Your Says of the Day: Wenger a liar about Arsenal injuries

Date published: Thursday 19th November 2015 1:57

Arsene Wenger: Manager criticised for Arsenal injury list

Also, is Lovren one of Liverpool’s worst ever defenders, a surprise suggestion for the Chelsea job and proof romance is not dead.

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Wenger pulling the wool over fans’ eyes

Over the past couple of years,wenger’s gives false dates of when the players will return only to escape critcism and it’s getting rather embarrasing for him.Latest being Ox,ramsey antd theo.All 3 estimated date of return was on right after the international break.Then theo “supposedly” has a set back and god knows how long that will be for.
And now netiehr Ramsey nor Ox are available for westbrom.This is becoming unacceptable.It’s definitely something to do within the club with these injuries.I mean players like Ozil who have hardly been injured at madrid and at Arsenal he was injured last season for a couple of months just about proves that.I don’t think people realise that we simple cannot afford to drop points regardless of how the other teams are performing.Man city have a squad much stornger than ours,and are also recently expereinced in lifting the title so they are not the ones to be doubted…


Is Lovren one of Liverpool’s worst centre-backs?

My blood boils when this guy speaks or plays for LFC. Why does this he open his mouth? How can he say that he is more settled? he plays 2 games after being dropped and injured and now he thinks he’s settled… grrrr! He should be afraid of his future in this team. His big price tag is the only thing keeping him at the club.

He alludes to last year being tough because of a short pre season. At the start of the season he mentioned that the whole team were poor not just him. You don’t need a preseason to avoid schoolboy defensive mistakes. He has been one of the worst centre backs at LFC as far as i can recall. Seems like he always has an excuse up his sleeve. Usually what follows is more horrendous defensive errors.

Dejan, please don’t say anything. Accept that you’ve been atrocious. Be grateful for continuing to get chances to play for LFC. No amount of words can atone for your consistently terrible performances for LFC. Only sustained good performances can provide salvation. Do your talking on the field.


This is Lovren’s chance try to prove He is worth His Value, Since He signed He’s never looked comfortable in the Red Shirt, Maybe His fortunes will change, Maybe they won’t, Let’s give the Lad a Chance to prove the doubters wrong, One of the worst I’ve seen has to be Phil Babb, Bought on the strength of One decent game in WC 1994 for R.O.I. and look how that turned out.


Hughes for Chelsea

I really have not seen any improvement at all though I admit we were unlucky against Stoke but then again they are a very average team-anyone think Hughes could one day do a decent job at Chelsea? He will have much more resources and ability available.


The romance of football

I agree, it’s like when the Gooons say, we’ve qualified for the CL for the last 18 years, or whatever, they’ve got to one final and lost.
It’s like asking 18 women for a shag , mostly getting a kiss, sometimes a fumble only once getting into bed, only to find out it’s a tranny…..
Remember we are the last team North London team to get to the quarters


Praise for Pochettino

Well perhaps ALL of the youngsters mentioned weren’t nurtured by Pochettino from the beginning, but he is the man who continued to play them and imbue them with self confidence when many posters on this board doubted them (and his judgment) and he should be given a great deal of credit for this.


Manchester United fans not keen on Kane

Completely agree about Kane. It would take silly money to prise him from Spurs and I’m still not convinced he’s of the required quality. He was absolutely terrible at the U21s in the summer and has only just started scoring a few again after a real barren spell.

I said at the time we bought RVP that we went for the wrong player. Lewandowski was the one we should have got. I actually think it would have been Lewandowski had Ferguson not had retirement in his mind. That ship has now sailed though as we’ll have no chance of getting him from Bayern now unless we pay a world record fee.

I’m not entirely sure who we could bring in instead though who would instantly add that extra quality we need. Will be interesting to see if LVG decides to dip into the market again this January.


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