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Predictions: Nuno to rub salt into Solskjaer wounds; Liverpool romp; an ‘at-last moment’ for Leeds

Nuno Espirito Santo, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Tottenham v Man Utd, EAMtalk Premier League Predictions

The misery is set to continue for Manchester United at Tottenham, Liverpool will easily overcome Brighton, while this week’s Premier League Predictions expects Leeds to leave Norwich winless and claim only their second three-point haul this season.

Each week our writers take on a different band or artist by making their Premier League predictions, while you can join in the fun using the story comment facility (below) or Your Say forum.

Our latest set of predictions are from Tottenham fans Sad Boys Club. The band has just released a brand new single called ‘White Hart Lane’, which they describe as ‘an ode to the, often difficult, life of a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, and the perfect lyrical allegory for a difficult relationship.’ Who says football and heartbreak aren’t mutually exclusive!

Can they celebrate by getting one over our man, Rob?

Last time out, The Chase frontman Tyler was in the hotseat. You can see how they both fared right here.

Matchday 10

Leicester v Arsenal (Saturday, 12.30pm)

SBC: 2-1

Rob: 3-2

Burnley v Brentford (Saturday, 3pm)

SBC: 1-1

Rob: 2-1

Liverpool v Brighton (Saturday, 3pm)

SBC: 3-0

Rob: 4-1

Manchester City v Crystal Palace (Saturday, 3pm)

SBC: 3-1

Rob: 4-0

Newcastle v Chelsea (Saturday, 3pm)

SBC: 0-2

Rob: 1-3

Watford v Southampton (Saturday, 3pm)

SBC: 1-1

Rob: 2-2

Man Utd's problems are bigger than Solskjaer

Man Utd's problems are bigger than Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the epicentre for all of Man Utd's problems, so they better get rid of him before things start to get even uglier.

Tottenham v Manchester United (Saturday, 5.30pm)

SBC: 2-1

Rob: 2-2

Norwich v Leeds United (Sunday, 2pm)

SBC: 1-2

Rob: 1-3

Aston Villa v West Ham United (Sunday, 4.30pm)

SBC: 1-2

Rob: 1-3

Wolves v Everton (Monday, 8pm)

SBC: 2-1

Rob: 1-0

TEAMtalk: How did you come to support Tottenham and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

SBC: Dad was a lifelong Spurs fan, so it was a traditional inheritance for the most part. A handful come to mind; beating City to top four in 2010, beating United 6-1, Sterling’s disallowed VAR goal, take your pick of Gareth Bale last-minute game-winning worldies, or the Inter Milan hat-trick.

There are more, however nothing is going to come close to the Lucas Moura hat-trick against Ajax: Poch on his knees, Ajax players collapsed, Amsterdam a battlefield!!

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TEAMtalk: Who have been your favourite five players for your club? (Historically or currently)

SBC: Ridiculously hard question. For my own sake I’m going to keep it to players I’ve seen and in no particular order. 1. David Ginola – outrageously chic. 2. Moussa Dembele – part ballerina, part bulldozer, a dream. 3. Gareth Bale. 4. Van der Vaart – love Rafa, hilarious guy, brilliant player, loved Redknapp’s Spurs team. 5. Son Heung-Min – would be in here on the smile alone. I hope we get to see it more this season!

Not yet sold on Nuno regime

TEAMtalk: What are your hopes for the season and what are your thoughts about the current side?

Nuno Espirito Santo Tottenham boss looks on

SBC: I am not hugely enamoured with Nuno, and I wasn’t on appointment either. Some of the football has been exhausting to watch, there’s a real lack of romance at the moment and losing your first four London derby is brutal to take.

However, we’re two points off the top four so I don’t want to be too unreasonable. Issues, believe it or not, lie with the ownership for me so I don’t think it’s going to be a quick fix. And so long as there’s no total capitulation I’ll try and get to next summer still capable of some slither of mid to long-term optimism.

The player I feel as though all eyes are on is Tanguy Ndombele – playground baller. I absolutely love watching him when he’s on form. If he can get some consistency together it might not be such a bleak time after all… we pray!

‘Soft spot for Leeds… and Brentford’

TEAMtalk: Have you got a soft spot for another team and why?

SBC: My soft spot is definitely for teams rather than clubs – anyone contributing to the narrative with a real sense of identity. Last year was Leeds, the Bielsa squat, murderball and all that: inject it.

This year it’s hard to look past Brentford. I’m stoked they’re doing so well. Outside of the Premier League it’s Harrogate for me – I like the Weaver father/son story. I think they gave a good account of themselves last season and have started strongly this year too.

I’m not sure there’s much more to it, sometimes you just gravitate. Forest Green Rovers as well, I like the way that they’re run and their progressive values that they seem to actually stick by. But Hector Bellerin is a joker.

TEAMtalk: What’s going on with you as a band at the moment?

Sad Boys Club, TEAMtalk Premier League Predictions

SBC: We’ve just come off the back of touring with a band called Slow Readers Club and playing all the inner-city festivals which has been huge for us – this week we’ve released our single ‘White Hart Lane’ a song about the emotional investment and fragility of being a football fan and how tortuous that can be.

A couple of Birmingham fan friends of mine have pointed out I really don’t have much to complain about… but that’s football, we find a way. We hit the road again next month before putting out the whole EP.

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