Your Says of the Day: Wenger to blame for Arsenal’s woes

Date published: Wednesday 24th February 2016 12:02

Arsene Wenger: Manager criticised by own supporters

Plus, there is no obvious choice for Manchester United job, your five best ever Premier League midfielders, and how Manchester City’s season will be decided.

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Wenger at fault for ‘average’ Arsenal

Arsenal Wenger should really be looking at himself, I thought the players gave a good account for themselves last night against probably one of the best teams in history.
At the end of the day they’re average players on the champions league stage, nothing more nothing less the last 6 years have proved that.
Wenger has had nearly 20 years to build that team to get dominated and taught a lesson at home (34% possession) joke…. And before anyone says “it way one of the best teams ever” it wouldn’t happen to Bayern.
with average players like Giroud leading the line you don’t deserve to win anything!

Holden Balls

No obvious choice for Manchester United job

They are all viable options in one way or another. However, what has to be considered is their style of play. One of the major gripes most fans have with LVG is his boring, boring style of play. How many of these managers would change that. Many would argue that Mourinho wouldn’t.

Simeone isn’t renowned as a manager with the most exciting style of play (although if given the money he might become more expansive and his teams are very well coached tactically and are able to switch formation and tactics mid-game to stretch defences).

I’m not sure about Blanc, it’s easy to do well at PSG although he was great for Bordeaux but not brilliant for France.

Pellegrini is known for attacking football but is dodgy defensively and absolutely hasn’t been able to coach City through the loss of Kompany and defensive injuries seem to be a major problem for Utd at the moment.

Giggs doesn’t seem to have enough experience of managing at any level, Guardiola had coached Barca’s junior teams before being promoted to the senior squad so despite SAF and Bobby Charlton’s agenda it’s unlikely he’ll get the job.

I don’t think Pochettino would leave Spurs at the moment and I think Levy would break the bank to keep him. Spurs have been looking for a manager of his quality for years and have finally got their man, I think this one is a no-go.

Sampaoli is a free-agent like Pellegrini and although his style would apparently suit Utd I’m not sure the board would take a serious look at him.

It really is a pot luck as to who gets the job, looking at all the ‘candidates’ it’s most likely going to be JM, who plays the same boring football as LVG, oh happy day!


Five greatest midfielders in Premier League history

I think best 5 midfielders in premier history are


Fabregas would probably make it into the top 10.


City’s season to be defined by next two matches

Without trying to sound obvious,the next 2 games,Kiev and historypool,are season defining.
If we get both results in our favour, it should create a new found confidence within the club, and that should enable the boys to finish the season in style.
Should we lose,the press will have a field day, and we will be lucky to finish top four.

Its definitely time to stand up.


Newcastle rueing January transfer window

Why oh why, did we not strengthen our defence? I’m not having a go at the players brought in — I’m delighted. But when do we say we’ve spent enough? And who makes those difficult decisions? We all know we need a huge centre-back.

OK, changing tactics — playing more positive football can make a difference. Our home form has improved; even so, Coloccini gets injured were already facing a problem. Even, when he is fit, we don’t know what were going to get?

It’s not like we’ve just inherited this defensive problem either. Even, back in the days of Shepherd and Hall — from Keegan to Sir Bobby. Only once can I remember being excited about our defence and that was the signing of Woodgate.

If we stay in this league, I’d like that issue to be our top priority, but then it has been my concern for at least three to four years.

David B’s Toon

Time for Leeds to write this season off

Well we got a point more than I expected we would.

Scrapping it out in the lower part of the League seems to be it for us from now until the end of the season. We are not completely safe yet but I think we should be able to avoid relegation. Basically, time is right to test things out and decide which players to stick on and which ones to get rid of.

The next game is on Monday night (on Sky) and I will be interested to see what Steve Evans does with team selection. There are not too many options by the looks of things but I really hope that Lewie Coyle keeps his place at right back and Erwin gets to start the match. Mowatt can’t have suddenly become a bad player and should be persevered with and Botaka is another one that should get a chance. Antenucci, who seems to be simply going through the motions should be dropped to the bench or left out completely and Doukara also seems to have dropped back to his “off the pace” best.

Fantastic goal by young Cook – you don’t see one of those every day. Steve Evans back to his “shoulda won” nonsense how on earth you achieve that without the ability to score goals is beyond me.


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