Ajax man perfect for Liverpool, as fans voice concerns at Klopp’s squad

Liverpool fans are urging Jurgen Klopp to add one more attacker to his squad, while Manchester United supporters discuss Dan James’ results in pre-season training – has he showed up the current squad? All in our forum…

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Ojo hopes

Ojo on target for Rangers, I would love it if Ojo had a good UL run this year. Some of our youngsters are collectively going to make Liverpool a lot of money even if they dont make it at Liverpool.



Kent and Wilson watch

Kent and Wilson have a chance in pre-season to prove to Klopp whether they can make it at Liverpool.

I think Wilson just might have a chance, but don’t think Kent will make it.

Let’s wait and see, and even if they both don’t make it, we can still sell them for good money and buy a better player



One more attacker

Xherdan Shaqiri TEAMtalk

Shaq out for a chunk of pre season with a tore calf muscle (players hardly rested this summer). Keita injured too. Mane still involved in AFCON so likely he’ll eventually get half a day’s rest, if he’s lucky. All, eventually, will join up with the first team for pre season and hope come the first game on Friday, 9th August, that we are fresh enough.

Which leads me onto my plea. We need another attacking player. We can’t go into another season with mass over reliance on Bobby, Mo and Mane. They can’t keep doing it. We saw last season with Mo who looked mentally knackered half way through but Klopp not confident enough in replacing him to give him a rest.

I am sure all will be OK but just a tad worried about our African and Brazilian players (major players for us!), injuries, current lack of transfer activity to help support this area and our first league game less than a month away. A good cup of tea will cure my anxiety and that’s just what I’m gonna do right now!

Rob Fort Worth TX


Your worries are fully justified in my opinion rob. After the mental and physical excursions of a long season right up to 1st june and then the copa america and afcon, our front 3 will NOT be fresh at the beginning of the season. I will not be surprised at all if our front 3 have a poor first few months of the next season.



Rob I would not worry too much about our lack of transfers, its not like the club is failing with closing the deal…

Origi earned himself a new contract and Brewster is being groomed for the future, whether he will succeed or not I don’t know but the club has taken the decision to use him.

Just like last season we went ahead and stuck with Gomez instead of buying another defender like most fans expected, we are giving the young guns their fair shot at the team.



‘Brewster is a bit of an unknown’

I don’t expect the front 3 to start the opening games. At least not all of them.
I can see Brewster and Origi starting games. Many might think that these players are too much of a step down in quality to be trusted to start many games, the reason why I strongly believe we need to bring in another forward to rotate/replace the usual front 3, one closer in quality to them.

Brewster is a bit of an unknown to us all as he’s never played a Prem league game and we know what Origi can bring. I’d be relatively happy with those 2 trying to bridge the quality gap if he had another lad in who was already closer in quality to our front 3. One that can be more readily relied upon.

Looking back over the last 15+yrs anytime we’ve been had a really good season, either winning something major or coming very close, we’ve fucked up the transfer window following it.
I’m thinking of the issues after winning the CL in 05, nearly winning the league in 08/09 and again in 13/14. We didn’t capitalise from our position of strength and my fear, with less than a month of the window left, is that we’ll do the same again.

Doing nothing means, the opposition are strengthening and therefore are either catching up on you or pulling away from you. Having said all that I’m still optimistic we’ll bring in another forward before the window closes.



Ziyech the man for Klopp

Hakim Ziyech TEAMtalk

Despite feeling relaxed im not gonna lie I would love a top level player to come into our team. I know Klopp is amazing at turning water into wine with regard to our backup players but still would love Ajax’s Ziyech come into the team as a 1st team player, he would only cost 25m according to reports about his release fee and would be an instant challenger to the front three.

I’ve no doubt Ziyech would walk into the team to rotate with Mane, Salah and Firmino, thats how good he is. But time will tell – maybe when the tournaments have finished we might see some activity. But we could end up doing a spurs and not signing anyone ready for the first team.



We have injuriew and the front 3 will miss August gamew. We have 4 titles to challenge and we have not made NOT A ONE GOOD signing. Besides we have kept Lovren and Lallana to clean the bench nad probaly the seats!!

