Bruno Fernandes issues retort to Agbonlahor criticism by citing more meaningful Man Utd reference

Bruno Fernandes reacting during a Manchester United match

Bruno Fernandes has responded to criticism from Gabby Agbonlahor by citing a positive reference from a former Manchester United teammate.

Fernandes came under fire recently when Agbonlahor branded him ‘the worst teammate’ during a talkSPORT broadcast. The former Premier League striker said he would be ‘fuming’ with the attacking midfielder’s attitude during games.

Agbonlahor identified Fernandes’ tendency to make gestures after teammates give the ball away – or if he does the same himself. The ex-Aston Villa man also claimed Fernandes only presses ‘now and then’ and gets away with things that his former clubmate Paul Pogba could not.

His comments certainly caught the attention. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, for example, criticised Agbonlahor’s general points about Manchester United.

Now, Fernandes has broken his own silence on the situation. Pointing to how ‘demanding’ he is of himself and others, he issued a clarification to Agbonlahor. Within his response, he shared a glowing reference he recently received from Juan Mata, whom he has succeeded in the number eight shirt for Manchester United.

Fernandes told Record: “It’s honestly not something that worries me too much. He’s [Agbonlahor] never played with me, he doesn’t know how I am.

“Just yesterday I told my wife, who spoke to me [about] this interview and I said, ‘you know what calms me down?’

“It’s just that two days ago a person called Juan Mata, world champion, European champion, winner of the Champions League, everything in England, said to me, ‘you were the best people I’ve met in football, continue like that, being yourself, with that honesty, this ability to work’.

Bruno Fernandes demanding of himself and others

“If someone says that… you know how I am. Boring, because I demand it, but because I am demanding with myself and I also demand it from others.”

Fernandes is one of many Manchester United players who now have a fair few onlookers to prove wrong. Despite his 50 goals for the club in 128 games, the Portugal international might need to raise his standards even further to help the club out of their current predicament.

The spotlight will be on all members of the squad until they can revive their fortunes. It has, after all, been a calamitous start to the season for Man Utd. Therefore, they must all pull in the same direction to get back towards where they feel they belong.

If not, they can brace themselves for some more derogatory reviews from pundits and former professionals, whether those comments will be justified or not.

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