Your Says of the Day: ‘Unorthodox’ De Gea made to look silly

Date published: Wednesday 22nd June 2016 12:57

David De Gea: Criticised for Croatia performance.

Our readers discuss David De Gea’s performance against Croatia, the Euro 2016 ’round of 16′ format and Jamie Vardy’s potential move to Arsenal.

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De Gea’s performance against Croatia?

David De Gea beaten at his near post once again – and not for the first time this season. Coutinho hit a similar cheap finish past him. Our young man is world class with his legs, more so than his arms.



De Gea looked silly yesterday with the first-half mistake which was narrowly missed by Rakitic and also looked pretty untidy for the second goal, even with the deflection. I doubt he will lose his spot to Casillas because he has been imperious for nearly 3 years now.

Just proves he’s human and not in United colours so I don’t care.



He had the shot covered, it was the deflection that beat him. He may be unorthodox, but he saves a lot more shots which he has no right to save than lets in soft goals. No need for anybody to criticise him, he is a winner and is probably his own biggest critic.



Keep Azpilicueta and buy Darmian

<> on May 15, 2016 in London, England.

Well first of all let me clarify my position in this matter. I’m in no way advocating for this to happen and i’m a staunch supporter of Azpillicueta. so my position in matter is no i will rather keep Azpillicueta and buy Matteo Darmian. but in the last few days the papers has been running that Jose Mourinho is a keen admirer of Azpillicuata and was considering bidding him, on the other hand i hear Antonio Conte is also a keen admirer of Matteo Darmian and is very keen to bring him to Chelsea. in that way a swap deal is possible. but which club will benefit? i believe United and Mourinho will the beneficiaries of this kind of deal were it to happen.


Confusing round of 16?

What is it with this ’round of 16′? The last 16 was a perfectly good name and did exactly what it said on the tin ie the last 16 teams in the comp.

Then this ’round of 16′ started creeping in with the Champions League and now everyone’s at it.

What next? The ‘finals of four parts’ for the quarters? The ‘penultimate finals’ for the semis?

It’s just like when Courtney Cox got her lips done – why change something that was perfectly good as it was. Why Courtney???? Why????



Al, it took me a little while to understand the logic of the Round of 16 because there are 6 groups, and when I initially totalled ‘top 2’, I came out with 12 and was scratching my head.

I did a bit of research and learned with this particular format, there’s an additional 4 teams added to the 12 that would be decided as the best 3rd placed teams.

Although it can get a bit tricky if to say there are teams with the same points and goal difference, I wholeheartedly welcome this scheme because it does give hope to those who may have narrowly have missed out on second place from a particular group.

The knockouts will naturally remain as they are, but yes, I for one would consider this idea and logic for other tournaments.

A definite thumbs up for me.



Vardy or bust?

Jamie Vardy PL title

I’m starting to seriously think now that the ‘move’ for Vardy was nothing more than a speculative punt. If it comes off, at £20million, its a risk Wenger is willing to take. If it doesn’t, he can always say he tried!

My issue is, I don’t think it will come off and I think Wenger will neglect to bring a new forward in. We have already talked about the inflated fees for the likes of Morata and Lukaku. Its never going to happen at those prices. The options are one end of the spectrum to the other. We either go for an unproven, younger player or we pay absolute mega bucks for a big name. Personally I don’t think either option appeals to Arsene and as a result I think we will see him go after another wide/attacking midfield option.
The reason I say that is, I think he will once again try and get away with Theo Walcott being his second choice striker behind Giroud. Wouldn’t be an acceptable solution in my eyes. Have not seen anything from Theo to suggest he could play that role long term and frankly I think a lot of fans would be ok if he left the club.

andy 528


Well I think we as fans are getting wiser to the way Wenger’s mind works. We may not understand it or see the sense behind it, but we know how he operates.

There is no way Wenger pays upwards of 50m on a striker (a midfielder… maybe!) – unless, of course, for the sort of player we cannot realistically expect to attract. And, of course, these are players who will rarely be “available” – we would have to be decisive, proactive, assertive and persuasive in our approaches for them… all the “-ives” that don’t exist in Wenger’s world!

Lukaku won’t happen, and I’m pleased. Morata is one I really wanted, if you’ll remember, when he left Madrid. But I look at anything above 25m as overpaying personally. Vietto I also wanted while at Villareal, but he hasn’t done much at Atletico and they would probably still ask for loads regardless. In short, we won’t sign any name strikers because we are not assertive enough.

But I don’t believe there is any point taking huge gambles on Ligue 2 unknowns either. Why don’t we earmark 30-35m and go out and buy prospects of CALCULATED risk? Milik or Janssen up front shouldn’t cost higher than 15-20m – they are goalscorers with irrefutable potential AND age on their side to fulfil it. The likes of Boufal and Promes out wide will not cost higher than 15-20m – they are creators and penetrators with goals in them, incredibly high ceilings, irrefutable potential and age on their side to fulfil it. Luuk de Jong and Jovetic flopped in the PL previously, so what are the chances that they will perform this time around? Lacazette? Not sure…

No one is saying we want ONLY Lewandowski – because it is unrealistic. Try for Auba or Higuain as well. If they can’t happen within the bounds of our resources, then go for the next tier – the sorts of players that Leicester will go and buy, only for us to start trying to poach them next summer! But don’t go for a Ligue 2 unknown or, worse still, sit on your hands and do nothing. There are serious deficiencies that need fixing – and Wenger must at least PRETEND to try fixing them!


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