We talk about Firpo and Ceballos when there are so many players who can help us directly…
Henry, Edwards and Klopp do not want to spend and this is obvious.
Even a single quality player will not make the difference….



Stop panicking

What’s all this ridiculous panicking for, and yet the transfer window is still open?I see this panic happening year after year, yet Klopp keeps making top signings in every window.

Do you think Klopp and Edwards are just sitting in their office, resting on their laurels? These guys are doing all they can to deliver the Premier League next season.

As for FSG, they are born winners and fantastic owners, who will do anything to make Liverpool win the league as soon as possible



Totally agree with rob and ginger. Good posts guys

Mwake, very good call on Ziyech

Can play either side of the front 3

Remember lady season Salah and mane played in Bobby’s position a few times

Sean the sailor


Power of the Ox

Actually I think we also underestimate the impact of Ox. Do you think he might get the odd game as part of the front three or is he ill suited to that role?



mwake, Ox played as a winger the majority of the time he was at Arsenal no? I think he can do a decent job if called upon, he has the pace to trouble defences. I still remember the opening game against Arsenal in 2016 where Ox gave our defence loads of trouble when he came on.

That said, I still hope we will sign a decent cover for the front three, there is still time in the window.



Pogba, Lingard clip laughable

So that clip of Pogba and Lingard “arguing” was just edited to look that way and they were laughing about 3 seconds later. Sad and pathetic the lengths people are going to to try and create negative headlines about United isn’t it?

I’m also not sure why the absolutely incredible stats that Dan James is hitting in pre-season training is being played as a negative? Can’t we just agree that he’s an absolute machine and we’re lucky to have him?
He was no. 1 in both long and short sprints and he left people behind by 5 metres in 50 metre sprints! He also maxed out the bleep tests – phenomenal!



Dan James smashing it

Daniel James MUFC

Image: manutd.com

It’s a huge positive that Dan James has hit the ground running, I for one am delighted. I’m sure most are. However, given the resources at this and most other PL clubs, our existing squad should be ashamed that they’re being nailed to the wall in strength and conditioning by a Championship player. If that doesn’t motivate them, nothing will.



@happyhurling – The “story” did not get the headlines in the mainstream media, and barely got a mention, if any. Perhaps the journalists watched the entire video and came to the right conclusion, it’s a nothing burger.

As others have pointed out, its not a negative that James has ” incredible stats”, the negative is the rest of the squad don’t.

But to be fair, I don’t know how pre-season training works, it’s possible it’s unwise to go flat out on day 1, it’s better to build up fitness gradually.

And we’ll see how lucky we are after he’s actually played some matches.



Yeah I’m just not sure I get the logic Mac.

So we deliberately pick/scout the fastest British player in all 4 leagues last season and sign him up. Then when that player is, you know, the fastest player in training – that’s a negative that the rest of the squad can’t run that fast? Is it “embarrassing” to all the Man City players that Raheem Sterling is their fastest player?

Should it be embarrassing to all English strikers that Jamie Vardy came from non-league football?



Happy – I’m not fussed about the sprinting – it’s the fitness I have an issue with. For James to top all of the fitness stats is embarrassing. There may be an excuse that he has simply come back fitter in a bid to impress the manager etc etc and that by the end of the summer break the others will have overtaken him, but most players should have realised that Ole wanted them fitter and done the same – work on fitness by themselves.

IMO the players need to take responsibility for the teams slump and work hard to turn it around.



@happy, he didn’t just win the sprinting tests, you’d expect that given the pace he’s shown, he beat everyone on the beep test as well. So there should be an element of embarrassment for the squad, that a Championship player beat them all.

As stated, they knew Ole wants them fitter so they should have either done some work on their own or expected to have the arses run off them, instead of grumbling about it as reported in the media.

I’m sure Klopp and Pep ran the arses of their boys in their early days.



Its almost cringe worthy that, whilst West Ham and PSG are happy to let their bad eggs go in Arnautovic and Neymar for a knock down price for the good of the team, our manager is singing our bad egg’s praises. Absolute laughing stock we are.