Your Says of the Day: Stand ‘sweetner’ points to Mourinho

Date published: Tuesday 16th February 2016 12:46

Also, Manchester United’s top-four hopes depend on whether Louis van Gaal is sacked and Liverpool fans give up on Daniel Sturridge.

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Sir Bobby Charlton Stand ‘sweetner’ points to Mourinho 

The timing of the South Stand to Sir Bobby could suggest it is a sweetner deal.

I have no doubt Mourinho being the coach next season with Sir Bobby who is against the decision, the rename of the stand would suggest it Mourinho is coming to OT.


Top-four finish depends on LVG sacking

Top 4-finish will be tough but not impossible. Its all depends on LVG or the board to make a decision to sack him.

LVG need to give players the freedom to play. Rooney told that the players are to blame too, but only the players are playing the system of LVG what is not working.

Give the players the freedom to play their way and United will finish in the Top 4.

Honest said, I don’t see us finish into the Top 4, LVG admit that he failed, the best thing is to do that he quits, he is damage the club and the name United.


Clasie v Carrick debate rages on

Zico – Let me just pull your statement apart one last time then I’ll leave you to it.

He [Clasie] is a warrior with a better passing game than Carrick.

Clasie’s passing range from the weekend in a 1-0 win:

Passes – 34
Completed – 85%
Attacking 3rd – 1/4 (25%)
Defensive 3rd – 11/11 (100%)
Middle 3rd – 17/19 (89%)
Chances created – 0
Backpasses – 2
Long – 1/3 (33%)
Short – 28/31 (90%)
Forward – 7/12 (58%)
Backward – 19/19 (100%)
Square – 3/3 (100%)
Percentage of passes backwards – 56%
Percentage of passes forward – 35%

Carrick’s passing range from the weekend in a 2-1 defeat:

Passes – 91
Completed – 84%
Attacking 3rd – 26/34 (76%)
Defensive 3rd – 8/8 (100%)
Middle 3rd – 42/49 (86%)
Chances created – 1
Backpasses – 0
Long – 4/6 (67%)
Short – 72/85 (90%)
Forward – 49/64 (77%)
Backward – 16/16 (100%)
Square – 11/11 (100%)
Percentage of passes backwards – 18%
Percentage of passes forward – 70%

You’ve just embarrassed yourself there Zico. Clasie has a s*** passing range when you compare him to Carrick. Whats your defensive this time?



Liverpool fans give up on Sturridge

I think it’s more a case of giving up on him as opposed to turning on him, at least it was for me.

I didn’t see anyone doubt his talent, in fact every post I seen on him pointed to him being a top player. Problem was his continual injury record, especially when we were so short on strikers.

The club didn’t help by saying he was only suffering minor injuries when these minor injuries kept him out for months, frustrating everyone even more.

With any luck (& boy we are due some, with injuries especially) we can keep close to our top team on the pitch & compete a bit better.



Chelsea to struggle, PSG have been on ‘holiday all season’

PSG will be well rested and very ready for this game. They are basically on holiday all season except for the 10 – 12 games played in the Champions League. The French league is a big joke but PSG are not. They have more quality than Chelsea.

Chelsea are a different animal in the Champions League and have their fair share of quality as well. I think this will be a “tight” affair over the two legs but I fully expect PSG to beat Chelsea.



One of the most outrageous disciplinary issues of all time?

Surprising to see Serge Aurier insulted his own manager and team-mates, even going as far as having homophobic comments about them. Aurier accused Blanc of having sexual activity with Ibrahimovic and went on insulting other team-mates as well.

How can a person be so stupid? I assume the club can terminate his contract as well without giving any compensation for it?

Must be one of the most outrageous disciplinary issues of all time?


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