able to cut it anymore.

Where I would disagree is fitness, Wayne should be in the best years of life physically, although he has been doing at the top level for three or four more years than most professionals his age so there’s more miles under the bonnet. That may be an issue also.

Whatever the reasons, and we can speculate all we want, the fact is, and the stats show, that apart from the odd exceptional period, Wayne hasn’t been performing at the highest level for a while.

Given that, I’m not saying he should be carted off and put out to pasture, or exiled to the MLS or China, but he should be on the bench and not an automatic starter. He should get his place in the team when, and only when, his current performance deserves it. Sadly, presently, he doesn’t warrant a place in the starting XI.


Rooney ‘will get worse not better’


@killyboye – I said fitness as a word to encompass many related factors. You highlight one, the number of miles on his clock.

Another is body structure and lifestyle. Wayne’s chunky body style is more prone to weight issues than a lean type eg Ryan Giggs. I don’t know how true the jokes are but does Wayne scoff up the meat pies, smoke the fags and down the beers?

If his form is a blip then how does that explain loss of pace. Does form effect speed. I’d think it is just ball skills and speed of thought.

My point really is you cannot turn back the clock. Most should agree Rooney is past his prime, which means by definition he is on the downhill slope. The most probable future therefore is that he will get worse not better.


Rooney will be back

Killyboye – I do agree to an extent. And I presume that is exactly why Mourinho as dropped him from the team. Maybe we’re getting to the stage like we did with Giggs and Scholes where they could only play 30 games a season. Who knows, time will tell. But yes, he won’t get back to that form. Question is what form can he get back to and is that good enough form?

Mac – My “gut” feeling is that Wayne will work to get back into this United side. He’s been questioned throughout his career and normally comes back with a good run of form. If he doesn’t or if he is unable to then, yes, that’s him done.

I’d still say the judgement of LVG, Hodgson, Mourinho, Allardyce (ok not so much!) and Southgate (probably not at all!) is something to go by when it comes to the importance of Wayne Rooney. Ok, so he’s not going to run from his own penalty box and score an amazing goal like yesteryear – but does that mean he has no value, no influence? Why do the managers keep playing him if he has become so bad? Is it because the positive effect he has on the team far outweighs his waning abilities?
Finally, who else in the current squad would walk in and replace him? Mata looked like he could with that performance against Leicester. Stoke – not so much! Depay? No! Micki? Possibly, but so far he’s been a flop and an absolutely terrible choice between him and Mane.


‘Build a team Giggs; that’s what a proper manager does’

Ryan Giggs

Too many ex top players like Giggs touted for top jobs with no managerial experience. Take a role at a lower league club and prove your credentials, hone your craft, build a team. That’s what a proper manager does.


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