Your Says of the Day: Wenger should go, ref’s northern bias

Date published: Monday 29th February 2016 2:02

Maurcio Pochettino & Arsene Wenger: Turn down EFL Trophy chance

Tottenham aren’t good enough for the top four but Pochettino makes them title contenders and that’s why he’s better than Wenger, apparently…

This charming man

I think the quote in his post-match interview sums up Pellegrini’s reign – he would rather lose the Championship than break his word.

He should be applauded for his character and morals… but it’s also informs the reason why he is being replaced by a serial winner who won’t leave anything to chance in the pursuit of victory



Ref’s northern bias

I read somewhere that the majority of refs in this country that ply their trade in the top division come from up north.

Take a look at this table, you’ve got Utd benefiting the most from ref decisions, no change there then. Add Leicester, Liverpool and City to the mix and you can see a distinct bias against southern clubs with only spurs making the top 5. And before you state the bleedin’ obvious, I know Leicester is in the midlands.

Bournemouth and West ham make up the bottom two, chelsea are in the bottom 4.

Is this a problem or purely a coincidence?

Northerners will always claim that southern clubs, especially those in London, will always get treated better by the media, I wonder what they think when it comes to referees.

I’d also argue that Spurs are only top 5 because they mainly consist of an English core, and we all know how refs like to favour english players whilst dishing out harsh treatment to Johnny Foreigner.

Anyway if this doesn’t prove anything it surely pours cold water on the most stupid statement that has ever been uttered in connection to football, that being decisions even themselves out over a season. Whoever came up with that needs putting out to pasture.



Two Lucas Leivas

The problem with Lucas yesterday was not only was he our best player, and probably gave the best performance of any of our CB’s all season, but we also missed him in DM, we need two Lucas’s one in CB, and one in DM. He is a very good footballer and reads the game superbly, he also has the most tackles won in the Premier league this season.



Weak Gunners

What a bloody farce of a team we are sometimes. We are supposed to be going for a title and we got rolled over by the worst United team we have seen in 15 years. Five points behind may not be a huge deficit but what about this team and that performance, suggests we can win the league?

The mentality of this club is pathetic. As soon as our backs are against the wall, our so called big players are nowhere to be found. When did the likes of Giroud, Ramsey, Alexis, Walcott last produce anything? We are letting in stupid goals week after week and creating nothing going the other way. It was a game we had to win and how many genuine chances did we create in the second half?

I’m sure we will hear all of the excuses from Arsene but frankly I can’t be bothered to listen to him anymore. He has never had a better chance to win this league in years and we are making a total hash of it. If we don’t shape up very soon, this Spurs team will wipe the floor with us.



Sack Wenger if Spurs finish above Arsenal

Is Pochettino a better manager than Wenger? I would have to say so, at least in the modern game.

Earlier on in the season, Pochettino came on and openly criticised his team. He said there needs to be a change in mentality. And here they are challenging for the title.
Above Arsenal, Chelsea, Man united,City and Liverpool.
They have a squad that I personally think aren’t even good enough for top four, and there they are proving everyone wrong because their manager can understand the modern game and has instilled a winning mentality.

Wenger on the other hand, is just consistent. Consistent in not making us win the title. It’s just the same every season. If we are challenging for top four we go on a huge run of wins in the second half of the season but as soon as we are touching distance of the title, it’s an automatic bottling session we witness. It has to be the mentality.
Wenger in his tenure here has never ever openly criticised his players. He always defends them, and they always disappoint.

If Spurs so much as finish above Arsenal this season let alone win the league, Wenger should not leave by mutual consent, he should get sacked!!!

the specialone


Better late than never?

I have no idea why couldn’t we have played this kind of football from the beginning of the season. If LVG is going to use the academy like he’s doing then, perhaps he should be given the chance…

theMartial Art


Scrap extra-time

I know there was the debate a few weeks back about whether they’re going to do away with FA Cup replays. For me, they should also look at getting rid of extra-time as well. I’m not just saying this because we lost yesterday, but I just don’t understand why,after such a fantastic match like yesterday, why there has to be an extra 30 minutes. Why can’t the match just go straight to penalties?

The majority of the players yesterday looked shattered, and a lot of players have commented in the past about how energy sapping the Wembley pitch is. I think extra time should be scrapped also because,depending on the size of your squad and your injury situation, it could have a major impact on a club’s games immediately following the cup match (it’ll be interesting to see what happens at Anfield on Wednesday for example). For me, I see no reason why, in the event of a draw, the game shouldn’t just go straight to penalties. Anyone else have a view on this?


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