Your Says of the Day: Wenger got his tactics wrong

Date published: Thursday 5th November 2015 1:40

Arsenal: Well beaten at Bayern Munich on Wednesday

Also, is Raheem Sterling the best English talent since Paul Gascoigne? And why Wayne Rooney is hard to appreciate at Manchester United.

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Wenger got his tactics wrong

Last night displayed everything that drives me mad about Arsene Wenger. We displayed a complete lack of tactical nous and ended up on the end of a fairly predictable hiding.

The key fault for me was once again approaching the game with a sense of naivety and even arrogance perhaps. We sent out the same team, in the same formation that we would have done had we been playing at home against a lesser Premier League team. Granted we have a number of key players out but if anything it just highlights how few options we have in certain areas.

We got totally overrun in the middle of the park. Just because it sometimes works well to have Santi in there in league games or home fixtures, it doesn’t mean we can get away with it all of the time. What we actually needed in order to play proper counter attacking football, was a really solid base of two defensive minded midfielders, to allow us sit in and break up play. We couldn’t cope centrally and it just left Mertesacker and Gabriel totally exposed.

We MUST find some suitable options to allow us to change our approach to games. We still only have one way of playing and it’s because we only have the players to allow us to do that. Granted Bayern are a class act, but this game showed just how strong SQUADS needs to be in order to compete. Without Bellerin and Koscielny the back four looked pathetic. Mertesacker has been shambolic of late and needs to be dropped. Debuchy looks like an imposter of an footballer these days.

The only saving grace is now that we will finish bottom of the group and can focus on the league properly. As for Europe, the hierarchy of the club will need to decide what they want. If they want to take it seriously then they need to spend some money and build a squad which can compete and not just a first 11.


Premier League lagging behind Bayern and co.

The ruthless demolition of Arsenal by Bayern yesterday is the latest reminder of how large the gulf is between Barca, Bayern, Real Madrid, PSG (to an extent) and the rest of Europe.

Granted Arsenal have an injury crisis but I think the only real key players they missed were Ramsey, Koscielny, and Bellerin. Even so – Bayern could easily have gone without players and still played at a similar level.

Bayern had Vidal and Robben on the bench. They have Benatia half fit while Gotze and Ribery are sidelined. Still, they made one the best EPL teams look like pub team; a pub team coming straight out of the pub and onto the pitch after a huge bout of drinking preceded by a festive jamboree.

This is very worrisome. I fear for my own team inevitably being drawn against these sides in the UCL knockout stages (assuming we qualify). The dominance of Bayern was evident at the Emirates but they came across Cech in good nick and Neuer in self destruct – this time around they were much more focussed, angry even. They demolished Arsenal and then slowed the game’s tempo at 4-0. Reducing it to walking football at a point.

Scary stuff this.


Sterling the best since Gascoigne?

I didn’t like the way he, or his agent, managed the move but completely understood that Sterling wanted to play for a better team and get more money. This is completely natural. Hopefully he has learnt that it is better to keep things quiet and just put in a transfer request in the future.

I always thought he was a special player and he is now really performing for Man City. I think he is the biggest talent the country has produced since Gazza and I hope he goes on to fulfil his huge potential (keep practising shooting and final ball). £48m seemed a lot but it will be a bargain if he continues to progress. City for the Champions League this year?


The rise of Willian

Better late than never, he’s now starting to look the player we forked out 30 million for. Much better return from him this season even if it is from his wand of a terrific peg.

Get him on corners. He’s added a new skill to his game, getting goals and finding men in dangerous areas. Proper pleased and I hope the support Jose got last night rallies the team into playing in the league.


Klopp taking Europa League risk

Not sure what to make of taking such a strong squad to Russia. I’d have thought the Palace game would be a must win so I hope we don’t get any injuries or our main men don’t die in the bum half way through the Palace game due to fatigue.


No playing role for Gerrard at Liverpool

Gerrard’s time on the pitch for Liverpool has come to an end. We’ve all accepted that and moved on. He was struggling with the pace of the game in his last season, and, with the way Klopp plays with high intensity pressing, I don’t see how Gerrard could fit into that way of high pressing at this stage of his career. A coach, yes. A player? No, not anymore


Rooney hard to appreciate

Many feel let down that Rooney didn’t turn out to be the player Ronaldo did. He’s never been in serious contention for international player of the year. Yes he has been a great player for us, but not having a defined role makes it harder to appreciate him. He’s not the prolific striker RvN was. He’s not the creative midfielder Scholes was or the dynamo Keane was.

Regarding wages, SAF was slightly off base. A historic reason players got more than the manager is players career is short whereas managers can and do go on till ripe old age. Rooney and all players’ wages will include commercial rights according to marketability. I doubt SAF sold more products than Rooney so when you add the rights onto basic wage Rooney would be paid more.

I wonder if for some fans Rooney’s Everton background is a factor. Keane and Rio were involved in “pay me more or I go” disputes, but fans forgave them. Rooney’s reason was at least not money.


Selling Leeds United to fans not the answer

As long as Cellino is in charge I think we will struggle to move forward.

I quite like Evans he seems to be a no nonsense coach and likes to play with passion and high intensity. I hope we can get a few results together and climb the table!

I do not think that Cellino was at the match on Tuesday, he apparently has vowed to stay away although that does not mean anything to this guy, he will probably be back at ER on Saturday!

What we need is someone to come in with lots of cash who has the best interests of Leeds United FC at heart. However, I do not think selling to the fans is the answer, and a lot has to be considered, the month to month, year to year running costs? We were losing quite a substantial amount of cash every month before, how would this be addressed?


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