Almost twice as many Wales fans than English to take day off

Date published: Thursday 16th June 2016 12:35

England v Wales: Battle of Britain in Lens

Nearly twice as many Wales fans than English will take a day off to watch the Euro 2016 clash between the two neighbours.

This is according to IG, one of the leading global traders, who go on to say that only a fifth of employers will let staff watch the match.

  • More than 1 in 3 Welsh fans take day off work to watch Group B game on 16 June
  • Just 1 in 5 English supporters set to be absent during Euro 2016 clash
  • A fifth of employers across England and Wales officially allow staff to watch match at work

Whilst 39% of football fans in Wales will be taking the day off to watch the Group B match which kicks off at 2pm, only 20% of England fans will likewise be absent from work.

The survey conducted by IG also shows that a fifth of employers across both England and Wales have made arrangements for staff to watch the match at work.

However, for those fans without such provision to officially watch the game at work, England fans (12%) are twice as likely to be watching the match at their desk on their PC than their Welsh counterparts (6%).

Gareth Bale did his bit to stir up the rivalry when he let his true feelings about England be known, in an interview with the Telegraph on June 10.

“I wouldn’t care if I never qualified – I would never play for England,” he blasted. He went on to describe Roy Hodgson’s team as “the enemy”, before insisting Wales have “a lot more passion and pride” than England.

“I remember when I was young being in a pub with my parents, everyone watching rugby or football,” recalled the Real Madrid star.

“Everyone was together, singing. Being Welsh just brings it out of you. I remember against Belgium in qualifying, we were all tired, and the whole stadium started singing. I don’t think any other nation would do that.

“Look at the national anthem. Everyone sings, the whole stadium. It’s the way we are brought up. We feel more pride and passion than anyone else. It’s difficult to explain but we feel that.”

Bale says that it was the same last autumn when he was in Madrid watching Wales effectively seal England’s fate at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup. “I remember those – England don’t get that, do they?” he said.

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