Your Says of the Day: Wenger likened to Blatter

Date published: Friday 18th March 2016 1:39

Arsene Wenger: Describes England as his 'second home'

And what have Manchester United fans learnt this season? Meanwhile, was Philippe Coutinho’s goal Liverpool’s best of the season?

‘Wenger is like Blatter’, there’s rot throughout the club

I still think that the majority of fans that think its time for Wenger to move aside have come to the point where out patience has evaporated. Gilberto is the latest ex-player/pundit to say that Wenger deserves more respect. The thing is, no-one will ever forget or disrespect Wenger’s legacy. What he did for Arsenal and the English Game is outstanding. We had an amazing run of it, but the rest of the game caught up.

Mattant79 – I hear you and you are right, being able to compete in the CL whilst under such financial pressure was another truly admirable facet of Wenger’s talent (in my opinion) and whilst that may seem to be the football equivalent of “1st world problems” to fans of smaller clubs, it is what it is.

What is becoming unpalatable is the fact that their seems to be rot at every level of the club. All of Al’s points above hold true with regards to non- financial shortcomings that we have been experiencing for too long now. We held onto numerous players that we should not have in the past (Denilson, Bendtner to name a few) and our current stock of players simply are not good enough (Theo being the main culprit IMHO) yet are allowed to re-negotiate new contracts it seems under their own terms. On this point as well whilst I am delighted at the emergence of Campbell, Coqulin and some of our younger players (and yes, Wellbeck, now back is like a new signing!) I still feel that our recent buys are looking like panic buys and not what we needed (even Ozil and Sanchez to an extent).

We now have a manager getting perilously close to tarnishing his image beyond all repair with his tirades against the press, and now fans, everytime his football management credentials are scrutinized. His recent outburst remind me of someone – Sepp Blatter. Seriously, it does.

We have an owner who has gone on record stating that Arsenal is a business interest only.

So, yes, Wenger should feel the strain and he should act accordingly. Either start getting the results and prove everyone wrong or leave. Ultimately retain the respect you have left, or understand that the fanbase deserves a little more respect as well.




Klopp ‘is getting there’

Klopp is getting there. We are on a good run now and we are playing some good stuff. None of these are his players. He is improving players. Sahko was always good but is becoming better and a proper leader. Lovren is just a different player. Can, origi, fimrinio aswell.

The defence looks so much more solid recently. I love seeing klopp losing it and giving out to players. He is has a certain charm about him. Now we just need to finish the sason strongly and i think we will .Some tough games coming up but his ideas are coming across now. Its vital we keep sahko fit now.

Sean the Sailor


Coutinho goal, Liverpool’s best of the season

Don’t know about you guys, but that Coutinho goal was the best scored by Liverpool this season so far – my opinion of course (and I remember his goal against Stoke).

It definitely reminded me of Messi in it’s execution.



What have Manchester United fans learnt this season?

What have we learnt this season?

Well, most of our first team players are clearly not good enough to be anywhere near this great shirt. We have spent so much money buying second tier players who were not necessarily better than the ones who left. The club was fooled in paying the high price for over rated players.

A major surgery is needed on this squad, a real injection of quality needed. We have some good young players but we need top players to lead them.

However, do we trust Van Gaal to spend or waste more money. His signings are very arguable. What direction is the club going? What is the plan? The football is bad, the signings are bad, the manager looks clueless, the squad is filled with poor players who do not understand what it means to play for this club.

What is the solution? Mine would be (you may not agree with me) to think long term. Get rid of LVG, give Giggs the chance to manage and plan for the next 3-5 years. Get rid of the underperforming players, add some experienced quality players to the young ones we have and play the Manchester way. Pass, move, shoot, tackle, take risks and play with passion.



Leeds’ list of ‘wish we hadn’t bothered’ players

We could have a veritable parade of players that fall into the “wish we had not bothered” category. Having a mind full of useless information, here is my list which incidentally is hardly exhaustive.

Ian Rush, Steve Stone , Leigh Bromby, Billy Paynter, Roque Junior, Michael Ricketts, Enoch Showumni, Kevin Nichols, Paul Okon, Jermaine Wright, Stephen Crainey, Seth Johnson, Tomas Brolin, Lee Sharpe, Nick Barnby. Danny Granville, Scott Wootton, Sol Bamba, Liam Cooper, Liam Murphy, Souleymane Doukara, Casper Sloth, Jordan Botaka………………………….

Bored now. Enough already!



Emenalo under threat at Chelsea?

I don’t think any of us know what Emenalo’s real role at the club is. I originally understood that he was Director for Youth Development to stock our Academy with some of the best talent in England and to top it up with players from around the world. If you consider what our youth teams have achieved over last few years that has been a success, the nucleus of our youth teams are predominantly English. It is not his fault that none have progressed into the 1st team.

Maybe his role has been changed over last few years to a more Director of Football.

All I know is our club needs a new direction


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