Your Says of the Day: Who will finish higher – Man Utd or Man City?

Date published: Tuesday 7th June 2016 1:34

Pep Guardiola & Jose Mourinho: Head to head in China

Arsenal fans appear torn over whether the club need Leicester’s Jamie Vardy, while supporters discuss who’s better placed for a title push in Manchester.

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Why do Arsenal need Vardy when they have Walcott?

I know people are undecided on Walcott but for me he should be kept. I ask why Vardy because we are after a player who has pace and wants to play up top yet we have Walcott who wants that. Before Walcott got injured he scored 21 goals or something like that for us in that season so why sign Vardy.

Yes he scored 24 league goals but he was allowed to play up top all season bar a few games Walcott wasn’t given that chance, so why not get a complete striker like Higuain or Lukaku? Also we are all expecting Vardy to come and then actually play through the middle for us!

Does everyone really have the faith that Wenger’s will do that? Seriously!

He was deployed on the left of a 3 for England and no don’t Wenger saw that and thought great he can do both jobs and then continue with Giroud up top and Vardy accommodated wider. I’d like to of seen Wenger show the same support to Walcott as what Vardy got last season at Leicester and then make a decision but he hasn’t and won’t. So again why sign Vardy when we have Walcott who is a very similar player.

Quick, likes to run behind/ off the shoulder of the defenders and given the same belief I think would get back to his best pre-injury. I think Wengers is too scared to spend the money on players we actually need because if it doesn’t work it just shows he isn’t good enough and hasn’t been good enough for a while now.


Jamie Vardy: Expected to play for Leicester City at Chelsea

Finishing. Work rate. Fight. Desire. Fitness. Walcott doesn’t even begin to touch Vardy on these, and that’s enough to swing it for me.

Walcott is too invisible for me – which means if he’s not scoring or assisting (which, as last season showed, can last for a fair few games!) then he’s more or less useless. I detest his work ethic – and that’s why I’m so confident he will not improve because he’s not willing to put the work in. It’s been too easy for him so far, and he doesn’t want it enough IMO. His pace keeps the fullbacks honest, I’ll give him that, but then why not have someone like Vardy who offers that AND can actually have some influence on the match even when he’s not scoring?

And I’m someone who isn’t exactly hot on Vardy, but look at the transformation in his career over the last 5 years. I’d rather have him in my corner than Walcott – it’s not even a contest!

So why not give Walcott the same game time and chances Vardy has had?

Prior to his knee injury he was showing the same work ethic, finishing and all round game Vardy is. Since that knee I jury he has hardly been given a decent run of games or has been droned oit wide one week through middle the next there has been no Continuity for him. What’s to say Vardy doesn’t continue like he did last season? There is nothing to suggest that won’t happen.
Ultimately I’m asking is why not sign a complete striker, they are their and available for the right offer. We don’t need a Vardy when we someone who has the 2 same killer attributes speed and can finish (walcott can we’ve all seen him do it) what we need is a all round striker Higuain being number 1 obvious choice or Lukaku is you want more of a raw talent


Walcott has never had the sort of hunger, desire and work rate that Vardy has. Never. On his day (and they are few and far between) he’s an absolute menace – that is indisputable. However, when he’s not quite on it (which is rather frequent IMO) he really does offer very little.

The one thing I like about players like Vardy is that even on days when the shots aren’t going in or whatever he’s trying isn’t coming off, the commitment shown makes me as a fan feel like he cares and it can rub off on others. And such commitment can create opportunities from nothing.

Sanchez is one of our worst players in possession, if you watch closely and look at the stats – loses the ball more than most and his passing is as good as Ox’s. BUT he plays his heart out every game and his end product is top notch. Even when he’s off form, you’re still behind such a player as a fan because you know he’s giving everything.

I have NEVER felt that from Theo. If he’s having a bad game, he’s invisble! Besides, I remember Walcott himself using his desire to play up top as a bargaining chip for his last contract. He’s been given a chance and, apart from a few games, he’s really not done much. I always felt his best position was out wide where he could score and assist goals. I don’t blame Wenger for the uncertainty here because if Walcott had knuckled down and focused on the wide position in the last 10yrs, he would be up there with the best wide players in terms of goals and assists.

PS: I do agree with you re another more complete striker.


Considering how much desire Walcott has toward becoming a striker, I don’t think he’s suited to the league. Walcott has been brilliant at the right wing over the years, his stats doesn’t lie. However what Walcott is lacking is that striker instinct, Vardy won’t hesitate, his first time shots are excellent, more direct and has better off the ball movement compared to Walcott. Walcott on the other side, can do what Vardy can’t at the wing. Both players have their own quality suited to their position. I’ve had enough of the theory that Walcott should be a striker really, he’s been given the chance, he failed at that position.

Are Manchester United better placed than City in a push for the title next season?

Most of the points on this are well covered. In my view it seems likely that JM is more likely than not to outperform PG in EPL in the short term but, given the competition, not sure if that will extend to Utd becoming League Champions straight away. My main concern is elsewhere in that not only does the Club sign an injured player as one of its prospective main men this week but is linked with other injured players or those with dubious fitness records (Laporte and Wilshere come to mind). Now I know that much of this transfer talk is media tittle tattle, but I would have thought we already had enough players with injury/fitness issues – and a poor track record in dealing with them – to fill the orthopaedic and physio departments of a major UK teaching hospital for months to come. Anybody have any views on this or is this not really an issue?
I wouldn’t worry about Ibrahimovic. He didn’t exactly set the world alight against in the Champions League. Mourinho is another matter – he has experience of the EPL whereas Guardiola hasn’t. There’ll be other teams challenging as well – Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool come to mind. If Leicester sell all their best players they will be in trouble. United are in the Europa Cup. Apparently our primadonnas can’t play on Thursday and a Monday for some reason! Let’s see who Pep brings in and who he lets go. Maybe the smart money will be on Burnley or Boro.
We put too much stock in our own players. Sure Gundogan is a top player, but is he better than more reliable than Xhaka? Probably not. Is Mourinho and Zlatan partnership a major threat – course it is, but we pretend Pep and Aguero will be unbeatable. Why would anyone pretend Jose/Zlatan isnt a big deal?

We did this last season as well, we assumed everything would work out and we would win the league, when in actual fact we almost missed out on the CL.

I think Arsenal have the best and deepest squad. I think Tottenham have the most potential. I think Man United are going to be serious challengers with Jose. Chelsea under Conte revert back to their disciplined best.

I dont think Gundogan is close to being the best midfielder int he league. We have serious problems at centre half. The perennially injured Kompany, and two unreliable flops. We have two ageing wingbacks on both sides. Other teams have almost complete defence. Arsenal have Kosicleny, Bellerin and Monreal, all they need is one quality centre half and they are set. Man United have Smalling, Darmian, Shaw and only need one more.

We have been papering over the cracks for ages, choosing to believe in our own hype.


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