Jose Mourinho

Nathan Egerton

The 20 biggest spending football managers of all time: Pep Guardiola top, Klopp and Wenger above Ferguson

From Sir Alex Ferguson to Pep Guardiola, football managers have always been willing to spend enormous sums of money in order to win major trophies

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Rejoice! Jose Mourinho’s car park rant means he’s gone full Alan Partridge

The 2023 Europa League final made sh*t-on-a-stick feel like an appetiser at the Ritz. But, as a piece of theatre, it was outstanding.
Nathan Egerton

The 10 highest-paid managers in world football: Liverpool, Man City bosses in the mix; surprise No.1

A lot of footballers receive astronomical wages every year but elite managers who have proven themselves at the highest level are also handsomely paid