Your Says of the Day: Six reasons not to get excited by Zlatan

Date published: Monday 4th July 2016 12:31

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Joined Man Utd on a free

A Manchester United fan outlines six reasons not to get excited by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, while Liverpool fans assess their targets for the season ahead.

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Regardless of who Utd sign, their season hangs on the behaviour of Mourinho. If he keeps himself out of trouble and motivates the players to his cause, they will be a force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, he may not be comfortable with the bigger and brighter spotlight at Old Trafford, he has always been bad at taking criticism, hence the spanish press don’t like him, as they were always criticising him. If results don’t go his way, it will be same here, and he could well implode. This is the risk they took when they signed him, and we will have to wait and see.

For me and Liverpool though, I am quietly confident we can have a much better season than last, and at least Klopp will have more of his identity in the squad going into the season. With no European distractions, a title challenge has to be the aim from the off, even if they we don’t say so. Leicester were only mean’t to blow the bloody doors off last year, but look what happened. Anything is possible in the prem these days, and after the dire euros, I can’t wait for it to be back.




What are your reasons why you don’t want Zlatan at Utd?
I never said I did not want him. I am ambivalent.

I would like to know why he’s not excited.
Okay here goes.

1. I do not get excited over any transfer. Getting excited before a player even plays a game is what bedwetters do. I realise there is always risk with signinngs, especially foreign players. The big name can be big failure and the no name can become big success. I prefer to wait until the player has demonstrated what he can do for us before I get excited.

2. I dont like signing old players. Strikers are on the downhill slope after 30. Its exciting to see a young player become great. Its sad to see a great player slowly deteriorate.

3. I dont like loan deals or 1 year contracts; Its a band aid solution for poor planning. It takes time for the new player to settle in and for existing players to learn to play with him. No sooner has the player settled in than he’s off. Great teams have stability. You cannot have stability with a player who will soon leave.

4. I want to see the spine of a new team taking shape. A 34 year old striker for a year is not going to be part of that spine. It is delaying getting the right man. Its like driving the car with the old spare tyre from the boot. Its a temporary solution.

5. Rashford is a red herring. We can’t know for sure Rashford will make the grade. And assuming he does we need at least 2 top strikers,.Rooney is past is. Getting Zlatan delays us getting a long term striker.

6. I cannot get enthusiastic over any player who made his reputation elsewhere. I dont like buying great players, I like buying young potential great players and making them great. I did not warm to RvP Sheringham because I always thought of them as Arsenal Spurs players. I would not want Messi at the club because I associate his name with Barca.




Football is a great sport to watch however I find that there are some rules from other sports which would greatly improve the game should they be implemented. Here are my thoughts on possible changes that should happen in football:

(1) Diving should be punished with a 15 minute suspension during same match – If a player is found guilty of diving, they would need to sit down next to the fourth official for 15 minutes (timer stopped whenever the ball is out of play or the game is stopped). This would see far less people diving.

(2) Staggered run-ups for penalties should be banned – it’s unfair on goalkeepers and doesn’t make sense; players should just run up and kick the ball straight out.

(3) Players cannot block opponents from taking quick fouls – if a player is fouled yet still has the chance to release the ball quickly, defenders cannot put their legs out or stand in front of the ball to purposely slow the game down; it’s their fault they gave away a foul so they have to allow the attackers to keep on attacking. Failure to comply with this means a yellow card instantly.

(4) Fouls done on purpose should be punished with a 15 minute suspension during same match – How many times do you see your team counter attacking towards the end of a match and the defender literally pulls back the attacker 100% on purpose and the referee only brandishes a yellow card which doesn’t make the smallest difference, hence why defenders do it regularly? Any player caught doing it should be given a 15 minute sin bin like rule #1.

Any other ones?

Sympathy for the Devils



I’m really not one to defend Wenger or stick up for him in any sense, but I don’t believe he’s signed this kid for now. In fact, like all the previous far-Eastern players he’s brought in, it’s almost certainly just a commercial thing to boost sales on that side of the world. I’ll be surprised if we ever see the kid play more than a few sub appearances.

Doesn’t mean I think he’ll still bring in a striker – he’ll make his usual half-hearted efforts and that’ll be about it. But hey, Giroud scored twice against Iceland – surely our problems up front are over?




I Can’t believe some afc fans wants to re-sign RvP. it really goes to show the huge problems we have at the club.from the board being weak,to a manager that no longer is the manager he once was,and now the brittle supporters we have who will accept anything.

Everyone has a right to an opinion but i can’t believe how easily lead some of our fans want that judas SOB back at our club is pathetic and disgraceful.

Man utd and now fenerbache don’t seem to want him-don’t they get it.the way he treated us calling himself a Gooner for life,only to leave because he thought he was some god by marching into wenger’s house(whatever)and demand what players we should sign.

We all know we need a striker ASAP,but lets not show desperation of a traitor i have no time for.i would honestly rather sign bony than rvp.




I heard we were in for him (Ashley Williams) a few years ago, think Rodgers’ second season, but he had an £18m price tag and the committee vetoed it.

Better player than Lovren, definitely. Always thought he was Swansea’s best player, so if Allen was worth about 15m then 18m was probably about right. Mistake to walk away from the deal in hindsight, but it’s probably a bit late to be signing him now.

I think Matip may be the start of a new era for our defense. Let’s hope we get some quality alongside him.




The ingredients are there for us to finally turn a corner, but it will take time as these things do, bearing in mind the lack of world-class players and leaders in the side, though some of the players we acquire/have acquired may surprise us and raise expectation levels during the season. I also agree with others that sorting out the defence is of paramount importance and I expect (and hope) to see the phasing out of both Mignolet & Moreno. The midfield also needs much work.

Klopp as a manager is an excellent communicator and we will be capable of exceeding the sum of our parts at times. The finals reached last season are testament to that. A cup next season? Quite possibly. Top 4? Not impossible, but Conte strikes me as an excellent capture by Chelsea, Mourinho will probably do well in the short term as we know, Guardiola is already bringing in some very good talent (though I expect a slower start from them), and competition after that will be fierce. The lack of European football and rest that will give us also cannot be ignored, particularly for a Klopp team.

Putting all these factors into the algorithm then, what do we get out? 5th/6th would be where I would place us next season, as we gradually replace our more average players with more effective ones. We may well do better, but that’s where I would set par for the course ahead.


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