Why Arsenal are preparing a bumper pay rise and long-term contract for Odegaard

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard

Martin Odegaard has been one of Arsenal’s star performers under Mikel Arteta since signing from Real Madrid and is in line for a hefty wage increase from his current deal. 

It’ll be a five-year deal Arsenal are trying to get for Odegaard. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s done relatively quickly now. He’s on just north of £100,000 a week at the moment but he clearly warrants a hefty pay rise given his form since he arrived.

He’s now the captain, the central focus point and, like the entire team pretty much, his performances are just getting better. He’s turned into this free-scoring midfielder; there are not many players across Europe who are producing the numbers that Odegaard now is on a consistent basis – in terms of goals from his position.


Arsenal, with all these new contract extensions that they’ve done, it’s not just about tying them down and securing the future – obviously that’s key – but they also know that they need to reward these players for the performances that they’re putting in and how they’ve helped drive the team forward. Odegaard is absolutely central to that.

He’ll be probably doubling his money, and he would absolutely warrant that because of his performances. He’s really happy at Arsenal. He wants to stay and Arsenal are delighted with him. His relationship with Mikel Arteta is excellent on and off the pitch.

These talks I always expected would go smoothly. Sometimes they drag on, sometimes they’re done relatively quickly. I can’t envisage that this is going to go on for too long and he’ll soon be pictured signing his new contract.


Arsenal have worked really, really hard to sort out their wage bill so they can pay these players what they’re worth. Before they were bogged down by so many underperforming players on big, big money.

The work they’ve done over the last few years has allowed them to free up this space to give Bukayo Saka what he deserves, to give Gabriel Martinelli what he deserves and give players like Odegaard what they deserve to keep them and ensure that they are absolutely tied down and going to be the focal point of the team for years to come.


Odegaard will immediately go to be one of Arsenal’s best-paid players once this contract is done. Declan Rice will be right up there. Saka, on his new deal, will be right up there. Some people say Kai Havertz is up there.

Arsenal heavily incentivize their contracts as well. There is a base number but it could be miles more depending on what they do – how many goals they score and things like that – so it’s tough to nail down exactly who the highest earner is.