Your Says of the Day: Sampaoli’s style suits United

Date published: Monday 22nd February 2016 12:44

Jorge Sampaoli: Snubbed by Chelsea

Why aren’t Man Utd considering Jorge Sampaoli? Plus: Wenger owes Arsenal fans the Double; Eriksen isn’t pulling his weight; and the slow death of the FA Cup.


Sampaoli for United?

Surely a better option, style wise at least, than JM and definitely better than Giggs. Why aren’t we at least considering this man?


Arsenal’s Double chance

Considering our position in the PL and the teams actually above us who were not at all expected to be such, and the most comfortable FA Cup draw we’ve gotten amongst the past three seasons, we as fans should expect the Double. If we’ve kept faith in Wenger for so long this is what he should give in return and then retire with dignity earning the utmost respect of the fans. Otherwise, he was never the man if our ambition was actually to lift the major trophies. The CL is far fetched, and I’m not even going to pretend we have a chance. But just considering how poor the top clubs have been in this season, this is simply our best chance. Huge test of Arsenal’s mentality and what Wenger actually demands from the players.
the specialone


Woeful Willy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Caballero is the worst goalkeeper I’ve ever seen playing for City. He should have saved the shot from Cahill – that’s the second time I’ve seen him make that kind of error. He should have saved Hazard’s free kick and done better with the final goal. Of course Chelsea were the better team and were always going to win but his goalkeeping is awful. If Pellegrini selects him against Liverpool we will have a very good chance of losing again. I don’t care what Pellegrini has told him – he should be told he’s not playing at Wembley and is unlikely to play for the first team again.
dr ian


Eriksen shirking it

I’m tired of Eriksen. This guy can’t get a corner past the first man. He takes most of the free kicks but rarely scores. He gets kept out of the side by a 19 year old kid who has a nasty streak like Rooney.

I remember when we had Modric pulling the strings. He hasn’t done too badly at Madrid, even scores more for them than he did for us. VDV was a killer who put up good goal numbers with very limited playing time.

He was a promising talent but he just isn’t progressing. Maybe this isn’t the right team for him.


Cesc among PL’s finest

Currently watching Fabregas against Man City and still baffled how Wenger allegedly turned him down and let him go to Chelsea.

As far as playmakers go, surely he’s one of the best the Prem has ever seen?


FA Cup revamp

Just reading, what is probably paper talk, about giving a CL spot to the FA Cup winners. I think it’s fair to say the cup has stood still for a hundred years whilst the league has changed beyond recognition off the pitch. How does the FA Cup claw back some interest from the clubs? I can’t see a CL spot being given. Scrap replays? I think that’s to the detriment of smaller clubs, the money from a replay alone can sustain a club for a season or more. There’s talk of increasing the prize money but it’s too little too late IMO. The FA Cup is dying a slow death, as the older generation are replaced the younger one will see it as an inferior competition and some might even see it as a burden like their clubs do. What to do, gents?


United’s skewed priorities 

Man Utd sacked plenty of managers before Ferguson. Ferguson was just a one off. They are back to normal now.

They keep get managers/signings wrong and the money keeps rolling in. That’s all the owners are interested in. The money.

Following on from this, Woodward can keep getting it wrong football wise and still keep his job as long as he keeps the cash flowing.

Giggs or Mourinho? He will get slaughtered whatever he does. I am sure the Glazers would prefer the cheap option and go for Giggs.
Johnny Utah

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