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‘Good for him’ – Arsenal legend reveals real reason Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, Arsenal legend Thierry Henry

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has floated his theory as to why Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool

Arsenal legend Thierry henry has put forward what he believes is the true reason Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool.

Klopp announced in late-January he intends to walk away from Liverpool at the culmination of the current campaign. The 56-year-old stressed there were no ulterior motives behind his decision to leave the Reds other than dwindling energy levels.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop ex-Liverpool left-back, Jose Enrique, putting forward one theory as to why Klopp is departing.

The outspoken pundit claimed Klopp may have grown tired of having to work wonders each and every year amid FSG’s frugal spending in the transfer market.

Klopp subsequently poured cold water on such claims when reaffirming FSG have been nothing but beneficial for the club as a whole.

“It would be easy in this job to blame the owners and say FSG should spend more,” said Klopp. “Was I always happy with that? No. But they built two stands, this AXA Centre for the next 40-50 years, we did it properly, the LFC way, which I love.

“That we didn’t win [more] Champions Leagues and Premier Leagues is not down to money.”

Henry floats new theory

But according to Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, Klopp’s impending exit is symptomatic of a wider issue within the game.

Klopp has stated he’ll take time out upon leaving Liverpool and Henry pointed to the fact Pep Guardiola also took a sabbatical when exiting Barcelona back in 2012.

Fast forward to the present day and another Barca boss – Xavi – has announced he’ll walk away from the Camp Nou at season’s end.

In Henry’s eyes, the stresses and strains of modern-day management at the truly top tier clubs are more draining than ever before.

As such, Henry suggested Klopp is leaving Liverpool for the sake of his own mental wellbeing as much as any other reason.

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“When I got the news, I was like: ‘Good for you'” – Henry

“Pep was at Barcelona, took a sabbatical year,” said Henry while working for CBS Sports. “Klopp is at Liverpool, is stopping. Xavi is at Barcelona, he is also stopping. Three great clubs.

“That’s a dream job normally and they are stopping. That tells you a story. The pressure, everybody has a voice, social media and whatnot.

“It is tough to be a manager and no one cares about you. You’re going to have to take care of yourself at one point.

“I understand that it’s very nice for fans and everybody involved, journalists, but do not think only about yourself and thinking that the Premier League will miss Klopp, that Liverpool will miss Klopp.

“We know that, we know that is true. But he was missing his family, he was missing his own time, he was missing his sanity. So good for him. When I got the news, I was like: ‘Good for you.’”

On the subject of who’ll replace Klopp at Anfield, Bayer Leverkusen’s Xabi Alonso is the odds-on favourite.

However, a Spanish football expert has remarkably claimed Alonso could actually wind up replacing Pep Guardiola at Man City…

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