‘Herrera as captain will be an insult to those who’ve worn the armband’

Date published: Friday 14th July 2017 1:19

Ander Herrera: New contract in the pipeline?

Would it be a bad move for Arsenal to sell Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain? Plus is Ander Herrera captain material, and is City’s defence poor?

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Silly to sell Ox?

One commentator said that the Ox had played in six different positions last season- how do you get consistency from that? In previous years he has been injured a lot, like most of our British contingent and then left out by the master tactician Wenger when he’s had a storming game and/or failed to impress in a 10 minute slot as sub!

I think we saw at the beginning of the calendar year that he can play very effectively at centre midfield, with a very fair range of passing, which surprised me as well as most fans. Having excelled at that new position, he was then shunted back onto the left wing and then finally right wing back. I rate him very highly and would like to see him have an extended run next to Granit. You cannot rely on Ramsey to have more than four or five games doing reasonably well without getting injured, losing all discipline in that slot, trying too many fancy tricks etc. He also does not have the range of pass that Ox unveiled in that unfamiliar position when he played.



A chequebook manager?

So now Conte gets criticised for being a cheque book manager.
They will always be cheque book manager a Chelsea, Chelsea are a cheque book club, the club is about winning things, which we cannot gripe about if youth are deemed as only squad players, and not willing to hang about to do the hard yards.
And from what I seen last season Bakayoko is some way ahead of our homegrown contingent, which is pretty evident across the board.
Give Chalobah some credit he wanted first team football, he may see himself as getting a sniff at the WC squad next year.
Would question the fee though, along with Solanke we have given them away, yet Spurs get over 50mill for Walker.


Chelsea aren’t Southampton if we want to remain a top club we have to compete with the best and sign top players look who City are signing.

Bakayaro is a great signing and will dovetail with Kante when he’s fully recovered from the “minor” op on his knee.

Cream slice? ?

nine nine nine

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Secret punk rocker

Swap Matic for Arsenal’s Oxlaide Chamberlain? Wouldn’t that leave us light for midfield cover with Chalobah gone?.Bluepylon…I know the cream eventually rises to the top but Chalobah will need to play out of his skin regularly to help Watford finish mid-table or above to stand any chance of selection for the World Cup squad.

If Watford turn out to be relegation fodder and EPL whipping boys he’ll have no chance,it could even harm his career!.I think this World Cup is too soon for him now he’s gone to Watford,his best bet is to get noticed and get a move top a EPL top six club then maybe an England squad place for European Championship might be in the offing.Chalobah was making steady progress here,pity he couldn’t see it!



Milner to leave?

If they sign an LB for the first 11 then I think Milner will be shipped out. he’s getting paid something around £100-£120k/week and I can’t see FSG wanting to keep him on the bench as back-up for a player who plays almost every match NP. I don’t hate the idea of Milner at RB at all, Clyne is poor going forward but I am not hugely confident that this is what Klopp will want to do. I would have said the same thing about Milner at LB a year ago though, so. . .

If it’s true that we’ve bid £57m for Keita then I guess we do intend on paying a fair bit higher. the VVD talk is getting louder too, I wonder if both deals are being worked on quietly here? Those 2 signings would be amazing. I don’t think we’d ever see Timetogo post ever again! ?



Klopp’s dilemma

It’ll be interesting to see who will miss out in our midfield when Keita comes in. If Coutinho plays in midfield then he and keita will definitely play leaving one slot left for Can, Hendo and Gini. For away games when we want more steel in midfield, couts could revert back to the left forward. Keita with 2 of Can hendo gini lallana in a midfield 3. A lot of options for Klopp.



De Gea wanted

Real Madrid is back in for DDG, 60M will now not be enough, maybe 75M, they upper the price for Morata too last time and look where that end up! RM needs to show us the money, its not what Real wants they get and when it is the other way around that they play hardball, we could play that game too.



Pep’s problems?

So according to rumour Man City’s defence is basically going to be made up of players from

GK: Bravo (couldn’t catch a cold) or Ederson (untested in the PL, remember De Gea at the start)

Def: Kompany (Injury prone), Mangala (How is he a professional), Kolarov (crap now), Stones (good on the ball, liability defensively), Otamendi (see Mangala, ok harsh but you’d be gutted if we signed him), Walker (road runner, defensive equivalent of Walcott), Mendy (unproven outside of french league, could go either way)

I don’t get why this defence is considered to be any good at all. Kompany is the only real defender and once he gets his inevitable injury they’re fucked. Or am I really missing something about these players?



Herrera for Man Utd captain?

Herrera as captain will be an insult to those who’ve worn the armband for this great club in the past.


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