Your Says of the Day: Van Gaal ‘doing something right’

Date published: Tuesday 8th December 2015 11:35

Louis van Gaal: Manager under pressure from some fans

Louis van Gaal doesn’t deserve all the criticism, the Premier League title is beyond Arsenal and Manchester City’s need for consistent team selection.

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Praise for Louis van Gaal

I’m not entertained at all by this United side. It’s just plain boring to watch. I’d get more excitement from watching paint dry.
But on the other hand Van Gaal is doing something right. He’s making us hard to beat. Under Moyes anyone could beat us. That’s not the case now. And being hard to beat let alone get a goal against is a good foundation to build upon. And Van Gaal was never hired as a longterm manager. He was hired because he has a proven record of winning and providing stability in the form of a solid base. He won championships at Ajax, Barcelona, AZ and Bayern and got a WC medal for the Netherlands. He knows how to get results. And winning with AZ in the Netherlands is probably like winning the PL with Tottenham. It’s was an unlikely acchievement.
So he’s not a bad manager.
He was hired to steady the ship. He’s doing that. And if the price is that we’re not entertaining for a while, then so be it. If the next man in charge can build upon the solid foundation Van Gaal is laying and make us more of an attacking threat, then the seasons of boredom might not be a waste after all. No teams are winning “in the right way” all the time anyway.



Tempering Arsenal expectations

Listen, I’ve said many times even with a fully fit squad I do not see us lifting the title and it’s something to do with mentality and aggression not with the quality.Wenger is not the type of manager to motivate every game,he can motivate for one game but as soon as he leaves everything up to the team they show complacency and do not do whatever it takes.But now with the long term injuries to Coquelin(Probably the best DM in the league over the year) and cazorla(Most passes in Europe this season) I find it virtually impossible to win the league.Had wenger actually gone on and signed replacements for these then we had a Chance but now I have no hope and all.I don’t want to keep faith in my team and be deceived in the end because it’s happened far too many times.I keep my expectations very realistic.

the special one


Mourinho maybe not Mystic Meg

If our squad does need a major overhaul then what have we been doing the last 2 yrs? The season before last we definately improved and jose referred to us as a little horse that would be ready to challenge the next season. He was spot on, we won the title the next season, but my confusion is how the hell can we complete building a squad capable of winning the PL one summer and the next year have to consider rebuilding the whole squad once again. That has to be down to a mix of poor player condition and bad management.

If only jose foresaw this seasons downfall as clearly as he foresaw our title challenge last year.



City craving for consistency

This is relatively easy to fix – first off he needs to play a consistent back 4 and not keep changing – I don’t care if that back 4 contains Demi, managala and Kolorov but they need to work together as a unit – constantly tinkering with back 4 breeds uncertainty which spreads right across the pitch

Next we need to consistently 2-3 workers in midfield – Delph, Fernandinho and one other (probably not yaya – leave him as an impact player for the time being)

Finally drop KDB and sterling deeper – at the moment we effectively play 4-2-1-3 that needs to change to 4-2-3-1 so we are much more compact harder to break down and allow teams to come onto us more and invite the counter attack…. Not rocket science but blatantly obvious what we should do with our current resources

Bluefen (not a tactical genius)



Some love for Lovren

Sorry,I think some of you are giving it to Lovren because of his admittedly poor performances in the recent past.During Klopp’s short time here he has played increasingly well.Are you trying to tell me that the finger should be pointed at Lovren before Benteke and Firmino for the performance at Newcastle? Do me a favour. OK Lovren has not been the player we all hoped for but there are signs that he is finding a bit of form lately.Of course if you have an agenda against a player you can analyse his performance and pick out errors but the same could be said of every Liverpool player on the pitch! How about if Benteke had bot fired over the bar from three yards the result might have been different.It is beginning to sound a bit like Daft Daniel with Lucas!



Premier League unlikely to attract stars

I don’t see the big clubs in the PL competing with the Barcelonas and Reals of this world for the biggest stars anytime soon. The iconic stature of those clubs is too stable and widespread. Add to that the climate and the fact that the culture in Spain is much closer to that of south america than the english and you have a reality we must accept for what it is.

Adding to that:
Right now the two best national sides in Europe have been Germany and Spain and certainly that has helped Bayern and the two Spain clubs a great deal.

If the English national side was world cup winners then the PL sides would be more competitive in the CL. It would be much easier for Man U to get the worlds best midfielder if his name was Ross Barkley.


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