Your Says of the Day: Wenger farce and Costa problem

Date published: Monday 14th March 2016 2:26

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal fans not happy with manager

Also, dreaming of Manchester City’s XI next season, how many wins Newcastle need to stay up, and why long-range thunderbolts are great.

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Wenger’s right about a ‘farce’

Arsene Wenger feels like the reaction surrounding our poor form as a ‘farce’ apparently. No Arsene, our entire club is a farce. From the rotten, money grabbing owner, through the hideous out-of-touch board, right through to the clueless manager and the over-paid, pathetic excuse of a squad.

Our season has been totally blown to pieces and yesterday was just entirely predictable of a team devoid of confidence being led by a man who can no longer motivate his players. We should have been out of sight by half time, had we anyone in the team who could finish. Watford had two attempts on target and scored both!

The first goal was absolutely pathetic. If Per Mertesacker should be good for one thing, its heading a football. He lost an aerial challenge with Deeney when he had a running jump on him. However, you see the footage again and Per decided not even jump! He just stood there, nailed to the floor like an idiot. Quite what Gabriel was doing I have no idea. He is so physically weak its untrue.

It’s reaching a stage now where there is not much left to admire about this club as it stands. There is a toxic feel about the whole thing. An owner we all hate, a board who couldn’t give a damn about the fans, a manager who is slowly ruining his reputation and a team of players who haven’t got a winning mentality between them. We are in need of a major shake up right now. The form we are in could leave us falling outside of the ‘sacred’ top-four spot!


He’s stealing a living

It’s really funny how Wenger promised us how he’d leave the club in good shape when he would leave. But the truth is he will leave the club in an absolute disastrous state.

There are just so many things wrong with the club at the moment.

Most importantly and like I’ve already mentioned a few times “the mentality”. Arsenal are too nice to opponents, don’t appeal for decisions and lie down for the opposition so many times. In summary, they accept defeat so easily it’s pathetic I;m almost ashamed.

Wenger has to go in the summer. Only because of his achievements I would think he should leave respectfully, or if it were not for that I would want him sacked for the fraud he’s been for so many years.

We got lucky winning the FA Cup twice again with him, I can’t remember too many tough teams we faced. Infact, I would think the only tough draw was Manchester United away, and maybe Liverpool at home. Otherwise it was a gifted path for us.

I would’ve wanted us to win the FA cup of course, but if it meant losing it to get Wenger out and not giving any excuse to continue as manager than so be it.

the specialone

We all love long-range thunder strikes

Having seen the ridiculous velocity and accuracy of the strike by Watford’s Adléne Guedioura I must say there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a ball being absolutely pummelled into the back of the net from range, goalkeeper rendered useless. That strike was one of the sweetest I have seen and boy did it stun Ospina and Arsenal. I especially respect the strikes when the ball is hit from the deck as opposed to the advantage gained from a volleyed finish.

Can anyone remember any similarly impressive strikes?? I remember Ronaldo hitting a ridiculous shot from 40 yards out against Porto in the Champions League, a goal which turned out to be the winner. Ronaldo also exhibited his ridiculous power when he struck a 40 yard free-kick at the Emirates a few weeks later in the same competition. Steven Gerrard, Thomas Hitzlspurger, Laurent Robert, John Arne Riise, Frank Lampard, and Paul Scholes have a fair few in this department. I remember Tugay of Blackburn Rovers terrorizing the league from Range as well. I remember Henry pelting one straight down the middle past Roy Carrol at Highbury, we have never played well in black kits.

There is something beautiful about a long distance shot flying past the keeper, it’s like the player is thinking “f*#k it, I’m tired of all this messing about”, showing a complete disrespect for physics, and the whole notion of good football being produced by passing and movement – teamwork.

Anyone else have memorable humdingers coming to mind?? Remember, no volleys or half volleys and, no lobs and no curlers.


How to solve a problem like Costa?

Once again Diego Costa is in trouble with the football authorities having been sent off with a second yellow card for his altercation with Barry.

He will get a one match ban for the two yellow cards and an additional ban for accumulating 10 yellow cards for the season.

Typically some of the media and some opposition fans were calling for up to a 10 match ban for Costa allegedly biting Barry but Barry’s lack of any reaction whatsoever to the incident seemed to indicate that no bite had taken place and Barry himself has subsequently come out and confirmed that Costa didn’t bite him although quite what the FA might do in respect of the whole incident we will have to wait and see but it would be seemingly more than a tad harsh to charge Costa with biting Barry when there is 100% confirmation that no bite took place.

