‘£60m Athletic Bilbao man exactly what Man Utd need’

Date published: Friday 3rd February 2017 11:35

Liverpool should be doing all they can to recruit Joe Hart in the summer, while Antoine Griezmann is not the answer to Man Utd’s problems, apparently…

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Liverpool need an upgrade

I’d love it if we can get a true world-class goalkeeper. Someone who can organise the team in front of them, instill confidence and good communication, and most importantly win us points – making all the bread and butter saves but also making the ones you don’t expect. It’d be great if they’re also capable of playing to a style Klopp will like, good distribution and I imagine like Karius someone who starts miles off his line when we are in possession, and comfortable with the ball at their feet. But most importantly the being a solid base to the team, someone we can always rely upon and are shocked when they make a mistake.



Liverpool should be after Hart – he’s about the best goalie up for grabs right now who, with all due respect, Liverpool could attract. Unless there’s somebody in the Slovakian League division three I don’t know about…


Mignolet & Karius: Neither good enough for Liverpool

We’ve made a profit in our last three transfer windows I believe. We’ve had the massive increase in TV money. We’ve had the new stand built. We will have the CL money. We will be selling more players.

There should be plenty of money available in the summer to bring in several players and if there’s not fans should start asking why.




Is Griezmann the answer?

Is he the player to cure our problems? I dont think he is. We need to spend all the budget in that midfield! Sure Griezmann is class but we need to sort that horrible midfield


Neither do I to be honest. He’s great on the counter attack but the way teams have been setting up against us lately I can’t see having him on the pitch making a massive difference. First things first, a world class midfield playmaker to replace Carrick.



I hope that JM has his eyes on Aymeric Laporte of Athletic Bilbao. A natural left sided CB – I’ve been watching him for the past few games and he hasn’t put a foot wrong.

He broke an ankle last April and missed the Euros. Now he seems to be fully recovered. He has a buy out clause of 60millions euros – about £45million.

He’s the same build as Bailly – perhaps slightly taller and more bulkier. I think he’d be an excellent signing.



Lampard tributes

The modern era’s only twenty goal a season midfielder, and he scored at least 10 PL goals per season for 10 consecutive seasons. Incredible statistics, but that doesn’t cover the half of it.

His overall play, contribution and professionalism were second to none, and when he was being generally abused and mocked during his prime at Chelsea by opposition supporters, I always thought that it would only be after he retired that people would look back at his career, look at the goals and the medals, and give him the recognition he so thoroughly deserves as one of the the games greatest players.

In terms of natural ability and pace, he was not as blessed as those he was often compared to, but his hard work and professionalism meant that his achievements matched and exceeded virtually all of them, and for me, that makes those achievements all the more impressive. Hopefully, he will return to the Bridge in some capacity.


Frank Lampard: Back to England?

For me Frank Lampard is the perfect role model. If you have kids and you want them to behave like a Premiership footballer then its Frank Lampard.

Frank was never the most gifted player in the world, especially during his teen years. I played against him on a couple of occasions and he never stood out. We only knew who we was because his Dad and Uncle often watched.

We were amazed when he signed for West Ham, as we had players in our team that were ahead of Frank. Because of his dad was the only logical answer at that time. What I do know is Frank he is the hardest, most dedicated trainer on the planet but would that be enough?

Well it clearly was, whilst Frank still slowly developing. He never set the world alight at West Ham and then came the bust up with the Hammers following his uncle’s sacking came the surprising move to Chelsea.

£11m seemed very high and not many West Ham fans were disappointed he was leaving at that price. Chelsea fans didn’t care as they had just come into the oil money and £11m wasn’t much of a gamble.

Well the rest they say is history and Frank Lampard has gone on to be one of the best midfielders the Premiership has seen. Never seems to get embroiled in controversy and off field issues. Just a model professional throughout.



Ramsey grief

I don’t care whether you love him or hate him, but I disagree with any fan booing your own player. When Rambo came off the other night, sections of fans apparently booed him. This is another player who has gone backwards under Wenger but don’t anyone see the worst thing they can do his boo him.

What’s that going to do with a player who lacks confidence and belief and now looks like another Wenger injury prone player. Does he become this bad overnight? Seriously, I talked briefly to a current Wales international a while back and he was telling me he’s awesome in training, something Steve Bould has said many times for us.

So why is rambo doing it for Wales, looking like one of the best all round midfield players, only to look like a pub player when he plays for us? I’ll gladly put a charity bet with any gooner right now, that if we sell rambo I’ll bet anyone the likes of United, Liverpool, Chelsea, City would be after him. He has been awful this season and I honestly think he and many other good players could do with a new voice and new lease of life with a new manager.

So would you keep him or cash in? I think he’s only just turned 26 so a players peak should be 27/31. I get frustrated as easily as the next fan but the one thing I hate with a passion is fans singling out one player when in truth we could have done that with the whole team that first half the other night.


Aaron Ramsey: Injury fears

I’m a massive fan of Rambo’s mate and I’d be really upset to see him go, but if Wenger re-signs, I’m not sure what point there would be in keeping him.

I didn’t hear about anyone booing him but if they did, that’s disgusting.

We’ve all seen what Coleman gets out of him and if ever you needed proof that it’s his club manager that’s the problem, not the player, that’s it. To outshine Bale, you’ve gotta be a bit special.

As much as I’d hate to see him go, I hate seeing such a great player watch his career go down the khazi.

Al The Gooner

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