Your Says of the Day: Van Gaal to blame for Memphis struggles

Date published: Friday 20th May 2016 11:44

Memphis Depay: Edging closer to exit?

Also, why Kevin Gameiro could be an astute signing for Chelsea, a debate on how the FA Cup can become more appealing and how an obsessed Man Utd fan called off her wedding after falling in love with Adnan Januzaj (yes, you read that right!).

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Memphis could still succeed at Man Utd

Think it’s harsh Man Utd fans wanting to get rid of Depay, as I think he could still be a wonderful player under another manager.

He’s fast, strong, and has a wicked shot. He needs time to adjust to the premiership as well but I don’t think he deserves all the stick he’s been getting.

I think LVG has hung him out to dry to a certain extent. LVG says he wants fast, creative wingers, he has one in Depay but has misused and abused him so badly that he’s a shadow of his former self, LVG has done the same Januzaj.

I can kind of agree with the rest, the only problem with getting rid of both Rooney and Carrick is that we will be moving a whole lot of experience on in one go…..



Could Van Gaal and Mourinho really work together?

Louis van Gaal moving into a director of football role for Man United? That would appease the fans, preserve LVG’s dignity and save face for Ed Woodward. Wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.



Yeah, I can’t see this happening ast I don’t think Jose would be too happy with this arrangement. He wants total control and I can see LVG being an a**hole and deliberately sabotaging him….



I can’t see it happening. It would be clear to LVG and all that he had been sacked. More likely is the early retirement excuse. But I still believe he will see out his third year.



Arsenal need ‘instinctive finisher’

Thierry Henry: Celebrating his goal against United

I think Arsenal need to sign a striker who can finish instinctively – and develop an understanding with your chance-suppliers. You used to see it with Henry and Bergkamp – Bergkamp knew where Henry would be and Henry knew where Bergkamp was going to put the ball.

None of our forward options have that understanding with the likes of Ozil and Sanchez.

And then there were players like Wrighty who just lived on instinct and so often just popped up in the right place at the right time for a tap in.

One thing I love about Danny Welbeck – and it’s something we’ve been missing for years – is that he’s not afraid to shoot from anywhere. He doesn’t worry about taking umpteen touches to get the ball exactly where he wants – he just has a go. Gutted he’s got injured again so quickly.



Why Chelsea could take a punt on Gameiro

Kevin Gameiro: Striker scores equaliser

I would be against buying someone who is 29 years old (Kevin Gameiro). It’s counter productive, it can block progress of young players. Lukaku coming back, I am for it. But it seems that his father said he wanted to play UCL. So a no to Chelsea then.



Gameiro is a very interesting option, he has pace and skill in abundance, plus his value isn’t as the one of Lukaku and co. The ONLY down side is his age – but don’t just assume that doesn’t mean we won’t sign him.

Antonio Conte has proven in the past that he can get the best out of 28+ players. He took a 31 year old Pirlo who Milan has deemed too old to be given 2 year contract to Juvenus and we all know the rest was history. in the summer of 2013 he took a 29 year old Carlos Tevez to Juventus, and we all know what he got from him.

Could he do that with Gameiro if he feels he can do a job here? Yes why not if the price is right Gameiro can play another 5 years at least. age is only numbers.


Three ways to make the FA Cup more appealing

Three things to improve the Cup….

1) CL spot for the winners (never gonna happen!)

2) When the draw is made, always give home advantage to the team with the lower league position…

3) Move the Semi’s out of Wembly and save that for the final…




I’m very much looking forward to this final. As a South London lad I’ve got to support Palace, although now I live in Surrey I suppose I should be Utd ?

Seriously, I reckon it’s gonna be a cracking final.

Like some have already said, I miss the all day build up. When Chelsea won the Cup in 1997 I had the whole ten odd hours on VHS!! Used to stick on RDM’s goal every day after work for about the next two months! ?



I’m torn between watching this or getting a much needed haircut. Both are likely to make me sleepy sat in the chair. Looks like the short back and sides it is!



Bizarre story of the day!

Let’s hope she gets the help she clearly needs:


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