Your Says of the Day: United fuss, Cazorla and Hart futures

Date published: Monday 24th October 2016 12:30

Santi Cazorla: Wants to stay at Arsenal

Talk of Man Utd’s demise is somewhat exaggerated, according to some TEAMtalk readers, while Joe Hart is again described as being ideal for Liverpool.

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Reaction to United’s surrender

Midfield continues to be the problem spot. Notwithstanding the number of square pegs in round holes elsewhere, it is criminal to think of the money and wages shelled out on Mata, Fellaini, Herrera, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger and Pogba and we still do not have a satisfactory pair or trio that you could hang your hat on to perform when it really counts. That Carrick can feel aggrieved to not be in the first 11 says it all.

Our recruitment has been haphazard to say the least as evidenced by rash purchases such as Darmian and Rojo, neither of whom should be still at the club. Significant investments in players for the future in Jones, Smalling and Depay would appear wasted in the case of two, if not three.

To see the smiles, high fives and jersey swapping at the final whistle today was utterly stomach churning. Keane would have lamped one of his own team. Where have the real men gone?

The angry and defiant Mourinho needs to awaken from his slumber and start packing players bags or else he will soon be packing his own…..



…Calm down everyone. The PL title has never been decided in October and its still feasible that United could win it. Nothing is impossible.

Managers, like players, have good games and bad games. Mourinho is going through a bad spell at the moment, things will change. He’ll come good. He still makes mistakes – bringing on Rojo when Shaw would have been a better option was the most glaring.

A good clear-out is still necessary – Fellaini, Memphis, Rooney, Young, and others. And get some quality players in especially find a player who is a good captain. That last point is perhaps the most important.

Overall I was disappointed with Sunday’s performance, but lets be quite clear no team has the ability to run away with the title. United are still in with a chance especially if they make some astute buys in January. Another CB is badly needed. I’ve been saying since the summer that Smalling is nothing more than a bench player. Sign another CB, toughen up the defence, and if possible get in a DMF.


Marouane Fellaini Manchester United

People want Blind and Herrera – two of our best performing players – out of the team to be replaced by a 19-year-old who has barely any experience…God forbid any of you guys become managers of this club!

Blind and Herrera are fine – they are both good players who had bad off days yesterday – as did everyone else. Fellaini and Lingard are the players who need to be removed as they add absolutely nothing to the team. They need to be replaced by Schneiderlain/Carrick and Mhkitaryan. If Shaw is fit he can play left back and add Blind alongside Herrera in midfield. Pogba needs to play deeper as he is lost in the attacking midfield position. Martial and Rashford need to provide the pace down the wings or up front.

I honestly don’t know why every single manager keeps persevering with Fellaini and Lingard when we have Schneiderlain, Mhkitaryan, Mata and even the older players like Carrick and Schweinsteiger who are better.

Sympathy for the Devils


Santi Cazorla: two questions…

1) Why are we so reliant on this guy? Fantastic player and one of my favourite Gunners – one of most Gooner’s favourites in fact – but you always notice the difference when he’s not there.

2) Considering the above, why has he not already been offered a new long-term, big money contract?

Al The Gooner

<> at on July 29, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Absolutely no doubt we miss Santi, particularly in these home games where we dominate the ball. He has the ability to maintain a very high tempo in the pace of our attacks. He has such quick feet and amazing ability to find space in tight areas.

Rumour has it this morning that he may be signing a ‘pre contract agreement with Juve after Christmas. Perhaps that is why he isn’t being offered a new deal – maybe he has already spoken with Arsene about wanting to move on after this season? Santi will be 32 this December and as much as we all love him, we have seen more influential players than him, tossed aside once they reach a certain age by Wenger.

I would have no hesitation in offering him a new two-year deal, particularly when you consider how long we persisted with Rosicky and Arteta. He is comfortably one of our most consistent performers and clearly loves the club. A player I will really miss when he does go. Someone I wish we could turn back the clock for because he is a special little talent.


Antonio Conte Chelsea

Conte’s dilemmas

After that thorough spanking of Utd and the return to form of certain players Conte is going to have some interesting selection posers. Our lack of European football will see less squad rotation with the probable exception of the League Cup. On Wednesday I can see the likes of JT, Oscar, Chalobah, Willian, Begovic and, if fit, Cesc starting. But come the weekend, who does he pick? What is our current strongest team?

Based on the 3-4-3 and the three consecutive clean sheets, should Conte change things? Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke is a maxim often applied. But does JT assume his captain’s role in defence? Will Luiz get pushed into midfield? Will Pedro make way for Willian? Where does this leave the likes of Cesc and Oscar? Do they suit the 3-4-3? Once Costa gets suspended I would assume that Bats comes in…he should in my opinion!

Injuries are part and parcel of football and our squad players would no doubt step up if called upon. But it’s refreshing to see players fighting for their spots and Conte being spoilt for choice in certain areas. Mikel needs to be moved on – Chalobah and RLC are far better options. Ivanovic’s days are probably over especially with the returning Zouma. Interesting times ahead and Conte has some serious decisions too make. Anyway one point off top…who would have thought that after our capitulation against the Goons last month?



Joe Hart: Is enjoying life away from Manchester City

Hart for Reds?

What do fellow Liverpool posters think of buying Joe Hart. He is available and will probably come.

I think he is the type of goalie we need, not the “sweeper keeper” thing that modern managers are obsessed with.

We need someone to command the box, take the ball out of the equation by doing something revolutionary like catching it! Most crucially for the defenders not to worry about anything but their own positioning and (difficult to do when you don’t trust the keeper and need to compensate for that).

He makes about one mistake per season – last season we must have lost anywhere from 15-20 points due to goalkeeping errors alone.

Let’s just get the basics right instead of the clever additional stuff!



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