Alex Neil will not step down after Norwich are beaten again

Date published: Saturday 17th December 2016 2:31

Alex Neil: Needs a survival miracle
Alex Neil insists he will not quit Norwich after Friday’s 2-1 Sky Bet Championship defeat to Huddersfield made it seven losses in their last nine league games.

Neil was berated by sections of the Carrow Road support during the second-half, with chants of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ following his decision to substitute in-form striker Nelson Oliveira.

“No, I won’t consider going. Of course not,” he said. “I will not be making a decision to leave this club. The only time you have failed is when you quit in my book. I have never quit at anything in my life and I am not going to start now.

“Where we are is not good enough. From me, from the players.

“The one thing that always happens is people tend to look for a scapegoat and being the manager it is usually going to be him. That is fine but everyone has to share responsibility.

“When you do well, get promoted and everything is going well you are not the only one who takes all the praise. As a group we certainly need to do better.”

Neil admitted the Canaries were overwhelmed by the pressing of David Wagner’s slick Terriers.

“I am disappointed due to the fact if you want to go and press a team like Huddersfield, who are so expansive and have a lot of energy, you need to do it with intensity,” said Neil.

“You have to have a willingness to run and in the middle areas of the pitch we really lacked that intensity. It wasn’t a lack of effort, if I am being honest I thought it was a lack of legs.

“We didn’t have the legs to get around the pitch well enough. I made a change at half-time and I certainly thought that improved us.”

Wagner was not even born when Huddersfield last won at Carrow Road in 1969.

“I wasn’t born. Amazing,” he said. “To be fair I think now in this season we had a few of these headlines. I don’t know how many years it was since we won at Newcastle away or drew with Aston Villa.

“It is nice for the statistics freak and of course for our supporters. At the end it is a game where we played well, performed and that makes me more happy. It is a fantastic result.

“To win three games in a row is the first time we have taken nine points in one week, like this. At the beginning of the season I said we don’t talk about targets.

“We don’t give ourselves a limit. That makes no sense. We have no limits. We only like to make sure we are focused on our identity and ourselves.”

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