Chelsea transfer plans forced to change as Bayern Munich shoot down ‘Ferrari for Fiat’ forward swap

Kingsley Coman, Leroy Sane, Bayern Munich, July 2022

Chelsea’s reported plan to offload Christian Pulisic and receive a Bayern Munich star in return has been branded swapping “a Ferrari for a Fiat”.

It has appeared for some time as if Pulisic’s future may be away from Chelsea. Things hung in the balance last season, when he was evidently unhappy with his minutes.

That is little surprise given he was afforded just 13 starts in the Premier League during the campaign. Still, he managed to be directly involved in eight goals.

A change of manager could have changed things for the American. Indeed, Thomas Tuchel’s successor, Graham Potter, might have looked upon him more favourably.

However, as yet, that has not been the case. Indeed, since the former Brighton boss took charge, Pulisic has started twice in the league, and one of those appearances came as a wing-back.

As such, recent reports suggested he was still ‘frustrated’ with his role at Stamford Bridge. What’s more, Chelsea are said to potentially be ‘willing to sacrifice’ the winger.

Interest from Manchester United, Arsenal and Newcastle United appears to have resurfaced.

The question of whether any of those sides will pursue a deal for Pulisic will likely be answered in January.

Chelsea eye swap for Bayern’s Coman

However, Chelsea seem to have been exploring other avenues to see the back of the American. Indeed, FCB Inside relays reports that the Blues are keen on signing Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman.

The suggestion is that Potter’s side wanted to swap Pulisic for the Frenchman.

The reasons for such a move make sense. Indeed, Coman is a serial winner, having won 27 team honours in his 10-year career to this point.

What’s more, his best return in any of those seasons was five goals and 12 assists, just two seasons ago.

Chelsea’s apparent belief that a Bundesliga side might want to take Pulisic off their hands makes sense too. Indeed, the American was directly involved in 31 goals in 90 games in the German top flight while playing for Borussia Dortmund.

Pulisic swap brutally shot down

However, it seems Bayern have no intention of letting Coman go in order to receive Pulisic. That is according to journalist Christian Falk, via FCB Inside.

Bayern are reportedly “very, very happy” with their winger at the moment.

Falk also states Bayern’s thoughts on swapping Coman for Pulisic would be like swapping “a Ferrari for a Fiat”.

In fact, the Bundesliga side would apparently not even let the Frenchman go if Chelsea were to put up extra money. Whether the Blues continue their pursuit of Coman without a swap involved remains to be seen.

However, Bayern’s viewpoint seems very clear, and it might well be hard to force them to budge on that.

While Pulisic will surely find a new home soon, it seems that home won’t be in Munich.

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