Your Says of the Day: Rooney ‘a liability’; Wenger ‘ruined’ Walcott

Date published: Wednesday 14th September 2016 12:22

Wayne Rooney: Afforded a rest against Feyenoord

Wayne Rooney is once again placed under the spotlight by our readers, while Arsene Wenger is blamed for Theo Walcott’s unfulfilled potential.

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Rooney criticism

Spot on Femoo. In fact almost all our forward thinking players are better suited to a 4-3-3. Pogba and Herrera in midfield as well as Rashford, Martial and Mkhitaryan – if you’re going to play them out wide AND Zlatan who can hold the ball up or drop deep to let the wide forwards run in behind him.

At the moment, a no 10 is getting in the way of Pogba and Zlatan, in particular. The fact that it’s Rooney doesn’t have anything to do with it for me, although it’s clear that he’s simply not consistent enough anymore to be an automatic starter. Sure, he’ll provide the occasional moment and score/assist every now and again (which, in theory, makes it harder to drop him) BUT, at the moment he is a liability. Let’s see how he reacts to being left out.


Theo Walcott: Linked with move away from Emirates

Walcott ruined

I have always liked Wally Walcott and wanted him to do well for us. Make no mistake, the guy is a Gooner through and through – look at the way he taunted the Spurs fans with his 2-0 gesture whilst being stretchered off. It’s an absolute obscenity that this guy’s potential has never been fully realised and there is only one person to blame for it all – Wenger. He has ruined Walcott’s career. After a decade, he STILL doesn’t know what his best position is. Well I can tell him that – Walcott is and always will be a right-sided winger.

This constant can he?/can’t he? rubbish about being a centre forward is merely another factor in Wenger’s continued failure to buy a world class striker – and he STILL hasn’t got it right. (Perez? – don’t make me laugh). If I were Walcott, I’d be looking for a transfer – anywhere- where I’d be utilised properly and try to salvage what remains of a ruined career. A career ruined by Wenger.

Gooner Pip

Cesc Fabregas: Struggling for game time at Chelsea

Absolutely Fabregas

I think we’ve seen a similar starting line up because the players on the pitch have executed Conte’s wish. We have others who can come in and do the job. Lets be frank, we’ve not played the leagues best yet so this Fridays game will be a bigger test and will be a good barometer of where we are at. Im pleased by the start we’ve made so far and it will continue, there will be slip ups, ref cock ups, player mistakes. But it’ll all be alright. Fear not everyone.

Haxard, yes, Costa and hazard returning to form is very welcome, over the course of the season expect others to find form and chip in. I would argue I think we miss a little creativity, I’d argue I’d like to see Fabregas given a few more minutes but I expect that when we change shape/ formation which is likely from what Ive read.


Laurent Koscielny: Believes Arsenal were well worth draw

Picking Arsenal apart

Not the best of performances but I rate PSG highly and a draw I would be very glad to have come away with.

Just a couple of points on Wenger’s team selection being criticized a lot…

1.Coquelin over Xhaka – I wouldn’t really say it was the correct choice to drop Xhaka,but in a game of high intensity Coquelin is the perfect player to play.His tackles, interceptions,pressure all counts.And he had a decent game today.

2.Ospina over cech – I’ve always rated Ospina highly as A GK but will always criticize his mentality and friendliness towards the opponents.However,he had a cracker in the second half so fair play to him.

3.Not starting a natural centre forward – Well playing alexis there is just undependable.Wenger will never learn and just wants to prove the fans wrong!We were completely a different team when Giroud came on.

Also a word on the defenses poor performance all around.The amount of times they got beyond was unacceptable.Mustafi had a poor game, but Kos as well.Monreal had a rarely poor game as well.


Monaco musings

Too be honest I doubt very much Monaco want to face us either, if they look at our past results I’m sure they are shitting themselves. We play a system teams don’t like playing against, Kane maybe our top scorer but we carry a goal threat from all positions, for the last 2 seasons we have had more goal scorers than any other team in the prem.

We have to be confident in ourselves and let Monaco worry about us. Monaco will carry a threat obviously but we just have to make sure we do our jobs correctly, give everything and all should be good.



Mario Balotelli: Didn't get on with Rodgers or Klopp

Don’t change, Mario

Say what you want about baloteli, but i for one would hate to see him change.

In a world of over trained media robots, he definitely offers a refreshing alternative.

Of course i’d pull my hair out if he played for us, but he doesn’t, and this is true for 99.99 percent of all other football fans.

maybe the penny will finally drop at some point in the future, until then, enjoy the ride


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