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Mad Ivan spouting again.

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    We have plenty of money, we’re still be there at end of season, next year we will be in the hunt and Wenger can take us forward. God help us.
    As far as can be ascertained, the better players don’t want to come to us, because we’re not competitive. Draxler on way to PSG.Ozil and Sanchez dithering, what does this tell you. Happy campers. Not in my scout group china.
    Arsenal are stagnating, our play is predictable and tactics and set up not working.
    A manager who can’t motivate, or lead. Our players don’t improve, and our youngsters lack basic skills.
    My friend, things are not good, or getting better, in its present format. Other teams are on us and we need to react, not delude ourselves.
    I believe we will be lucky to make top four this season. We will also be out of CL after next round. Sanchez and Ozil will not stay, unless you pay them silly money. Our defense will still be weak in the air, even when Mustafi returns. I already see the new player mentality with comments about Ox, Welbeck and Ramsey returning. Therefore, no Jan signings.
    I’m sorry to be pessimistic, but for the life of me, this is “Groundhog” day again. Every year promises, that never happen.

    Gooner for life.



    I still think we’ll win the league.

    Chelsea are running out of steam, Pep and Mourinho will need another year, Spurs always finish below us and Liverpool I think will be our biggest challengers but don’t have the squad to last the pace.

    We’ve had a horrible week but seriously two bad games will not define our season, I think we can win the next six and if we do we will be right back in it.

    I know most will disagree but we will see.



    Fatmop word and thank you for some possitivity. Am so sick and tired of people so impatient and ready to pass judgement after two defeats. It’s boring and tell how gullible some fans are by just living in the now and taking the words of some utter naive pundits.

    It’s a marathon not a sprint. And I think Al said it before the game that he won’t be surprise if we lost both and that our shortcomings will not be the loss of both games but the loss to Liverpool and the two draws at home to Boro and Spurs. Which I completely agree and every team will have their bad run including Chelsea.

    Thanks for the positive post because lately you will think we were fighting relegation.



    well… has it surprise all of you moaners in here so-called Arsenalfans that wenger will never listen to you. You will might get up shouting and screaming. LOL you idiots…. well…. as i see you all is when you try to get a banner with ” Wenger OUt” and you all seems to be 5 persons out of 10 million
    Especially you “The special One”! your tears has not been removed yet….. poor you.
    As for our others we are willing to give special prise to pay on to see, if we lose or not. Teamspirit you bitches… that is what we call it. Even if we lose we sing…. but wait… nobody ever singed in Emirates stadium ???? you ever seen spuds calling us “the silent library”????



    You miss the point. It’s not a two game loss that angers. It’s the consistent failure to progress. my opinion is that the problem is compounded by wenger. We are not getting better, the opposition is.
    If this puts me with Shifty and TSO, so be it. I think Arsenal, with a better management team, can be the best, but it won’t happen with the present dispensation.
    Your opinion differs from mine, that’s fine. I won’t belittle it as it adds value to debate.

    Gooner for life.

    Merry Christmas to all, whatever your view point, or allegiance.



    Yes I see what you mean and it frustrate me more but then again Liverpool has never won the league in the premiership era neither have they compete for it other than Rogers near miss. Will you trade their quest since this era to us or the current position howbeit Klopp is doing a young Wenger there. The truth is we can be better but we are not the worse and lots of club will trade places with us. Look at Manutd and post Fergie and they are standing on borrowed legs when Mourinho implode like he would they will be in more financial crisis. Sometimes be careful what you wish for.

    This same team went almost 20games without a loss after the opening day and no media recognized that, but wait till manutd have such a run and see how they will bring Mourinho pet name back.


    Al The Gooner

    Gooner, summed up nicely mate.

    Fatmop, I completely agree we should get max points out of our January games and will be right back in it if we do, but this pretty much sums up why I’ve completely lost faith in Wenger. We’re in a similar position every single season, where we have a poor run of games, followed by a good run of games, but each time we lose just that bit too much ground to make up.

    Wenger’s biggest problem is that he rarely takes any responsibility. When it’s not the amount of money that our rival’s have spent, it’s the referee’s fault, or the linesman’s fault, or the opposition were too rough, or the opposition manager came for a draw, or there’s too many games and as much as I want to believe we can get right back in the title race, I don’t see how Wenger is going to fix issues that he doesn’t believe are his problem.

    Anyway, I refuse to spend this time of the year feeling depressed so until Wenger disappoints me again, I’m going to dream of titles and CL trophies.




    Idiots for wanting wenger out?? The man has spent millions on poor signings the wrong signings. Tactically he is clearly inept, he cannot get the best out of players, he doesn’t coach defending!! He continues to deliver nothing whilst being the highest paid manager in world football, he consistently can’t get past the last 16 in cl, he is consistently blaming everyone else but himself for the failures of the club, yet he is the only thing that hasn’t changed in the last 11 years! And we’re the idiots for wanting him out…..


    The Oracle

    fat mop, Chelsea have just won 11 games in a row, how exactly are they running out of steam?



    Chelsea have won the last few 1-0 and have lost some important players I think you’ll see them drop points.

    I have a funny feeling this might be Wengers last year and we’ll win the league – maybe u am dreaming but –
    ? Merry Christmas ?



    Merry Christmas all.
    Fatmop, I hope your right, would love a trophy for 2016. I don’t think we will, but hope your wishes come true.
    Have a blessed festive season everyone. May we all get the results that make us proud. Both on the field and in our personal lives.

    Gooner for life. Respect.


    The Oracle

    Fatmop, the reason Chelsea have won games 1-0 is because they have the best defence in the PL by some distance. Something we used to have when we won the PL. Remember those days days?



    Translate Wenger’s work through the years into a graph and you will find out that Wenger peaked 12 years ago. Since then it has been a downward trend and that not because Wenger turned into a bad manager, but because he was working on a shoestring budget. Yet he delivered the 4th spot trophy. Arsenal fans should blame the board, had they provided the money to Wenger, he would have won more trophies in Europe and the premier league. Just imagine an Arsenal team with RVP, Fabregas, Nasri, etc at their peak with players like Sanchez and Ozil.

    Arsenal are a world class club with serious aims and targets in their leadership. If the owners felt that Wenger wasn’t good enough they would have found a replacement already. This isn’t FIFA, it’s serious business. They can’t get away with being as fickle as some of the people who comment here. Wenger like Sir Alex is a genius breed never seen before and will never been seen again. Arsenal need a tried and tested manager who can come in and not be overawed by the scale of the task. Who’s going to make Arsenal better? Eddie Howie? Doing a good job fighting relegation is not the same as fighting for the title and playing in the champions league. Look at how Little Moyes did at Manchester United. Diego Simeone?? He has proven nothing without money (don’t say Atletico don’t spend as it’s a lie), people forget that because of Madrid and Barcelona, and his style of football is not particularly pleasant (relies on dirty time wasting tactics) and it would be booed by the fans. Just because somebody is passionate on the touchline, doesn’t make them the perfect replacement. Thomas Tuchel? The job would be simply too big for him. There is still no one better than Wenger to take Arsenal forward.

    You should be thankful for having Arsene, as he built Arsenal into a Mega club; one that only knows good football and having Champions League year on year. For Arsenal fans who are fade-up with Wenger’s 20 years reign, I would like to reassure them that when Wenger leaves you will know many more managers in few years. Just like Manchester United



    Looks like England’s best is back.

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