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Arsenal against the wall with ‘unprecedented offer’ for elite star coming that they’ll struggle to refuse

Bukayo Saka, PSG

PSG could lodge an offer for Bukayo Saka that might be 'too attractive to pass up' for Arsenal

Paris Saint-Germain are reportedly preparing an ‘unprecedented offer’ for Arsenal star Bukayo Saka which ‘could be too attractive to pass up’.

Saka has been the Gunners’ very best player for the past two seasons. Arguments could be made that Martin Odegaard and Gabriel Martinelli – who matched his goals tally last season – are close behind him, but the Englishman is top.

The most impressive thing about Saka is that he’s arguably a world-class winger at just 22 years old, having only moved to the position from full-back a few years ago.

Now, he’s youngest player in Premier League history with 50 goals.

His talents are one of the main reasons the Gunners were so competitive last season – finishing second to Manchester City in the Premier League – and why they’re in with a chance at winning the title this term.

With anybody else but him on the right wing, it’s hard to imagine Mikel Arteta’s side would be anywhere close to their current position, as he so perfectly fits the side the Spaniard has created.

As such, his departure would be a devastating one, and it’s something that, if they can avoid it, Arsenal will never want to see happen.

However, there is seemingly a path that could be taken that would see him let go.

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PSG preparing ‘unprecedented offer’

Indeed, Ligue 1 giants PSG are said to be preparing an ‘unprecedented offer’ for the winger, according to Fichajes.

That offer, it’s said, will be a ‘record’ one, from a Gunners sale perspective, though, not a PSG buying perspective, as that would be north of £200million.

That’s actually not a figure that’s very hard to beat – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s £35million move to Liverpool currently occupies the top spot.

However, it’s said PSG’s offer for Saka ‘could be over €140million’ (approx £120million) which would shatter Arsenal’s sale record.

Arsenal will struggle to say no

The report also states that’s a figure that ‘could be too attractive to pass up’ despite the fact they will be ‘reluctant’ to let their star winger leave the club.

The report also states that they would then have to ‘find a guaranteed replacement in the market for one of Mikel Arteta’s greatest trusted men’.

Talent won’t be hard to come by if Arsenal have £120million to spend, but they have a player now who guarantees 20 goal contributions a season in the league – reaching that figure last term and this season.

Not only is Saka a fantastic asset that fits the team perfectly, but he’s also got a great relationship with the club, having come through the academy, and therefore the fans have a strong affinity to him.

It’s hard to quantify exactly how much that helps the club, but no matter how good the next option would be, Arsenal won’t know if they’ll get the same package they get with Saka.

As such, while they could make a lot of money, there will be much more to consider than just the cash.

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