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anybody is watching Capital One vs WHU?

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    nine nine nine

    Wise fan, who cares what Mourinho says now that he’s gone. Bury your Mourinho obsession and move on mate.


    999, While Wise-fan is obsessed with Mourinho. i was reading today that Ferguson has ruled Chelea out of the title race. what a way to go ! now our players can play without pressure.

    And what is more bizarre is that he made United a contender? i think this will motivate our players. that is what Conte could have said, we are not in the title race. now the Media’s attention is not in our team anymore.


    nine nine nine

    I suspect the first objective that Roman set Conte was to get the club back into the CL asap which was one of the reasons for so many changes last night.

    Currently I don’t think we probably have the right players in the squad to play the way Conte wants to play when you leave out circa 7 players and that it will be next season before he has the balanced squad that he believes he need.

    Of course winning a domestic Cup would be nice and the icing on the cake assuming we manage to regain a CL spot but prioritising the PL with that objective in mind seems sensible to me.

    It won’t be easy as it currently looks like the 4 CL places will be competed for by a minimum of 6 teams and both Liverpool and Spurs are now significantly stronger teams than they were.

    Let’s hope we get a result at Southampton who are currently on a very good run of form.


    nine nine nine

    Chelseaman, given that just 1 point separates the top 5 clubs I don’t think anybody can currently be ruled out of the title race and I wouldn’t rule out United yet either.

    Personally I think the eventual winner will be either City or Arsenal and I have a sneaky feeling for Arsenal this season but given what happened last season with Leicester I guess anything is possible. Cheers 999


    I watched the full 90 mins. If you didn’t and are a “true” “Chelsea” “fan” please do so by visiting here before making blind statements, it’s so easy to watch games these days so please do so:

    West Ham United vs Chelsea – Highlights & Full Match

    Overall the scoreline flattered West ham. Chelsea had plenty of chances and West Ham score a wonder header and a long range effort, though West Ham to their credit did create better chances than the ones they did scored. This game should have been a draw in normal time Chelsea wasted a lot.

    I thought Chalobah, Aina had decent games. It’s annoying that all the creative players are on the pitch to give Costa chances but these creative players are not on the field when Batshuayi is on, feel sorry for the lad.

    What disappointed me was it was the older established players that haven’t been getting much time in the last few games who sucked.

    – OSCAR: was god awful. Writing anymore would mean i have exerted more energy than him last night.

    – WILLIAN: for all his excellent speedy direct running at the West Ham back four could not pass the ball to save his life. He must of had a 20% pass completion at the end of the game. This is Willian has been lacking recently no end product ever no wonder the Brazil team sucks right now with players like Oscar and Willian as their best talent.

    – TERRY: looked well behind the pace after his injury. The whole sequence of play for their first goal was mostly down to his miss judgement or fear of being exposed by Michail Antonio’s pace because he had a moment where he could have easily walked away with the ball from a heavy touch from Antonio but Terry went flying in uncharacteristically and missed which meant Cahill had to deal with it and ended up fouling Antonio.



    Terry played as the central centre back in the first half. Luiz moved into the centre in the second half and this was probably to get on the ball more and distribute.



    Never watched the game against the Hammers but agree that 7 changes was probably too radical. It was clear that our defence was under far more pressure with the changes in personnel and that the side wasn’t entirely comfortable with his 3-4-3. The returning regulars were also a mile off the pace which will see Contes selection process against the Saints made far easier. If all fit, I’d play the same 11 that hammered Utd last weekend. Tough game against Southampton away – 3 points would be an absolute bonus. Just a point on Willian…I fear it will be some while before he starts playing with confidence and freedom again. Losing a parent is an awful experience and the grief process he needs to follow will still take time to play out. Of course there’s the argument that football will take his mind off things but I don’t buy that…having lost my mother to a sudden heart attack many years ago. I was in the military at the time and my head space was completely battered…for many months after that.



    Willian has been usless for far longer than before his mother died. It just gives him an excuse if anything to play poorly. No time for sentiment. All us workingg class get a week off work berivment then are expected to perform as normal there on after. Dont see why a footballer should be any different. Start pedro. He actually scores and has some what of an end product

    Participant yes, I read the article too that Ferguson did not include Chelsea in his list of EPL contenders.
    About Oscar, it’s been 4-5 years he’s at Chelsea and he still cannot maintain consistency. Would we need to cash him I guess, while he’s still young and Juventus are a known suitor for a while? Or may be we should put him in a more defensive position like alongside Kanté or Matic first and let’s see how he’ll fare there


    Rover Bond

    Willian blows hot and cold and of course your parents have to go at some point, what is really sad and tragic is if a child has to go before you then its understandable to feel grief forever.

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