Your Says of the Day: Totti timeless; Liverpool’s late surge

Date published: Thursday 21st April 2016 1:07

Totti wins it for Roma

Who will be the next Premier League player to hit the big 100? Plus Barcelona’s consistency, Totti’s impact and one of the Premier League’s oldest arguments all discussed.

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Next Premier League centurion

This one could get the fur flying, time is running out for the first three on the list [Adebayor, Crouch and Agbonlahor] and I bloody well hope the t*t at number one doesn’t make. Logic would say Sturridge if he can stay fit but Lukaku could chase him if he stays in England. Wouldn’t be surprised if Super Harry is next to be honest, if Sturridge can’t stay fit.



I’d say Kane is the next one to hit 100 goals and will have a better average than most of the rest; if Sturridge was fit for most of the time I’d say he’d reach it quicker and with a better ratio however I can’t see him reaching it too soon with his injury record. Also can’t see Lukaku hitting it simply because I don’t see him playing in the Premier League much longer (can imagine him going to PSG in the summer to replace Ibrahimovic).

Sympathy for the Devils


Barcelona brilliance silences doubters?

It’s incredible how much Barcelona rely on MSN. When Messi, Suarez and Neymar are ticking, they’re the best side in football history but as soon as one loses form or is out of the team, they scrape victories and drop points every once in a while. Then, when all three are off the boil like they were in the last few weeks, the club totally goes into meltdown. They start firing again and Barcelona are back amongst the wins and the goals.

How do you handle such a situation? Do you try bring in a 4th world class forward to rotate them round and hopefully not rely in the trio all the time, but at the risk of losing the fluidity? Or do you just leave them there and hope they can last the entire season?

Sympathy for the Devils


They started the incredible run when Messi was out of the team for a long period, this blip they have had came about just after all three had been on international duty, the fact they are all South American and the travelling for international duty takes it out of you may have something to do with it. If your three forwards are all not firing any team in the word would suffer.



Redmen back in race for fourth?

I honestly wouldn’t rule Liverpool out for 4th, with the remaining fixtures, and the way we’re playing. Unfortunately, our earlier results this season (and the fact that we’re down to one fit striker again after Funes Mori’s assault on Origi last night) means it probably won’t happen, and the Europa is seemingly our best chance.



Not giving up on fourth but it is unlikely. Arsenal only need three wins to mean we [Liverpool] can’t catch you and with home games vs West Brom, Norwich and Villa I would say three wins is a given.

City also need three wins with home games vs Stoke and Arsenal, and away games vs Southampton and Swansea, plus their Champions League games they could slip up, but we also have two big European ties ourselves so will have to rotate. Also Origi could prove to be a big loss depending on how long he is out for.


Totti a timeless classic

An interesting story unfolded in Serie A tonight. Roma 2-1 down with less than five minutes to go, decided to bring on a 39-year-old from the bench, to provide some inspiration. Sure enough, within just minutes Francesco Totti had scored not one but two goals, to seal a 3-2 victory. Some of his touches on the ball were on another level compared to the players around him.

I’m finding it hard to think of many who’ve been playing with that sort of quality at this age. Very special player, and very sad to hear that he’ll be retiring at the end of the season.

j c


What a living legend Totti is. Remarkable player, one of the best. And what a loyal man to his boyhood team: rejected fortunes from abroad to play his entire career [it seems!] for
Roma. Special player indeed.



Ferguson v Wenger debate rages on

No comparison between the two. Sir Alex Ferguson is a legend. Wenger has never been able to replicate the invincibles’ success. Just look at this season. Arsenal collapsed as usual in the last 10 games. You can’t expect to win the Premier League with regular injured and over rated players like Wilshere and Walcott. Wenger must have replaced them long time ago! No real wingers and no 30+ goalscorer. 4th place is where they deserve to be.


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