Your Says replace Facebook comments on TEAMtalk

Date published: Thursday 12th November 2015 2:35

Wembley: Tottenham could play home games there

Wembley: Tottenham could play home games there

We are pleased to announce you are now able to use your Your Say log-ins to comment on articles on TEAMtalk, with Facebook commenting scrapped.

The communities are starting to build up again in the Your Say forums, with over a 1,000 of you registering to post over 10,000 comments between you since they relaunched last month.

However, our technical team continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes on a long list of further improvements we intend to make to the new-look site, including at some point the addition of individual Championship club pages.

One improvement that has now been implemented is the addition of a new commenting system beneath articles.

We quickly acknowledged that the Facebook comments were not popular and have been working hard on a solution ever since. The new system means you can use your Your Say log-in and username to post on articles across the site. Unlike on the previous incarnation, comments are now published instantly and will also appear within the relevant forum, allowing you to continue the debate away from the article page. You can even choose to be notified of replies via e-mail.

If you haven’t already, head to the Your Say pages to register so you can start debating all the latest issues again with all your old sparring partners from the past.

Thanks for your support,


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    Mark Holmes

    We are pleased to announce you are now able to use your Your Say log-ins to comment on articles, with Facebook commenting scrapped.

    [See the full post at: Your Says replace Facebook comments on TEAMtalk]



    Excellent! Now please just remove the pop-up adverts on mobile! The site is now completely unusable on my iPhone, as the button to close the ad doesn’t even work. I know you guys have to make revenue, but trust me I work in online marketing – mobile pop-ups are not the way to go. No point having advertisers when nobody is going to your site.


    Mark Holmes

    BlueLion, can I ask where you’re posting from please? As far as I’m aware, this isn’t an issue for UK-based readers. Either way, let me know so I can let the technical team know of the problem.



    Excellent decision. Glad to hear it.



    I’m in sunny Brighton, mate. To be fair the pop-up only comes up now and again, but when it does I can’t get rid of it – I have to click on it to open up a new window then I’m taken back to the page I was already on. So basically I can’t get off of the homepage.



    Mark same issue here, also on an iPhone. Pops up every now and again when I click on to a new page, opens the ad and once I’ve closed it, it takes me back to before I clinked the link. Likes to do it several times in a row and ends up being a perpetual cycle of closing the App Store…

    Also in the uk


    Another great improvement Homzy. Keep it up.



    Thank god for that. didn’t have Facebook nor do I want to have it.



    So I left quite a witty post under the Facebook setup on another story just this very morning…and it’s now been taken off. This upsets me…coz it’s not often I can show the world how witty I am :o(



    Great work TT



    Pleased about that. Had just about given up on this website, but it’s good to know that feedback was taken on board and I hope the place recovers from that disastrous switch over to the new format.



    Thank god Was driving us all mad nice to see TT guys lisening



    Might also be worth putting an obvious place where you can log in on the front page, as it took me a while to realise that you need to click on ‘your say’ first.


    nine nine nine

    Nice one Mark.



    Oh thank god ! Likes and dislikes again please… I’m greedy 😀



    Thank you Teamtalk! Welcome back! just wasn’t doing it for me


    theMartial Art

    Thumbs-up for the good news! Now, we need our club badges back.



    Great news!! I’ve also given up on my mobile due to the pop ups…based in Leeds



    Glad to see the ‘yoursay’ page back from meltdown! Not much happening until the international break.


    j c

    Another good update. Thank you.

    One more thing, from a web design perspective there is a lot of white space between posts. Users have to do a lot of scrolling to get through the comments.

    Just a small thing, but I think would be an improvement.
    Reducing the amount of padding and removing the ‘participant’ user-titles, and then possibly reducing avatar size, would do the trick.

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