Your Says of the Day: United entertain fans at last

Date published: Wednesday 4th November 2015 1:24

Manchester United: Improved against CSKA Moscow

Also, a retort to the suggestion that Jose Mourinho is a short-term manager, plus why Arsenal going out of the Champions League might not be a bad thing.

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An enjoyable Man Utd performance

I must say that I am much more optimistic after our performance against Moskow – they were well drilled and had two very organised defensive lines to try stifle us for a draw. If we had better finishing (especially from Lingard) we would have buried them in the 1st half with the raft of chances created.

The tempo was finally quick and incisive and it made for much better viewing. Let’s not let the narrow scoreline sully what I think was a much improved performance. This was a game of attack vs defense and the team had big pressure on them with all the noise being made about the goal drought.

Special mentions to De Gea, Smalling, Rooney, and MoM Lingard who has been a big surprise in recent weeks. Most importantly, the team performance had fluidity, intensity, and everyone doing their part.


Memphis short of confidence

It is a confidence issue for sure, let us not forget that he was also phased out of the Netherlands squad after his row with RVP. I also believe that the way the team is set up does not do him much justice. When he used to regularly play, the way United were set up made him receive the ball close to the half way line and that made it almost impossible to make the difference in the final third.

He needs to be around the edge of the penalty area and then he will be able to beat his player and score more goals. I do not believe that the talent that made him score the goals that he did for PSV last season suddenly just disappeared. His dip in form is a serious concern and needs to be addressed .


Brilliant Man City

Would go as far as to say that’s the best I’ve seen us play on TV! ?

Now, if we can have some more of that Sterling, he will be worth the money!

Goes to show the solid base actually gives you more attacking power, really liking the two Fernas covering for Yaya


Mourinho no short-term manager

I find it insulting for anyone to suggest that Jose builds for the short term. I mean, come on, he put together a ten-year dynasty at the club in his first term. I think some people have very short memories.

As soon as he came in, out went the likes of Hasslebaink, Cudicini, Melchiot just to name a few. In came the new young guns. Notice I say young guns and not kids. Jose gelled together the most successful squad in the history of our club, some of whom are still with us. Jose can’t be expected to bring in eleven kids and expect to win things.

It is all about balancing youth with experience. And it takes time. Like you say we need to forget about KDB and Lukaku. They were not better than the players we had, were not patient and wanted regular play. They wanted out themselves and made enough noise to get their wish. My biggest regret was selling to the Toffees. Hope we have learnt never to do that again.

Can you imagine the uproar if Jose had dropped Hazard in preference of KDB or Willian?

Yes, ideally you try to find some sort of team balance, but like I have said many times on here before, Jose never picks a player because it is his turn to play and that is what makes him breed a team of champions. If you want to play for Jose you have to have the talent, discipline understanding of what is required and the work rate. You have to earn your right to wear the shirt. Jose knows when a player is ready.

All Jose’s success is based around that. If a player does not uput in a shift, then he has no place in the team. Every team member is key to the result and the success. Nothing is left to chance, it is all meticulously planned.


Premier League the priority for Arsenal fans

I said this a couple of weeks, before the Last Bayern game. I actually hope we go out of Europe and it could well be a blessing in disguise. I’m not against the Europa League as i think it would offer youth and fringe players game time they would need incase they are to be called upon. However, I do see everyone’s point about it being a distraction especially if Wenger took it seriously and played our main 11!

We do not have the squad to be challanging for the CL. Put the league as priority this season, really challenge. then in summer add two top players (a striker and another DM or CB) and try to challenge for both Prem and CL.


Time for Townsend to leave Tottenham

If headlines are to be believed then Townsend wants out in Jan.

He must want to be on the plane to the Euros in summer 2016 so can’t blame him. Playing time for us is going to be limited.

Now, I admire the lad for wanting (previously – ?) to stay and fight for his place. Local boy, etc… But, impact sub at best in my view. Too one dimensional and not a good team player or good enough to play regularly over the players in front of him.

Sad but just not kicked on!


No Agbonlahor appreciation

I’m not an Aston Villa fan, but I’ve always wondered. He doesn’t seem to score a lot, and games seem to pass him by frequently. I watched the game on Monday, and was surprised Gestede was benched. He’s a real handful, has caused defences problems (including scoring 2 against us at Anfield), and yet he was benched. I found it strange.

When he came on, Villa looked a better side going forward, and he was unlucky with the header that went the wrong side of the post. What do Villa fans think of Agbonlahor?


Time running out for Jackett at Wolves?

Jackett’s got to be on borrowed time for me; he still doesn’t seem to know how his own tactics work! Very frustrating, Afobe off at half-time as well; I can’t help but wonder if there’s a problem brewing there. I mean why would you take Benik off at half-time unless there was a problem??

Add to that we came to Bristol, who have a pretty average defence record and hardly registered a shot on target! KJ went 4-4-2 in the second half with Holt and Le Fondre both on. One would assume that this was to go long ball in the second half to try and put a faltering defence under pressure?? But no, instead we spend the whole half passing it round the back like a team sitting on a lead until as per Batth gets bored and tries to ping it out to the wing only for the ball to fly out for a throw in!

Its all just so familiar, essentially KJ has a couple of plans but I’ll be damned if ANY of our squad REALLY understands how to play to said plans. For a man in his third year in the role it all still looks VERY confused to me and that can only be down to one man.


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