Your Says of the Day: Sam ‘tarnished’ England role, Hart hope

Date published: Tuesday 27th September 2016 11:51

Sam Allardyce: Manager left after newspaper sting

TEAMtalk readers have their say on the Sam Allardyce row, while Chelsea fans discuss a possible replacement for Thibaut Courtois.

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Allardyce in hot water

The Sam Allardyce revelations just highlight the continuing greed in football.

Allardyce has earned very well out of football and has had a long career as both a player and a manager and is the manager of England earning circa £3m a year but still that’s not enough for him. Plus what he said was unacceptable.

He’s tarnished the role and should go IMO.

nine nine nine


Paul Pogba: Celebrates his goal with Jesse Lingard

Lingard debate

I read this morning that United have agreed a new four-year deal with Lingard and doubled his wages to 50 grand a week. Can anyone think of any other club in the world that would pay this guy 25 grand a week, let alone double it?



Mamadou Sakho: Will be dealt with

Sakho debacle

I think Sakho is a good defender. On a good day, he’s great. This situation, however, is getting a bit silly now. While I do feel a bit for him, it very much appears that his own actions lead us to this. The club could perhaps deal with it better. Who knows. We don’t know the whole story.

What we do know, because it’s obvious, is that we’re playing very well now, and don’t need Sakho at all. He may or may not be better than some of our centre-backs, as far as footballing ability goes, but I, for one, like the no-nonsense approach by the likes of Lovren, and especially Klavan. And then we have a better ball-playing defender in Matip now anyway, and Gomez is yet to return. A man for the future.

As much as I like Sakho, I think it would be best for both parties, if Sakho left the club.



Antonio Conte: Bemoans 'crazy' transfer prices

Conte deserves patience

To be fair to Conte, I think we should make sure he is given time to get his ideas across.

It seems quite clear that he did not get the defensive targets that he wanted which was always his foundation for success at Juve (and to fair ours as well over the years). On top of that he has been unlucky that JT got injured so early in the season

I think that other players are also taking time to respond because for me, Hazard has been very hit and miss so far this season (on Saturday at times you wondered if he was still on the pitch) and the main creative player previously used has failed to start until last weekend

So basically, Conte is juggling with what he has, appears to have reverted in the main to the usual Chelsea formation and the experienced players in the squad to fill those roles

Clearly some are not responding and both Cahill and Ivanovic look suspect to say the least. There is a solution for Ivanovic which Conte seems to be moving towards as Alonso has been given more game time and I see the Hull game as an ideal opportunity to start him in the EPL for the first time (I think..?). Depending on the fitness of JT may mean we need to continue with Cahill but unless he has a miraculous turnaround I think his career at Chelsea could be coming to an end

However, my main point is that Conte is still trying to make the transition from traditional Chelsea to his Chelsea and this will take time. Probably longer than most of us would have liked but he has to be given that time for him and the squad to respond.


Joe Hart: Goalkeeper's mistake led to goal

Hart for Chelsea?

I’ve been thinking. Over the summer and since the close of the transfer window Courtois has stated about his desire to return to Spain and how he cried when told by Chelsea that he is going to return to the club.

So this got me thinking. Should we not consider selling Courtois for a massive profit and turn to Joe Hart. I know Hart has made some big errors recently but he’s a good keeper, English, and has a voice (which may help us with our defence issues). I feel Courtois is not a commanding keeper and never appears to organise his defence (which I have no doubt doesn’t help this frigle defence). I believe that Hart would organise his defence and more importantly would be demanding of them. Plus he has a point to prove to Pep, Big Sam, the media and us England fans.

If this were to happen, it would have my backing. I’m sick to death about reading about Courtois stating he wants to return to Spain, that he didn’t want to come back to Chelsea and he’s fallen out with the Goalkeeping coach. This is just an idea, and in my opinion one that would work for us, Hart and if sold to one of the Madrid clubs Courtois.



What are some of you guys smoking? (I want some)

Joe Hart is NOT good enough for Chelsea.



Hector Bellerin: Subject of transfer speculation

Sell, keep, buy

Who in your squad going from last season into this season would you have liked to have seen sold, kept and bought?

Sell – Toure. He’ll always be remembered as a legend by our fans and we’ll always be thankful for what he’s done. But he’s been badly represented. And his tool of about agent seems intent on dragging the clubs name through the papers each day. So it’s time to say goodbye

Keep – There’s quite a few on this list given we’ve started so well. But I’ll go for an unsung player. Fernandinho. Always gives 110%, and rarely gets the credit for all the hard work he does.

Buy – Bellerin. At full back we’ve got great competition for places with huge amounts of experience. But all of Clichy, Kolarov, Sagna, and Zabaleta are on the wrong side of 30 and could well turn out to be our weak link this year. We need young and pacy players and Bellerin is the perfect ‘Pep’ player.


Sell – Well, we got rid off the dead meat in Balotelli and Benteke … but could maybe equally got rid of Lucas, Moreno and Mignolet. Lucas is a liability. Moreno simply cannot defend and Mignolet is NOT making any progress.

Keep – Lallana is starting to prove people wrong (me included) after a few lacklustre seasons. He seems to have found the confidence and happiness on the field again, which is good to see … and he is, at last, scoring goals too.

Buy – Still think we could do with another solid CB and naturally a LB. The mid is OK, so is the front-line … firing on all cylinders.

At last we have some winners in the side and also some options on the bench when injuries start to appear.


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