However looking at the bigger picture despite Costa being an outstanding striker when his head is in the right place and he’s not looking to fight with everybody he is quite injury prone and the way that he plays on the edge and perhaps sometimes goes over the edge do we have to start to question whether the bans plus the controversy plus the injuries make him a bit too hot to handle.

The problem of course is where do you find a striker as good as Costa when he’s on his game and how much would such a sttiker cost?

There were suggestions today on Sky’s Sunday Supplement that Costa wants to go back to Madrid, that Athletico had a bid turned down for him in January and that Costa is playing up including the way he behaved yesterday to try and force Chelsea’s hand in letting him go.

It’s a difficult one for the club but if we can get a suitable quality replacement sadly with a heavy I heart I wonder whether it wouldn’t be better for both parties to let Costa go back to Athletico as long as we get our money back.

Thoughts fellas?

nine nine nine

A dream Man City revival

Bony plays more and more like he knows he is leaving with each passing game.

Expecting a mini revival from Nasri under Pep. We’ll definitely be in the conversation for Pogba, whether we can beat Madrid and Barcelona to his signature is another matter…

Clichy and Sagna will stay for the homegrown rule. Expect we will see the end of Kolarov, Bony, Fernando, Demichelis and perhaps Mangala.

Dreamy 11 for next year…

Alaba, Otamendi, Kompany/Denayer, Zabs,
Dinho, Pogba, Silva,
De Bruyne, Aguero, Nasri,

Bench: Sterling, Nacho, Garcia, Garcia, Gundogan, Denayer, Sagna,

If you want a striker that will push Aguero then Aubemayang perhaps? Has Ibrahimovic decided where he is going yet? Though he fell out with Pep at Barca… He is Mr League-Title, would be an excellent signing.

Also special mentions for Kondogbia (not been awesome at inter this year but superb at Monaco..) Granit Xhaka who we were linked with earlier this year, very tough player and decent passer #youtubescout and Laporte who I’m not sure we need as I want to see Denayer reach that level, but if you want another CB that’s the guy. Or Stones I guess just CBA buying English players we always get slated when they don’t play and it’s not the clubs fault they don’t match their foreign counterparts.


Target for Newcastle survival

I think four wins will be enough. We play Sunderland Villa and Norwich; we win them three, the proverbial 3 pointers, and then a fourth will sort us.

As for Rafa’s get-out clause, I have no fears. The fact Rafa has confirmed it, and then come out and said he doesn’t fear relegation – he’s assessed the situation and also thinks we can become a big force again in the Prem – tells me everything I need to know about his appointment. He’s looked at it, deliberated it and thought, yeah I can do this and I want to do this. I’m sure many other clubs have apporached him way before now, but he’s chosen us, that tells us a lot.


Villa need more people that care

Having listened to the game via Radio 5 with Graham Taylor co-commentating it was interesting to hear the views of a man who’s passion for club still runs high. The disappointment in his voice for what he was witnessing told a sorry tale but for all the pain and torture it was interesting to hear his views as he pinpointed players failings on the pitch.

1. Lescotts lack of authority or leadership as Captain.
2. A lack of movement by the 2 front men making them easy to defend
3. No midfield contribution either tackling back or creating chances for the forwards
4. Players heads dropping to quickly in the game
5. A lack of team togetherness and clear division in the ranks
6, The disappointing lack of quality throughout the squad

And although he said very little about Garde’s management style you could tell the lack of passion from the touchline was also hard for him the accept.

Ok so nothing new but Graham was clearly upset by the lack of belief he was witnessing to the point where he almost sounded choked, I nearly shed a tear myself.

Changes are slowly happening behind the scenes at VP but I hope Hollis realises that these are the people to turn Villa around…. Brian Little (glad to see him back), Graham Taylor, Ian Taylor ex players and and managers who love the club. We need more of them involved, advising and re-building in preparation for next season, pulling the the club and the fans back together and getting us back into the top flight.

We’ve got to be brutal when swinging the axe – 75% of the current squad isn’t good enough, the manager isn’t good enough and Fox, Riley and Almstadt should be top of the list and sent packing.

We need people on board who bleed claret and blue, then and only then will we be a force once more!! UTV


Hoping for Hazard stay

I personally hope he stays, at least for one more season (although the things he has said and done the past month or so points in another direction).

Yes, he has had a really bad season, but it’s his first one in a blue shirt. We need someone to put an arm round him, give him licence to roam and make things happen and build around him.


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