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    What would you say are his greatest achievements during his reign as president?


    Being considered one of the greatest leaders the worlds ever seen, despite doing fuck all.



    Passed Health Care Reform

    Ended the War in Iraq

    Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan

    Found and killed Bin Laden

    Civil rights for gays and lesbians

    Made a deal with Iran which meant their nuclear program will remain peaceful. Defusing any conflict with them.

    Did more for America than George Bush junior did.


    Jay belfast

    I think Obama will be remembered well but also that he fell short of the high expectations everyone had for him.

    Yes he introduced Obamacare but it has many critics and looks set to be retracted in part at at least by trump.

    Yes he ended the war in Iraq but by announcing the end date he made a bit of mess of it and the region is a bit of a mess now but then again more bush’s doing than his.

    He led the American economy to recovery and strongest position for decades but then how much of that was down to him and more to do with the cycle nature of the world economy.

    Income inequality continued to spiral under his watch but then again that is a worldwide trend.

    His lasting legacy might be that he led to Trump getting in!



    The worst thing to happen to Obama was coming in during 2008 and coming from the mess Bush and bankers left. It was always a uphill task for him, but you can say he did not do too badly looking back on it.



    CM – Ended American involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would have been a better way of phrasing it.

    It’s still a complete mess out there and will be long after we’re dead and gone.



    Dropped 3 bombs for every hr he was president for 8 yrs and yet still managed to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.



    3 per hour? Holy shit lol.



    For peace and relatively stability. This means no wars and no scandals or ongoing domestic unrest.

    And his personality (and Michelle) made him appear young, modern and popular.

    Sometimes doing next to nothing is exactly what is needed. That’s the power and purpose of the monarchy. Stability, not rock the boat.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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