Pogba out, Partey in? Chances of January Juventus transfer for Arsenal star evaluated

Arsenal's Thomas Partey has been linked with Juventus as a replacement for Paul Pogba

Arsenal's Thomas Partey has been linked with Juventus as a replacement for Paul Pogba

Reports in Italy have linked Thomas Partey with a Juventus switch due to Paul Pogba’s provisional doping suspension but Arsenal might not be in the mood to sell. 

There was a possibility that Arsenal would have let Partey go this summer if a really good bid came in. They weren’t actively pushing him out OF the door or anything like that. But from a business point of view, it would have made sense to entertain a really good offer for him.


Juventus were definitely interested but I was always told that Partey did not want to leave Arsenal.

Throughout all the Saudi links, even the Juventus links, I was always told he’d come to Arsenal to get into the Champions League and now they’re in it, he wanted to play for Arsenal in the Champions League.

He was desperate to do that. He wasn’t entertaining moving anywhere, despite all the rumours and speculation and I fully expect that he’ll continue with that stance now.


At the end of the season, he’d only have a year left on his deal and if a really good offer came in for him, he’ll be turning 31 next summer, it would make good business sense that they would consider it. He’s not a player that they are desperate to get out of the door by any means.

I cannot see January being a possibility. You’d be weakening your squad massively in the middle of the season. He was definitely on the Juventus list in the summer so I’m sure he’s still on that.

It doesn’t surprise me now Paul Pogba’s out that they’d be putting more focus into someone like Partey, but I cannot envisage any situation where Arsenal would consider letting him go halfway through the season.


Cedric Soares is still an Arsenal player and so you may as well include him in the Champions League squad.

He was available to go – his agents were exploring options because he wanted to get out at the start of the summer – but the right option didn’t present itself and so he’s still here.

Arsenal are not afraid of cancelling contracts with players but when you look at the defensive options Arsenal have – the injury to Jurrien Timber, the decision to let Rob Holding and Kieran Tierney go – it got to a point where it made sense to keep Cedric around until January at the earliest.

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Arsenal have a lot of games to play and do not have much room to manoeuvre defensively at the moment.

Cedric’s an experienced player and it just makes sense to keep him around. He won’t play very much – and Arsenal aren’t envisaging him playing very much – but you’ve got to factor in potential injuries.

Villarreal were definitely in for him in January and they were sniffing around again this summer.

The Big Three in Portugal were certainly looking at him in terms of Benfica, Porto and Sporting, but they’ve looked elsewhere.

Fulham was a potential option but it never really got too far after his loan spell there during the second half of last season.

A termination probably would have been discussed. When he got to this point in a window and he hadn’t gone I’m sure it was something that was potentially on the agenda but because of circumstances and because of injuries and other players leaving it just got to a point where it made more a lot more sense to keep him.

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