Alexander-Arnold thinks Liverpool’s top-four rivals will falter

Trent Alexander-Arnold TEAMtalk

Trent Alexander-Arnold thinks Liverpool’s Champions League rivals will slip up in the final games of the season and regardless of the outcome he believes the Reds have learned lessons.

Jurgen Klopp’s men are in a fight to finish in the top four and Alexander-Arnold believes they must try and win their remaining five games. A 15-point haul, combined with other teams slipping up may well be enough for Liverpool to finish fourth. That is the hope from the England defender, whose side face Southampton on Saturday evening.

“Things have to go our way and it’s not really in our hands, but we need to put ourselves in a position where if other teams slip up then we’re ready to pounce,” Alexander-Arnold told

“Looking at certain teams’ fixtures, you’d like to hope they’ll drop points around us and we’ll be ready to slip in there. But we can’t really rest on that, you’ve just got to go for it and hope that it works out.

“All we can do is try to get 15 points out of the five games, that’s what our objective is and that’s what we’ll be looking to do.”

Alexander-Arnold though believes regardless of whether Liverpool can edge into the top four or not, they will have learned plenty. After winning the Premier League title last season the Reds have been decimated by injuries this time around. A fact pointed out by Klopp at his press conference on Friday.

“There’s been massive lessons throughout the whole season that we can all learn from as a team and individually,” said Alexander-Arnold.

“I think everyone will be able to look at themselves and come away with things that we’ve learned from each other, that we’ve learned from the tough times we’ve had to go through this season, pushing through so many obstacles that have been thrown our way.

“Even though we probably haven’t come out of it the way we wanted to and we haven’t reached the objectives we wanted to, we’ve been able to realise we can get through to the other side if we work together, if we battle through it together as a team, as a unit. And we’ll become better.

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Liverpool fortunate after postponement

“They’re the lessons we’ll learn for next year, that we can do anything together and as a team we’re a really good team.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s postponed game against Man Utd last Sunday has given them time to work on the training pitch. The 22-year-old is hopeful the extra time together will pay dividends.

“It gives us a chance to train different things, work on our system and work on other things that we need to improve and work on as a team and as individuals,” added the defender.

“So we’ve been fortunate to be able to do that but it also means that the latter end of the season, going into the final two weeks, I think is even more congested for us.

“So it comes at a price but we’ve been able to focus on certain things we wanted to and been given the opportunity to do that.”

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