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Gerrard reveals cheeky plan to help Liverpool sign Bellingham as ‘obvious’ transfer would fill clear gap

Jude Bellingham, Borussia Dortmund, November 2022

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has revealed a cheeky plan to help his former side snare Jude Bellingham, as he admitted the club’s need to improve in the midfield.

Gone are the days of Liverpool’s midfield containing a host of world-class players. It seems fair to say that Gerrard and Xabi Alonso were a class above the current crop.

There have been question marks over some of the current midfield group this season. That Liverpool find themselves mid-table has shone a light on some of the weaker areas of the squad – the midfield being one.

Of the four midfielders that have appeared most often, two – Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcantara – are over the age of 30, and Fabinho (29) is not far off.

That could provide an explanation as to why Liverpool are being overrun a lot more often this season than in recent campaigns.

As such, it is no surprise that Jurgen Klopp is looking to recruit some fresher legs in that area. The manager will hope adding some more quality will change his side’s fortunes.

Borussia Dortmund midfielder Bellingham is one of the most sought after players in the world at the moment. Indeed, Liverpool seem desperate to snare him, as do a number of other big names.

Paying a hefty sum, as the side that lands him will have to, should not be a massive problem for them.

Gerrard preparing cheeky Bellingham plan

However, convincing the midfielder to join the Reds with other big clubs on his heels may prove to be one. Real Madrid are one of the other clubs in the fight, and reports suggest they will offer Bellingham a hefty salary.

The chance to play for the La Liga giants and make great money while doing so is a pull in itself.

However, Liverpool may have a great hand of their own that they are ready to put down. Indeed, former Reds captain Gerrard has a plan to convince the star to Anfield.

“All he needs to do is send his diary to me, when he’s got a free day,” Gerrard explained on BT Sport.

“I’ll fly to Dortmund personally, take him out for a nice dinner and we’ll talk about it.”

While it was likely said in jest, that one of England’s best ever midfielders wants Bellingham to join Liverpool will give him something to think about.

It is not hard, looking at what Gerrard achieved, to see what could happen if the youngster was to join the Reds.

Bellingham fills clear gap

Beyond the fact Bellingham is already among the world’s best midfielders, Gerrard feels he would fill a clear gap in the Liverpool side.

“Right now, I think the obvious one is Bellingham off the back of the World Cup and what he’s doing out in Dortmund anyway,” he said.

“I’m a huge fan of him, I think the way he comes across, the way he speaks about the game, his performances that I’ve seen every time he impresses me.

“Liverpool lack this running number eight who can arrive in the box, can get you a goal, who’s got that power, who’s got that burst, who can step aside and really leave someone for dead. Bellingham ticks all them boxes so he’s the obvious one.”

The former skipper also feels the midfield could get back to a high level if a few things fall into place.

“They’ve had some injuries in that department, I think that if Liverpool’s midfield is all fully fit you’ve got Henderson, Fabinho – Fabinho right at it – and the class of Thiago, in top form it’s a very good midfield,” he added.

“They’re all experienced, they’ve all had fantastic careers, but I think the thing is if one or two of them is missing then you’re relying on young players, you’re relying on players that haven’t really hit the ground running here at Liverpool like Keita for example.

“It has become a little bit stale in the engine room so that’s why there’s been a lot of talk about midfielders and signings, and will Jurgen go into the transfer market.”

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